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DIY Wall Art

Do you ever have one of those projects that you just can’t seem to wrap up? Mine is my son’s room. It’s a darling room and one of my favorite things about my home. But, so help me, it’s as if the cosmos are conspiring against me and their only wish is for me to feel shame as I walk past an almost-finished-but-just-needs-art-and-caulking room.

Well, last week I shook my fists at the sky and finally finished the caulking. All that was left was some wall art, and I could smugly apply a large check mark on my to-do list. And let’s just all agree that wall art can be a bit of a bear. What I wanted for my son’s room was something a bit masculine, a bit industrial and simplistic. After my caulking success I was not about to let artwork get the best of me, so I came up with my own idea using wood and paint. I like to call it “easy typography wall art”. Super original and catchy, right? It is, however, easy and wall art.

DIY Wall Art Supplies



  • piece of wood or canvas of your choice
  • printout of the word you want to paint in a large font size (I printed my word in font size 550)
  • scissors
  • painter’s tape
  • pencil
  • white paint
  • paintbrush (one for detail painting and a larger brush to cover more area)
DIY Wall Art Step One

Step One

Step 1: Cut out the individual letters of your word. These letters will act as a stencil. Now, I know what you are thinking: you want me to cut out how many individual letters? It’s a bit of a pain but the other option is to use a projector, and I figured most of us have printers instead. So, we will get through the cutting together.

DIY Wall Art Step Two

Step Two

Step 2: In order to apologize for step one, I made step two super easy. Using a straight edge and a pencil, trace a level line across the bottom of your wood piece. This will act as a reference line for your letters to sit on.

DIY Wall Art Step Three

Step Three

DIY Wall Art Step Three

Step Three

Step 3: Next, apply painter’s tape to the back of all the letters and tape them to the wood canvas. Tips: First, make sure the bottom of the letters rest evenly on the reference line. Second, use as much tape as you need to secure those letters. And third, space the letters evenly.

DIY Wall Art Step Four

Step Four

Step 4: Trace the letters with your pencil. After you have traced all the letters onto the wood, peel off the paper letters and burn them. I’m just kidding; don’t play with fire.

DIY Wall Art Step Five

Step Five

Step 5: This was my favorite step, but I think that’s because I find tracing in paint therapeutic. (Call me crazy!) Using your smaller paintbrush, trace around the outer edges of the letters in white paint. Remember, the insides of the letters will remain raw wood and all other areas will be white.

DIY Wall Art Step Six

Step Six

Step 6: Fill in the rest of the wood in white paint, including the edges of the wood. I think the white really made the wood letters stand out.

DIY Wall Art

DIY Wall Art

Now all that’s left is for you to “imagine” the possibilities for your simple typography wall art. See what I did there?


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11 Responses

  1. Linda Donaldson says:

    If you print on self-adhesive paper, you can place your letters, run a roller over them to flatten them carefully, then spray paint your background.

    • Alix Adams says:

      Linda what a great idea! I have also done similar projects with self-adhesive paper and it works great.

  2. Becky Shaw says:

    love this idea!

  3. KWight says:

    Simple = good.
    SimpliFIED (as in less cluttered and/or more elegant) = better.
    SimplISTIC (as in "not fully thought through" or misunderstood) = Bad Bad Bad

  4. Lovely idea. This wall art is adorable…

  5. gratis sex says:

    If you keep going this good work I wanna visit your blog more.

  6. Alix Adams says:

    Thank you! I love the combo of white and wood. I think it is totally feminine and masculine at the same time!

  7. Alix Adams says:

    Thanks so much! My son's room is one of my very favorite spaces in my house :)

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