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It was a normal Wednesday. I had a normal breakfast. Then, Yahoo web trend expert Lauren Whitehouse emails me saying users are searching for waffles and pancakes. At this time, it’s barely 11 a.m. and all I can think about is raiding the nearest Waffle House (I know). Over the past 30 days, there’s no denying which food takes home the win on the Yahoo front; users are searching for pancake recipes six times more than waffles. But I’m curious – what do Design Happens readers prefer when it comes to waffles and pancakes? It sounds like a simple dilemma, but I’ll let these mouthwatering recipes help with your decision, starting with waffles.

The Waffle: A Tried and True Breakfast Staple

Classic Waffle Recipe

Get the recipe for classic crispy waffles >>

Chicken and Waffles Recipe

Get the recipe for chicken and waffles >>

Chocolate Waffles Recipe

Get the recipe for chocolate waffles >>

Waffle Taco Shell Recipe

Get the recipe for a waffle taco shell >>

Waffled Carrot Cake

Get the recipe for waffled carrot cake >>

The Pancake: A Fluffy Flat Cake Making the First Meal a Treat

Buttermilk Pancakes

Get the recipe for classic buttermilk pancakes >>

Blueberry Pancakes

Get the recipe for blueberry pancakes >>

Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes

Get the recipe for cheesecake pancakes >>

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Get the recipe for lemon ricotta pancakes >>

Banana Pancakes

Get the recipe for banana-walnut pancakes >>

I’m a flapjack gal all the way. Here’s why: I don’t own a waffle iron (blasphemy!), so it’s been so easy for me to just get in the routine of ladling out batter onto my electric skillet and making stacks of pancakes on the weekends. It’s quick, easy and I can make six fluffy flapjacks at a time. So, what’s your pick? Take the poll below, and share your favorite recipes in the comments.


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  2. BibiDimi says:

    I'd love to have a bite from those strawberry covered one. This is definitely going to ruin my diet:)))

  3. restaurant says:

    thanks so much for sharing

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  6. Katie says:

    There is a waffle maker that creates 4 waffles at once, not 4 parts of one waffle, but 4 whole waffles. It's amazing and quick, you can adjust if you want it fluffy or crisp, and the lid pops when they're done! Uh-MAZING!

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