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BRIANA: What about monograms/initials for this week? I was cleaning out some of my email folders and remembered this newsletter from C. Wonder. It was actually an April Fool’s joke that redirected here (ha!), but they totally do have tons of monogrammed decor stuff

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C. Wonder April Fool’s newsletter

LIZ: Bring it on! I think people monogram things far too often. No one needs their initials embroidered on socks, toilet paper holders or underwear. And yet

BRIANA: Haha, oh, it is so on! Opening this thread wide right now. Folks, are monograms and initials a capital (letter) idea or just excessive branding?

JESSICA: When I was still in school, my friend’s mom sent him monogrammed sheets, and to this day, we are still making fun of him for it. They’re cute and make sense for weddings, though.

Do you like the monogram and initial trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

Photo: Ruth Meharg/HGTVGardens

MARIANNE: I’m with Jessica. Monograms are fine for weddings or stationary, but if I see another car with a huge monogram on the back window ever again, it will be too soon. I have monogram fatigue.

KERI: YES! I love monograms, but not on everything. Delicate jewelry? Check. Your car? No, just no. Side note: I happen to know that Kayla has a bag like this one, and I lust after it every time she uses it. She’s got monogram-chic down.



KERI: Somehow I missed this entire conversation while I was writing my response. This is just proof positive that the monogrammed car decals are THE WORST.

LIZ: The monogrammed car decal is the stick family’s equally evil sibling.

LILI: I have never seen this. Is this a thing people are doing in the South? Show me proof! I thought monograms only lived on stationary and towels in the homes of the wealthy?

MARIANNE: I’d say monogram overload is probably FAR more common in the South, yes.

LEANNE: Monograms are the Southern version of “Put a bird on it.”

FARIMA: I absolutely despise monograms. One initial is okay, but the 3-letter monogram is overkill.

KERI: I’d like to point out that the first page of Marianne’s link shows a monogrammed sports bra…umm. Why, people? That is just upsetting to me.

HANNAH SLAUGHTER: Oh, come on, Keri. What if you’re in the gym locker room and you’re all like, “OMG, which sports bra is mine? Which towel is mine? Which deodorant is mine?” Is it a trend or are we Southerners just prone to losing things?

KERI: Haha, I hadn’t thought of that Hannah. In that case, I think I’m going to have to leave work early today so I can MONOGRAM ALL THE THINGS!

LIZ: I’m not a cursive monogram fan — they’re just too frilly for me. But, the block-letter versions are much better, on a small scale, at least. I would wear this necklace. But #3 on this list? NOT cute.

GRANT: I’ve loved monograms since I was a kid watching Family Ties (I had a sweater or two modeled after Alex P. Keaton).

Do you like the monogram trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!


I’ll proudly blazon a “G,” “GD” or a “GCD” on anything (I have a big “G” hanging on the wall in my den).

HANNAH SLAUGHTER: Yes, truth be told, I’m totally with Grant. I grew up with a mother that loved Lands’ End’s monogramming service and the habit stuck.

We’ve defended and slammed monograms, now tell us what YOU think:



8 Responses

  1. DBCoop says:

    Monograms seem to be quite acceptable for some folks. So much so that they wear OTHER peoples names on their clothes and fashion accessories, usually some famous designer.

    Then again, sometimes when I'm out in the world pedaling as fast as I can to keep up with what the day's throwing at me, a monogrammed handkerchief, including my home address and phone number, could prove invaluable. Just a quick glance (without being too obvious) and that old memory will kick in to guide me safely home.

    For newlyweds, the date they tied the knot, discreetly monogrammed onto underwear and socks, would save future hurt feelings by reminding a spouse of upcoming anniversary dates.

    Other than that, it seems that monogramming everything in sight around the home would only be useful in case of burglary, making it easier to identify your possessions if they're ever recovered.

    The long and the short of it? I may have to reconsider wearing that monogrammed Izod shirt or traveling with the Louis Vuitton suitcase. http://blog.hgtv.com/design/2014/04/25/monogram-d

  2. Judy Hall says:

    Monograms were very popular back in the seventies and them seemed to fall out of fashion rather quickly. It seems that they have come back all at once and on EVERYTHING! That is why I decided that they were NOT for me…way too trendy, way too fast. I'd much rather have a bird on anything than a monogram.

  3. rss says:

    I love when things are monogrammed. Stylish.

  4. Lenora says:

    This is not about monograms,I just think on the shows that remodel homes ,why do you tear perfectly good cabinets and appliances.
    some one would be proud to give them a home.They are much better than some people own.They could be donated to a charity or something…just a waste. that is what is wrong with America today…Please give them to someone or something…..Just my idea of wasting…

  5. Jackie Bannon says:

    I love monograms!! Scarves and bags especially! Have you seen the Longchamp inspired bags with your monogram on it? They are sold on Etsy! Everyone has them!!

  6. Fairhope Supply Co. says:

    Southern Belle here . . . You are correct that monograms are huge in Dixieland. We love them, but having said that, I do declare that monograming your freaking automobile is just a tad bit too much. I mean, do you think you are going to misplace it in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot, or that someone else may think it's theirs?
    But other than that, we love as much fluff, frill and finesse as possible, and the monogram is just another way to embellish.

  7. Spella Wright says:

    Stationery, not stationary.

  8. Dralle says:

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