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The Scott brothers … where do I begin with the Scott brothers? Well, they’re obviously smart, talented, hilarious, goofy and h-o-t. To gear up for this summer’s return of HGTV competition series Brother Vs. Brother (June 8 at 9/8c!), I dug deep into the Scott family archives to find some of the most adorable pictures of Jonathan, Drew and older brother JD as kids. (OK, actually the bros sent the pics over.) Are you ready?

Here’s Jonathan and Drew as you know them today:

Jonathan and Drew Scott

Jonathan, Drew

Typical. Nothing unusual here.

Now, see them 30 years ago repping ’80s fashion in our Scott brother form of #tbt.

Warning: Dangerously cute photos ahead.

Jonathan and Drew Scott

Jonathan, Drew

Jonathan and Drew Scott

Jonathan, Drew

See more photos of our favorite siblings, then stay up-to-date on all things Brother Vs. Brother.



26 Responses

  1. Marilyn A. Griffith says:

    I Love Property Brothers, my husband of 38 years passed away in January so every night that the property brothers is on that is what I watch on tv, It is a
    great show. I love how the brothers get along together and how they get people to buy these awful houses and then turn them into dream homes. I have a nice home but I wish I could afford to have them come and completely change my house, it desperately needs a makeover, I love how they make over kitchens, baths and livingrooms. Jonathan is so talented in decorating. So every night they are on, I'm in front of the tv wishing and dreaming they were here redoing my house, I'm just realizing all the things I can't do since my husband passed away. It is very hard to accept. Anyway I hope they see these comments just so they know how much they are enjoyed and appreciated. Thank you Marilyn A. Griffith

  2. Ruth Rodriguez says:

    I don't know Marilyn A. Griffith, but I would love to see a show for her. Why not?

  3. kathleen gollis says:

    all three of the brothers are cute as well as talented. If you ever want to do a show in new york state you can use my house. it really needs a makeover.

  4. debra says:

    i love seeig them togather make me feel so good to see brother get alog so real togather kudow to your parents

  5. Kimberly Pearce says:

    I enjoy watching the Scott brothers very much. I would have also enjoyed watching the Benham brothers. It's very sad that their show was cancelled because of expressing their Christian beliefs. I hope another network is brave enough to pick it up.

  6. Peggy says:

    Shame on you for cancelling the Benham brothers in order to be politically correct.

  7. fred says:

    The bros r talanted but how can they keep a straight face when the money keeps running out id like to see the none edited show to see the costamers reaction

  8. Barbara B says:


  9. MARY GARCIA says:


  10. Judy Opial says:

    Do they work in Canada? And why are the homes hundreds of thousands of dollars? Both brothers are very kind and funny. I wish I could afford to have them reconstruct my home. All they would need for demo is a stick of dynamite! I have a pretty yard but my house was built in 1929! No closets and the kitchen is like a galley. My bathroom is so small you can stand in the middle and touch all four walls. Love the Bothers!

  11. cynthia hively says:

    do they work in small towns? if so i could use some help? my living room is just painted. looking to buy country sofa,and loveseat as well and oversized chair.. love your show!!! as well i think your both really great…

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