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After spending the last few months obsessing over pastel hues — Grapefruit in February, Orchid in March and Magnolia in April — our color team was ready for something new. Something…blue! Four of our team’s six color pitches for May were shades of blue. For the final decision, we turned to our new guest editor (and star of HGTV’s new show Fixer Upper) Joanna Gaines.

Her pick? Farima’s deep blue-purple pick. “My pick is indigo,” Joanna says. “Maybe I’m biased to the indigo because it’s the color that is currently blooming in my garden!” ‘Tis the season for deep blue hydrangeas, irises and more spring blooms. Check out these gorgeous cornflowers, plus 19 other true-blue plants, over on HGTVGardens.

Cornflowers on HGTV Gardens.com

Somewhere between blue and violet, this color gets its name from the deep blue natural dye made from the indigo plant. Though most commercial blue dyes are now synthetic, you can make your own natural indigo dyes the old-fashioned way, or buy instant indigo powder or an indigo tie-dye kit.  The natural version creates colors that are brighter and more fade-resistant than the synthetic stuff.


Once you have the dye in hand, spend a warm May weekend experimenting with the trendy shibori tie-dye technique.  Or, buy a big or small piece — like this stunning shibori-dyed sofa or indigo-dipped throw pillow — to embrace the hand-dyed look the easy way.

Shibori Dyes on HGTV's Design Happens

“This color is somewhat of an oxymoron: It can be soothing as it blends well with many color palettes, because it is a more natural blue,” says guest editor Joanna Gaines. “On the other hand it can be striking and bold and will for sure make a statement in any space. In my book, it’s a win win!”  See how the color is both cool and bold in this wall hue and painting in this living room designed by Emily Henderson?

Emily Henderson Living Room Design Featured on HGTV's Design Happens

A new twist on classic summer navy, try darker shades of indigo to add life to your late-spring sofa. Pair your favorite one with softer shades of blue, pastels, or even neon brights.


Indigo Pillows Featured on HGTV's Design HappensClockwise from top-left: West Elm, Pottery Barn, Ashley Furniture, John Robshaw

And don’t forget your tabletop! A splash of indigo, like these tie-dyed napkins featured in HGTV’s Spring House, lends an unexpected touch to traditional spring florals and vintage china.

Spring Table Setting Idea Featured on HGTV's Design Happens Blog

What do you think of our color choice? Will you use indigo this spring? Tell us in the comments below.


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31 Responses

  1. Alexis says:

    I want to paint my whole house in coordinating shades of blue. I like a blue-gray and shades of teal and aqua. I'm not a fan of different colors in every room. I have an older small house with stained woodwork/doors, which I will be painting white. I want the colors to flow. Help!

  2. Paula says:

    I love it! Another color that is my all-time favorite is teal–either green or blue. Aqua kind of falls into this.

  3. Mary Hunt says:

    Indigo has been my favorite color since I was about 13. I live in a blue cottage with a yellow door and white trim. My interior design is mostly blue & white, with yellow as the kicker color and bits of red here & there. It is old fashioned and darling. For many years now it has been very hard to find anything in blue. I so hope it is coming back into popularity. Please do all you can at HGTV to help that happen. Thanks, Mary

  4. Gigi says:

    I recently moved into a Condo and I bought the model. It is painted blue throughout the space. The Sun Room into the Dining room, the Master bedroom and parts of the master bath. Phew! That's a lot of blue. The sunroom and dining room look good, cool and calming. Gotta paint the bedroom and bath. Er, blue's OK.

  5. Constance says:

    The deepest water in the ocean is indigo when you are out from land. It is one of my favorite colors in the whole world. My husband told me that when he was a midshipman at the Naval 'Academy, and that the water was a gorgeous translucent aquamarine when it broke over the bow of the destroyer. The next year, we chose that stone as our ring stones for his class ring and my miniature engagement ring (identical). We have been married almost 47 years, and those are still our favorite colors.

  6. M L Brady says:

    Coming from a Dutch background, I've always been surrounded by and comforted with the deep blue of Delft pottery. Still use it all over my house! Guess I'll have the "blues" all my life, lol!

  7. Christina B. says:

    I love indigo or blues of any hue. However, I am hesitant to use a strong blue on an accent wall in my living room because I am plagued by a black leather sofa recently purchased that I am having trouble coordinating with. I have 3 dogs and bought the couch for it's comfort, durability, cleaning and style. Any suggestions?

  8. Carole says:

    Blue blue is making me feel good mood..

  9. Annie says:

    I am in love with navy. Trying to use it throughout my home as the main design color or as an accent. It's so easy to work with. Great with a coastal theme, too.

  10. CC says:

    Blue has always been my favorite color. And I mean all shades of blue. My master suite has three shades of blue and it's so clam and restful. Blue makes me happy!

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