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A refreshing wall hue (like a blue or green) can make your home feel brand new, but it doesn’t take gallons of paint to spruce up the place. If you have a half-empty can or paint samples, you can still make colorful crafts designed to elevate the mood in just about every room. Check out these clever ways to make the most of your last painting project’s leftovers.

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Photo: Alison Gootee

If you have paint samples or pints: Dress up a dresser
If you only have a small stash of paint, this idea from HGTV Magazine is for you. Just take the color you have (like this cool blue) and mix it with a bit of white paint for an eye-catching ombre effect on an old dresser.

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

If you have most of a can: Beautify a basic bookcase
Jazz up a plain bookcase by adding a bright hue to peek out from behind your books and accessories. The apple green palette in this example from Brian Patrick Flynn is so crisp!

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Photo: Ana White

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

If you have 1/4 of a can (or a quart): Brighten up your headboard or paint some end tables
If you’re dealing with a quart of paint, not a gallon, you probably have enough color to tackle a headboard or some end tables. A pop of teal or turquoise is like a breath of fresh air for your bedroom or living room.

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Photo: Tiffany Threadgould

If you have an (almost) empty can: Plant something for spring
Apply the last itty bit of paint to the outside of the can itself and once it’s empty, grow some herbs inside! See all the how-to details from DIYNetwork.com. Now, isn’t that refreshing?

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68 Responses

  1. A M says:

    Used to get excited to watch HGTV – was relaxing to spend a couple of hours watching Decorating Cents, Trash To Treasure, the company in Des Moines IA, Lara Spencer, or those two sisters in Texas where they'd take items and make them in something really creative. . .Many of us really don't care who is buying a new house or vacation home and spending millions on some loft in NYC, LA or wherever. Not all of us have those kind of $$'s or even want to live abroad. Not all of us are into flipping houses. What's happened to some of the great "oldies"? (Sorry for any typos)

    • Z M says:

      I So…………………….. agree. Love those shows. And why don't they recycle cabinets, etc. So wasteful.

    • Rainbow says:

      I agree with you completely. I am so tired of the junk they have on now. It used to be fun to watch them make something useable out of junk laying around the house that wasn't used anymore. Some of the ideas were so clever and easy to do. I wish they would think of the budget minded housewife who enjoys making things for her house. I hope someone at HGTV sees these comments and does something about it.

    • Tanya says:

      Thank goodness someone else who has some sense. All of the design/decorating ideas shouldn't have to come from a website. That's the whole point of television. I'm sick to death of all of the real estate shows that they have. Thank goodness I can still watch the DIY network. They haven't forgotten their purpose. HGTV needs to get back to basics with their programming. And what's the purpose of Design Stars if they're not actually going to have a show?

    • Linda says:

      I agree entirely! I used to watch it faithfully, but I have been so disappointed in it the past few years, I rarely turn it on. They need to get down to earth…..most of us could care less about vacation homes, we just want to make what we have attractive!

    • bob etier says:

      My very thoughts.

  2. April says:

    I would like some more decorating focused shows, such as Design on a Dime and others.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I agree, so much hype and "celebrity". The Food Network has done the same thing. How about some calm "how to" shows, without out the fluff and glitz?

  4. liz says:

    Where's Sara n Candis? I hate all these people looking for houses… I want to see decorating not buying or selling…

    • Carolyn in Houston says:

      I'm with you, Liz. There should be a real estate TV network only and get that stuff off the home improvement channels. Let's get back to DIY-ing and decorating on a budget.

  5. drew says:

    The comment that HGTV are NOT CHRISTIANS….is very UN-CHRISTIAN….Christians come in all shapes sizes creeds colors and backgrounds…who are we to judge who is and who isn't….

    I am a CHRISTIAN….love HGTV….

  6. Kat from Oregon says:

    I so agree with those who have commented about getting back to some project and diy shows. Also shows like High Low and Flea market do overs.

  7. JML says:

    What happened to Lynette Jennings?

  8. Cris says:

    I agree. I'm not interested in 24 hours a day of people buying homes, etc. I loved the oldies on decorating especially Decorating Cents when they would makeover a room just by re-arranging the furniture and adding items from elsewhere in the house – what creations! I loved Donna Decorates Dallas. Let's get back to some inspiring decorating – wake up HGTV – what happens when everyone eventually buys that house?? They decorate it…….

  9. Linda the DIYer says:

    I agree with all who are sick of the House Hunter shows. Enough already! Bring back all the " How To" shows for the average viewer. I was always excited to try one of the ideas, ESPECIALLY the low cost, simple ones that made such a difference in a room! Have spoken with friends who no longer watch HGTV, cause of all the bratty young couples who pass on a house just cause there is no stainless in the kitchen. (Gag those spoiled brats, PLEASE)!! Bring back the idea DIY shows! Hurry!

    • Carolyn in Houston says:

      I agree with you, Linda. We need more DIY and decorating shows again. As for the bratty young couples who complained about no stainless in a kitchen, not everyone prefers stainless anyway. Black is dramatic, white is clean & crisp, off-white is warm and stainless is fine (altho' too industrial looking for my taste). But each one looks good if they compliment their respective kitchen designs and colors.

  10. Bill Heacock/Ohio says:

    a FEW comments regarding the last two days. The first is addressed to Patricia Sargent: A- what religion (if any) are you? (Come to think of it, what does it really matter?) However, and more important…… B- what is YOUR basis/evidence/proof that HGTV is not Christians? ENUF SAID ON THIS TOPIC. C- "HGTV" ( Is this not "Home and GARDEN TV"—What has happen to the HGTV programs AND articles ABOUT GARDENING? The last h"G"tv magazine had only 3 pages regarding this item..ENUFF said about this-but I would be interested in any comment from others about this topic. And #D- my suggestion about your TV shows…how many of us have 30+ thousands to spend on replacing this or that, removing walls, installing and all "stainless" kitchen, plant 20 foot trees and countless shrubs, repave the driveway, etc… My point and suggestion is, to have a home improvement show that would be related to the more middle class home owner-not the people in $600,000 give or take another $300,000 and upwards. So, Im asking for a realistic TV show.

Briana MowreyBriana is a writer and senior editor for HGTV.com. Her self-described design style is "mid-century modern magpie." She lives in a Brooklyn apartment with her husband, their spoiled dachshund, Chauncey,...


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