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DC Design House Exterior Patio AreaGarden design by Botanical Decorators

Attention design lovers and do-gooders! You gotta see this house.

The Washington, D.C. Design House is on a mission to showcase designer talent and help bring healthcare to children in need. The Design House got its start in 2008 as a one-time exhibition for designers to raise money for a local charity by showing off their work. The showcase was such a success, it was made into an annual event, and they raised more than $1 million for Children’s National Health System in just six years! Pretty amazing, huh?

Now they’re back for their 7th year with a spectacular house filled with bold blues and cool greys. Every nook and cranny (inside and out!) of the 2014 house has been personally crafted by top area designers, so each space has a unique look but still flows seamlessly into the next.

Exterior and Front Door of the DC Design House 2014Entry Garden by D&A Dunlevy Landscapers, Inc. | Facade by Rill Architects

Dining room and butler's pantry from the 2014 DC Design HouseDining Room by Marika Meyer Interiors, Inc. | Butler’s Pantry/Wine Room by Aidan Design

Kitchen of the 2014 DC Dream HouseKitchen by Aidan Design

Living Room from the 2014 DC Design HouseFamily Breakfast Room by Victoria at Home

Powder Room Bathroom from 2014 DC Design HousePowder Room by Gatega Interior Design LLC

kids playroom from the 2014 DC Design HousePlayroom in the 2014 DC Design HousePlayroom by Katherine Vernot-Jonas Designs

Home library and office in the 2014 DC Design HouseHome Library by Nestor Santa-Cruz Decoration

Home library and office in 2014 DC Design HouseLibrary Bar by Tracy Morris Design | Library by Nestor Santa-Cruz Decoration

Colorful purple guest bathroom in the 2014 DC Design HouseGuest bath by Anne Walsh Design

Master bedroom from the 2014 DC Design HomeMaster Bedroom by Design Partners

Family sitting room/living room in the 2014 DC Design HouseFamily Sitting Room by Interiors by Design and DeSpace Designs

These are just a few rooms from the 2014 Design House. If you’ll be in the D.C. area from April 13th-May 11th, you can see the rest of the house by purchasing tickets online or for $25 at the door. If you can’t make it in person, you can also donate online.

So what do you think of the D.C. Design house?

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