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I’m almost scared to say it, but I think Spring is finally here for good (cross your fingers!). Flowers are blooming and Easter is just a few weeks away. So why not get your hands dirty making some lovely and inexpensive concrete planters? These bad boys would make a gorgeous centerpiece for your Easter or other Spring celebrations, then you can use them to dress up your deck or patio straight through to fall. Watch the video to see how to make your own:

If you don’t have interesting shaped bowls or pans in your cabinets you can always hit up a thrift store to find some inspiration. Who knew that old gelatin molds could make beautiful planters? What would you use as a mold?

How to Make a DIY Concrete Planter

Want more Spring decorating ideas? Check out the HGTV Spring House. And as always, you can find more episodes of HGTV Crafternoon right here.


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  1. kakakakaty says:

    I made something like this to use a large outdoor planters at our old house. I used garbage-bag lined Zerox paper boxes as the mold. The were PERFECT on our front steps and cost next to nothing. I didn't use straight concrete, though because of the weight. Can't remember what I added in, though. I might need to make some more this year.

    • Those sound awesome! You can lighten up your mixture by using peat moss and perlite, but that takes some curing time and we were going for a small, quick project. For larger planters, a lighter mixture is a must!

  2. flowergirlcraft says:

    This is going to be the perfect father's day project!

  3. […] put final paint on next weekend. Then a small concrete entry area. This baby should last as long […]

  4. loves to garden! says:

    Remember. . you can color your concrete too! There are lots of color options. .so you aren't stuck with the same concrete color. . a mask is a must for adding color to concrete as it is a powder too!

  5. David T. says:

    Great project; remember to add drainage holes for outside planters, and you can shake or vibrate these slightly to get more of the air pockets out for a smoother finish.

  6. Sally says:

    So who won the 2013 HGTV home? I'm sure the drawing has been held by now.

  7. Kitty Kat says:

    I add perlite to the concrete to make it lighter. I also add marbles or decorative rocks to the top of the pot while still wet. They make color additive but have never used it – I like concrete color. Don't forget to grease the container. I use spray PAM. Have fun with it!

  8. These planters are looking beautiful. Nice and talented piece of art work perfectly done.

  9. Concrete Raising says:

    I love anything having to do with concrete, but there are a great idea. I think they would make great gifts!

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