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Egg Carton Easter Basket

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the blooming flowers and much-needed warm weather. Easter traditions mark some of my greatest spring memories with friends and family. Who can say no to deviled eggs, dip-dyed eggs and egg hunts? But let’s be honest, we dye, boil and devil eggs then toss the egg carton out. After a particularly egg-ridden dinner party I was staring at my leftover egg cartons and wondering how I could incorporate their fun and funky shape into my Easter season this spring. Then I came up with a plan to transform the egg cartons into Easter gifts stuffed with all treat essentials.

Egg Carton Easter Basket


  • leftover egg cartons
  • craft paint in spring colors
  • sponge brush
  • Easter stuffers (dyed eggs, candy and small toys)
  • ribbon, baker’s twine or lace to wrap around the cartons, plus any other embellishments you want to add
Egg Carton Easter Basket

Step One

Egg Carton Easter Basket

Step One

Step 1: Using your sponge brush and craft paint, cover the entire outside surface of your egg carton in paint. Because cardboard is really absorbent, you may need to add a few coats. I did two coats of paint on all surfaces and three coats on the parts that had graphics on the egg carton.

Egg Carton Easter Basket

Step Two

Step 2: Now you can go crazy with the stuffing and make the egg carton look like a mini Easter basket. You could keep it simple with dip-dyed eggs, or you could fill it with only candy if that’s the way you roll.

Egg Carton Easter Basket

Step Three

Step 3: Finally, wrap your carton up. Why? Egg cartons don’t stay closed super tight. Plus, it’s cuter with some lace and twine. I also added some embellishments like straws, feathers and painted clothespins. There are no rules, but when I’m embellishing I tend to really layer it on there.

Egg Carton Easter Basket

There you have it! The world’s cutest egg carton Easter gift ever. And I am qualified to make that claim. Also, can we get a double fist pump for easy, affordable crafts?


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15 Responses

  1. SAL says:

    That is the worse idea I have ever seen!

  2. Jeri says:

    I agree with SAL…………..

  3. KATHIE says:

    I agree with you Jen. This makes it interesting and different .. and everybody can't afford store bought. I'm always open to checking out DIY projects, and kids are involved with doing this, so it's fun for them and gets them "thinking" . Thanks Alix :-)

    • Alix Adams says:

      Kathie thank you! My grandma always did craft like this with us because it was all we could afford and they are some of my favorite memories! Thanks for the encouraging comments :)

  4. Lorna says:

    I try to re-use & re-purpose things whenever possible. Another alternative is to pick up a basket at a resale/thrift store, paint it and decorate it with what you craft materials you have on hand.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I think it's an interesting way to reuse and repurpose

  6. Shirley says:

    One caveat. Egg cartons may harbor salmonella bacteria present on eggs. Probably not a good idea to include anything edible inside unless it is wrapped.

    • Alix Adams says:

      Good to know! I had never even thought of that. Maybe stuff them with little gifts and skip out on the candies.

  7. Teed says:

    Teed I think the egg cartons look nice in their bright colors but I think the decorations on top are junkie. I'm sure something nicer could be done.

    • Alix Adams says:

      The decorations on top are really inspired by scrap-booking trends right now, but it is totally a personal preference, like all trends.

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  9. Alix Adams says:

    Thanks Jen! I always hate all the Easter basket fuss and mess but the egg cartons totally simplified Easter this year.

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