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From slouchy to sleek and safari, oh my! Whether cushy or chrome, and maybe even both, the sling chair runs the gamut, and this hot little number has indeed reentered the design world in a big, big way.  If you like a good romp through a second hand store or flea market every now and again, chances are you will find yourself drawn to these deconstructionist leather supported pieces at some point in the very near future.


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So when did we last see these beauties? The safari style variety of sling chair, with all of its belts and buckles, was in great demand during the days of the great campaign wars and was made to move and pack with relative ease. To credit the design of the chair, it actually accomplished this with fabulous success. Truthfully it is not such a surprise that this item is on the design radar right now, given the relatively recent adoration of other campaign style pieces. In fact, it seems a rather natural evolution.


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For the Scandinavian style inclined and vintage lovers the world over, the Swedish furniture master, Arne Norell, designed his own version of the safari chair along with a great many other versions of the sling chair. Most, if not all of them, have similar features with leather or canvas supports that rely on a frame system, which make his pieces strong contenders for those who lean toward this vintage, textural, and luxe material driven style.


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The sleek chrome or cantilevered versions of the sling chair might play on the industrial and mass produced era of the midcentury or the glamorous aspects of the sixties and seventies depending on the design you happen to be coveting. Regardless, if you appreciate a bit of design history this chair will take you down the lane and back with all of its possibilities, varieties and interpretations. It is quite literally the chair that continues to morph, and I cannot wait to see how modern day designers continue to reinvent this design chameleon. If the past is any indication of how it will change and adapt with the times, then we are in for a wild ride filled with a great many different modifications during this chair’s time in the spotlight.

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