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The first rule of real estate is location, location, location — but what happens when a buyer’s only option in the right location is a house with horrible design and a clunky layout? Renovation, design and real estate pros Joanna and Chip Gaines say buy it — then fix it! Fixer Upper is the Texas couple’s new show coming to HGTV Thursday, April 24, at 11pm/10c. The network is excited to have their expertise on television — and, HGTV.com is thrilled to have Joanna as our newest guest editor. Welcome, Joanna!

As with last quarter’s guest editor, Nancy Fire, Joanna will be bringing her fun, expert commentary to Design Happens, adding insight to 2014 design and home remodeling trends throughout HGTV.com, and even taking over HGTV’s Instagram here and there.

Joanna Gaines

HGTV.com Guest Editor Joanna Gaines

For you to get to know a little more about HGTV’s new star and our guest editor, we recently interviewed Joanna.

D-Happ: What can you tell us about your new HGTV show, Fixer Upper? How did this all come about?
Joanna: Fixer Upper combines our real estate, design and construction expertise as we walk clients through the purchase of their own fixer upper. After the purchase, the client steps out of the picture and we get the keys to their home for only a few weeks. During that time, their home is transformed from a fixer upper to their dream home. My favorite part is seeing the look on their faces when they see their home for the first time fully renovated!

Our company, Magnolia Homes, has been renovating homes for 15 years now. One of the homes we had renovated was featured on a high profile blog and a production company found it, they researched our company and contacted us for a show. We are passionate about the homes we renovate and we enjoy getting to work together as a couple — and now we get to do it on national television!

D-Happ: Your new show also stars your husband. How is it working with Chip? How do the two of you merge your two styles? What is your advice to couples who have different tastes?
Joanna: Chip and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We are extreme opposites, but somehow it works for us. He keeps me laughing and constantly on my toes, life is always an adventure with him around. He really lets me go with my style and he is always encouraging me to think outside the box. If I wanted to hang an old truck up on the wall he would figure out how to make it possible! He leans towards the more rustic side of design and I lean towards simple and chic. The blend of both works well in the homes we renovate.

I tell couples that one style is not better than another. Most couples have different styles —  that is normal. I am all about incorporating a little of both because I really want both of them to feel at home.

D-Happ: What’s your take on home renovation and design — is everyone cut out for it?
Joanna: I really feel renovation and design comes to those who are willing to step out there and take a risk. When I look back at the first few homes we did, the design wasn’t all that great. In the beginning, it was hard to see past the smelly rooms and the dated design. Years later I have found that seeing the potential in every property comes more natural and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. There is so much satisfaction that comes when we get the opportunity to breathe new life into these homes.

D-Happ: Tell us about your blog, The Magnolia Mom.
Joanna: I really enjoy writing and I use my blog to share my story and design ideas with others. So many people feel defeated when it comes to design in their homes because they aren’t a professional decorator or designer. I want my blog to empower readers to own their space and create rooms that tell the story of their life rather than copy what they see everywhere else. I want to teach people how to personalize their spaces and be intentional within the walls of their own home.

D-Happ: You write about your “farmhouse” on your blog — can you tell Design Happens what it is you love about your home?
Joanna: When I am in the farmhouse it provides a sense of calm for me when life gets full. Chip and the kids are happy here, too. I have always dreamed of an old white house on land and it is surreal that this is what I get to come home to every day. I enjoy working in the kitchen and my garden when I am home. I love the character of this house and the simple farmhouse style. We have lived in a lot of different homes but there is something about this one that makes me want to stop and stay. Forever.

D-Happ: How would you describe your personal aesthetic?
Joanna: Simple and timeless packed with unexpected touches. I love the beauty of the things from the past and most of the pieces I incorporate in a home have a story. I also enjoy clean and simple pallets while adding character to the space and drawing the room out with unique ideas and design.

D-Happ: What is the best way to achieve a great design but keep it family-friendly?
Joanna: Become a student to the people living in your home, think about them when you are designing the space. It can’t all be perfect and pretty because real life happens here. I am all about creating nooks and spaces where order and function come together. I love pretty spaces but within those spaces it is important to also mix it with practical design so it works well for the family.

D-Happ: What rooms do home renovators often spend too much money on? Where should home renovators spend the most money?
Joanna: Most of the time people spend a lot in their master bath and closets. I feel like homeowners should spend the most in their kitchen because this is where they will get their return back if done right.

D-Happ: Where do you source inspiration?
Joanna: Nature and family. Every time I step outside I notice that there is a perfect blend to the design of nature. There is endless movement and texture that is perfectly mixed with varying colors and things of every shape and size. My family also teaches me to not only create pretty spaces but practical spaces where they will thrive.

D-Happ: What’s your favorite space/room to decorate in a home?
Joanna: Living/dining room. This is where life happens in a home and I think it’s important to create an environment where people feel comfortable gathering, sharing and just being.

D-Happ:What is your current color obsession?
Joanna: Dark gray blue. It is bold and when you mix it with white and wood accents it makes for a very stunning combination.

D-Happ: What design faux pas absolutely makes you cringe?
Joanna: Fake ivy over cabinets and bookshelves. I am sorry! I know it adds a touch of greenery that every room needs, but it just seems to collect dust and make a room feel less at home and a little more staged. The key to greenery in a room is adding realistic greens (or fresh-cut greens) that have more movement and that aren’t so stiff.

D-Happ: What design trend can you not stop using?
Joanna: Subway tile. Although it is a classic look it has definitely become trendier. I love incorporating this in bathrooms and kitchens because of its timeless look.

116 Responses

  1. Tim says:

    Absolutely flawless decorating, every time , spot on!!!!!! Love it!!!

  2. Shannon says:

    Joanna, I would like to say you are my inspiration. I watch your and chips relationship and can only pray that God will send me a relationship like yours and his. I love watching not only the redo and decorating but mostly I enjoy the love that you and chip have. It is great and I am in aww! God Bless you and yours. Thank you for being real!

  3. Elaine Thomas says:

    I to wish hgtv would bring back the design shows I am so sick of property brothers. Like Candice , Southern Living and some of the other great shows. Fixer Upper is like a breath of fresh air ,shows like this is why I started watching HGTV. I was about to totaly quit watching until Fixer Upper came along love it.

  4. Sandra Franklin says:

    Hello, Chip & Joanna Gaines after watching your program I've seriously thought about moving to Waco! I would really like to know more about your business. Or are you just with HGTV now. Seeing the magic that you guys and crew members create, I just have to be apart of Waco and Magnolia Farms. I just love everything about. Thank you, Sincerely, Sandra Franklin Glenpool, Ok.

  5. Shirley Rubbelke says:

    Mr and Mrs. Gaines,
    I enjoy your show and your attention to detail and modern updates to older homes. My husband and I are looking at homes in Tyler TX. (we currently reside in CA.) What pros or cons would you suggest we think about when reading descriptions and looking at the pictures on the internet? Our plan is to look at homes in June when we visit.
    Thank you for your consideration and suggestions,
    Shirley Rubbelke

  6. Alfred says:

    Just wondering what happens to all the furniture and decor after the homes are completed for move in by buyers or do they keep it all as part of the deal? The renovations are a work of Art .

  7. Seb and Ruth says:

    Hi Joanna and Chip,
    My wife and I enjoy each and every one of your shows-your talents and abilities to envision the properties are amazing and you do it in a very entertaining way. We have never seen anyone on HGTV that we would entrust our home to and we both agree we could walk away knowing it would be 100% the way we would love it. We laugh and get a bit misty when the folks walk through your fantastic revisions. I say you are the Sonny and Cher of HGTV. It is a combination of Chip's antics and unpredictability and your reaction to him that keeps us totally amused. Keep up the beautiful job you do and best wishes on that beautiful family that you do such a great job incorporating into the show. We wish you could come to Florida to do your thing. In the meantime we will just keep watching and enjoying!

  8. Jean says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! you are awesome. I love your style… I need help with layout of remodeling my kitchen it's been 5 years can't decide even with kitchen designers helping me.. can Joanne help… I wonder what her thougths would be?

  9. guest says:

    I enjoy watching Chip And Joanna bring back old houses. Nice country style. They have a wonderful family.

  10. Patti says:

    Love your show…I just marvel at what you continually come up with that is so beautiful..heartwarming! I inherited my parents home of a tiny 900 sq ft and have moved back to make this home… as we are now empty nesters…have checked into renovating and and adding another 800 sq feet but costs are extreme..have been told we would be better off building new….but so want to incorporate the old with the new…wish you made house calls to Kansas! Wish we had someone local that was amazing like you and Chip …this mission would be amazing!

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