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The Scott brothers … where do I begin with the Scott brothers? Well, they’re obviously smart, talented, hilarious, goofy and h-o-t. To gear up for this summer’s return of HGTV competition series Brother Vs. Brother (June 8 at 9/8c!), I dug deep into the Scott family archives to find some of the most adorable pictures of Jonathan, Drew and older brother JD as kids. (OK, actually the bros sent the pics over.) Are you ready?

Here’s Jonathan and Drew as you know them today:

Jonathan and Drew Scott

Jonathan, Drew

Typical. Nothing unusual here.

Now, see them 30 years ago repping ’80s fashion in our Scott brother form of #tbt.

Warning: Dangerously cute photos ahead.

Jonathan and Drew Scott

Jonathan, Drew

Jonathan and Drew Scott

Jonathan, Drew

See more photos of our favorite siblings, then stay up-to-date on all things Brother Vs. Brother.



26 Responses

  1. Pegg Baillie says:

    Love them so much and their shows. Boy if I were about 40 years younger, they would be in trouble. So cute and great designers both. Keep them shows coming.

  2. CisH says:

    they are too dang cute….and such a pleasure to watch. Love the show !

  3. Ann says:

    The cute little kids, grew up handsome, talented,smart and very entertaining.

  4. April says:

    Really a pleasure to watch. Both so talented. Like the home remodeling much better than the Brother vs Brother show.

  5. Eleanor says:

    Really enjoy the remodeling show and think they both do such a good job. The pictures are wonderful and show how close brothers can be.

  6. Judy says:

    I watch them all the time. I have learned so much on how to tear a house apart,but I don't think I could put it back together. LOL I love them. They are funny, friendly and so good looking.

  7. America Fiol-Serra says:

    I love the photos of these two brothers. I enjoyed it so much, it brought tears. Perhaps because I'm so proud of Jonathan and Drew. I don't know them personally but when I watch their program I am so impressed with their renovation ideas, the way they care about the new homeowners in meeting their budget to find the home of their dreams. These two brothers have talent and brotherly love. Great photos and keep up the good work.

  8. Barbara Smith says:

    I really like these two men. Their talent and real organizational ability brings me back to find them anytime their on air. We have just designed and installed a
    ADA 6×8 bathroom and would like to share it with them. I just don't know

    how to go about it. I must add this bathroom is also our guest bathroom. BarbSmith

  9. wanda says:

    Obviously they work in Canada…but read where one has house in Vegas
    AVID FAN, Record all shows….do they travel to other states to work?
    I live in NV….would love for them come to decorate….

  10. Coopie says:

    Love the design on the interior of the homes…an amazing transformation on all that I watch…which is most shows. My only concern if I were the purchaser of the home would be the exterior. The interior does not match the exterior. Ugly, Ugly on the outside…I think both need to be done. If I had the exterior look like most of the homes looked like, I would not redo them. Remember, curb appeal….not there. What a mess on most of the homes! The outside would need to have a revamp, if I were buying these homes. The landscaping also……only the inside does not make a beautiful home. Redo both, please!!!

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