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There’s not a single hue that makes me think of Easter more than robin’s egg blue (or eggshell blue). The name itself is so synonymous with spring and post-winter rejuvenation. What’s your favorite way to use this sweet shade of blue?

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Robin’s-egg blue inspiration from HGTV.com:

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  1. DBCoop says:

    While that sense of walking on eggshells is something most sensible folks try to avoid, the idea of cheering up a room with robin's egg blue is another thing altogether. It's such a happy color in my book that I've painted a feature wall in my guest room just that very color — and set it off with blond wood contemporary furnishings, cream-toned bed linens, a dark brown palm leaf motif area rug with black border set atop a light earth tone floor tile and finished with lightly shaded artwork of a few exotic feathered friends. It's actually one of my favorite rooms to lounge and relax in when guests are not in residence! So there, you see, lucky for me, I get to enjoy my spring and post-winter rejuvenation year-round.

  2. Hannah B. says:

    *le sigh* One of my very favorites. So classic. So beautiful.

  3. Beth Dawson says:

    You schedulers have ruined the House AND Garden Concept of the show. I would rather watch reruns of curb appeal or Genivive,or ANYTHiNG else .than Property Virgins ,list it or love it . Since when did house and garden become realestate programming. I used to watch you station faithfully now I check the programming and turn on something else . Enough already please lts get back to HOUSE and GARDEN. Decorating and cooking hints and GARDENING please I' m sick of all the realestate junk. I'm sure many others are too . Let's get back to the medium or low income fix it up . If you can afford a $900,000 home you can also afford to hire a landscaper. The normal American doesn't have the money for a summer home in Hawaii, or Cancun. PLEASE. Change your format for the majority of YOUR viewers.

  4. There is no more.

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