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UPDATE: This poll is now closed. Thanks to everyone who told us what they really want in a dream kitchen.

No this isn’t the silly party game where you’re asked to pick the lesser of two evils from a ridiculous scenario all in the name of an easy laugh. This is HGTV Magazine picking your brain about what matters most to you in your kitchen.

smart home 2013 kitchen

First you told us what features would be in your dream home, and now we want to learn more. HGTV Magazine asks you to make a choice from each of the groups below. If you had to choose, would you rather have an electric or a gas stovetop? What about hardwoods or tile floors? Your answers will help us with an upcoming story, so speak up, we’re listening!

From the following categories, which would you rather have in your kitchen? Choose one from each pair.


HGTV Magazine

34 Responses

  1. sandra myers says:

    love to have these things

  2. StephB says:

    I love to add pops of color with rugs, but more like area rugs rather than scatter rugs. A bunch of scatter rugs is busy & too much to clean. I like cabinets w/ a few glass fronts for interest, but solid wood for most. I just finished a whole-house remodel, so I've looked at EVER possible option–then stayed plain ole traditional. You just can't go wrong & it's timeless!

  3. Barbara Calabrese` says:

    Love the cooktop that stays cool – induction cooking.
    All the features in this house were just wonderful.
    Would like to see more homes like this one was!

  4. Robin Z says:

    Getting ideas for converting my old picture framing store space into living space.

  5. JFisch says:

    Marble is too formal looking for my tastes, the granite counter top and wood flooring would be a more homey.

  6. Patsy says:

    Great choices,all are super nice,would love to have a beautiful kitchen,and whole new house. I live in a mobile home , very limited space and it is 30 nyears old .

    • Nancy says:

      Under our sinks/wash basins we took the 'P trap' loose from the bottom of the sink, and pushed it to the BACK wall, We then put a pipe that looked like the letter 'L' with the small end screwing onto the sink. We got enough pipe to run it straight to the back wall, put on a '90' then added enough pipe to go straight down to the 'P trap.' IT WORKS JUST FINE AS LONG AS THE ''P TRAP" IS THERE !

  7. Gayle Luiso says:

    redoing our kitchen soon

  8. Michelle says:

    Great options and ideas to update my own space.

  9. Virginia says:

    Ahh to have money to do any of these remodels.

  10. Betty A. says:

    I love all your ideas and I watch all the shows. I wish you would show more on how to remodle a small kitchen. I can't decide how to remodle my kitchen
    because its so small.

Alyssa SparacinoAlyssa is the Online Editor for HGTV Magazine. She lives in a cozy brownstone apartment in Hoboken with (she likes to think) tons of charm. The older building provides character...


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