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Spring is officially here as of last week, but unofficially here according to my local weather report. This means we still have time to prep our homes for the upcoming seasons. I think we can all agree it was a less than enjoyable winter (thank you, polar vortex!), and my energy bill certainly saw the effects of that.

There are simple ways you can make your home more energy efficient both inside and outside to lower your bill. How? By outfitting your home with the proper window treatments. Choosing the right ones can help reduce heat loss from your home in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Here are some top picks and their benefits:

Window Awnings

Window Awnings

© Gibbs Smith, Barry Dixon Interiors, Brian D Coleman; Photography by Edward Addeo

Window awnings can reduce solar heat gain up to 77 percent. They’re not only beneficial to your outdoor space, but they’re stylish, too. For even more protection, choose a light-colored canvas to reflect more sunlight in the coming months.



Design by Susan Anthony

Window blinds are better at reducing summer heat than keeping out the cold. When interior blinds are completely closed, they can reduce heat gain by around 45 percent. Not bad!


Bamboo Window Blinds

Design by Kerrie Kelly

Window Shade

© 2013 Gibbs Smith, Allure of French & Italian Decor, Betty Lou Phillips

There are several different types of window shades, from roller shades to Roman. This particular type of window treatment, however, can offer the most energy conservation for both summer and winter. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests using dual shades with a highly-reflective color (white) on one side and a heat-absorbing color (black) on the other side that can be reversed when the seasons change.



Design by Linda Woodrum for 2013 HGTV Smart Home

A drapery’s energy conservation depends on its type of fabric and color. During the summer, to save energy and prevent heat gain, you should keep draperies closed on windows that receive direct sunlight. Tip: Medium-colored draperies with white plastic backing reduce heat gain by 33 percent.

Window Films

Window Film

Design by Andreas Charalambous

High-reflectivity window films primarily block the summer sun and are best for doing so. They also work well in places with long cold seasons (I can’t imagine!).

This post brought to you by Lennox and our relentless pursuit of perfect air created with absolute efficiency. From heating and cooling to indoor air quality and temperature control, each piece of sophisticated Lennox technology is designed to be as efficient as possible. Combine our innovative products to create the ideal system for your home.


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  1. dorothy sue says:

    hi, after looking at all the neat ways to make a home so pretty I really want to win. I need a new home…I have been here three years and it's really dull. pretty out side, but I got sick and we are just here. I have enjoy reading all the cute notes you put on your page." smart lady..".

  2. kelvina taylo says:

    Thanks for the advise on energy saving. I am renovating my old home and thinking of installing a Asian window screen Bethesda MD. It is an energy saving saving window screen which is manufactured using high quality fiberglass and allows adequate amount of sunlight to pass through them . This will keep our home pretty much enlighten. And in winter it provides insulation so we don't have to worry about loosing our heat.

  3. AC Plano says:

    Aside from proper installation of HVAC during the changes of seasons to feel comfortable on your home . This article helps encourages those who want to save money on energy bills by giving advice and suggestion on how to feel comfortable on there homes.

  4. Eva Russell says:

    Windows and doors are very important to the appearance of a house. Care should be take when deciding what kind of window to be installed ( windowchoice.ca/windows ) and where it should be placed. Not just appearance, windows and doors affect the long term budget of home as well as air ventilation of the house. An inefficient window may cause leakages and can cause rise in heating and air conditioning charges. Improperly placed windows can cause problems with ventilation. There are lot of types of windows now in the market, like casement,awning,fixed,slider and so on. Each house’s requirements are different and decision should be made accordingly. And adding to that, applying the tips like those mentioned in this article can give peace to life.

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