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A refreshing wall hue (like a blue or green) can make your home feel brand new, but it doesn’t take gallons of paint to spruce up the place. If you have a half-empty can or paint samples, you can still make colorful crafts designed to elevate the mood in just about every room. Check out these clever ways to make the most of your last painting project’s leftovers.

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Photo: Alison Gootee

If you have paint samples or pints: Dress up a dresser
If you only have a small stash of paint, this idea from HGTV Magazine is for you. Just take the color you have (like this cool blue) and mix it with a bit of white paint for an eye-catching ombre effect on an old dresser.

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

If you have most of a can: Beautify a basic bookcase
Jazz up a plain bookcase by adding a bright hue to peek out from behind your books and accessories. The apple green palette in this example from Brian Patrick Flynn is so crisp!

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Photo: Ana White

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

If you have 1/4 of a can (or a quart): Brighten up your headboard or paint some end tables
If you’re dealing with a quart of paint, not a gallon, you probably have enough color to tackle a headboard or some end tables. A pop of teal or turquoise is like a breath of fresh air for your bedroom or living room.

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Photo: Tiffany Threadgould

If you have an (almost) empty can: Plant something for spring
Apply the last itty bit of paint to the outside of the can itself and once it’s empty, grow some herbs inside! See all the how-to details from DIYNetwork.com. Now, isn’t that refreshing?

Whether it’s picking a paint color combination to create a certain mood or customized color matching, True Value has the solutions. To help you choose the perfect color scheme for your next interior or exterior painting project visit TrueValuePaint.com.

68 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    Definitely agree with getting back to the basic DIY shows. Some of us are retired and have a limited income but still want to continue improving our homes. Would love to see more decorating on a dime than House Hunters – I already own my home and don't plan to move.

    • Judith says:

      Finally someone who shares my thoughts on the current Trend toward upscale decorating and landscaping. I too am retired and live on a fixed income, however I still enjoy maintaining my home and landscapes. I recently painted and updated my very old kitchen. The way I see it anyone can pay for someone to do the work it,s about those of us who still rely on our own muscles and learned skills. Anyway great to speak to you, happy house decorating or gardening.

  2. Darathome says:

    I agree that HGTV has gotten carried away with house hunting and love it or list it. I like the old shows on how "real" people can decorate and not on much money. I've seen the comments on Christianity. I am a Christian, not sure where the comment originated from, but on the House Hunting programs…I have to say that I am sick of seeing the Gays shopping for a house and when they find one they give each other a kiss. I'm with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty on this. That is in the Bible, yes Christians are to love everyone, but I don't want that "pushed" in my face on every episode. So, I don't watch HGTV anymore. I get my ideas from the "creative juices" that God gave me or I do come to their website. Knock it off on the house hunting and celebrities and people that can afford to spend $100,000 on their kitchen. I liked the guy that could move furniture around or go scruffing in the garage to find pieces to change the whole look of a room. I am not the only one that has stopped watching HGTV because of all the house hunting shows and the little snobs that "Oh, I hate the paint"…"I wanted granite countertops"…."carpeting?" "I'm not interested it's too much work to take down that ugly wallpaper". Really? Wake up people, I take more pride in the home that I paid $73,000 for that was a mess 6 years ago and I've done most of the work myself. My home is now worth $123,000. Did I get dirty? Did my back ache? Did I break a nail? Yes, yes, yes….but I love my home. Get those boo hoo babies off the shows and get to programs that help the people with a bucket of paint and ready to get dirty. And I don't care what any of you say, I don't want to see gays looking for a house and wondering if there was room in the bedroom for their bed that they share. I do watch some of the DIY Network but that too has gotten so they are doing everyone's backyard and going overboard. What a shame. There is nothing to watch on TV except Duck Dynasty. What other program (reality or otherwise) ends each show with the family sitting around the table saying a prayer? HGTV/DIY wake up give us something that we can learn from and enjoy watching.

    • Rosemary says:

      I agree hgtv is not what it was years ago. No shows like gardening by the yard that would teach something. Hgtv is not interested in Christian values or in offending them. They are more interested in political corrective shows. Well thereis a lot more christians and some of us won't watch that's all. As a lot of people noted house hunters is boring anyway. Get some garden shows or decorating programs or rename yourself . Maybe the politically correct do you want to buy a house channel.

    • AunTee says:

      Why don't the two of you get together and start your own show? You can lay on thick the Christianity and then guess what? Someone else will be offended and want a Jewish show, or Muslim show or whatever. Why does there have to be religion in it at all? (By the way, we're not just a Christian nation so why would HGTV have to cater to you?) … I certainly am not wealthy but I enjoy House Hunters and seeing what money will buy in other parts of the nation and the world. Snobby people are very entertaining and the episode with Ross and his BF buying a house in Palm Springs is HILARIOUS. One of the best ever! … If only you could let go of the hate, you might not be so offended. WWJD? He'd laugh right along with me, not have his mind focused on what they do in their bedroom. (Do you do that with married couples, too?) … What the heck is a "political corrective" show? It's just a show minus anyone's politics!

      … So yeah, go do a Duck Dynasty Decor Show with old Phil. You both sound creative and the cammo colors will sell like hotcakes. It'd be a hit! You could go into peoples homes across the Heartland and restage their homes with stuff repurposed out of the barn. You might even come across a couple of old lesbian farmers and really like them!

  3. Maryann Pusateri says:

    @ Patricia Sargent! HGTV is a TV station, not a freakin religion! change the channel if you don't like it. are you for real?

  4. Joyce Klawon says:

    Count me in—-I want more decorating, repurposing, re-staging programs. The buying and selling real estate shows are getting old, hence, I change channels. Please, HGTV, get back to design, decorate, make, garden, etc.

  5. Beth Pickeral says:

    I agree with all those who are sick of the house hunting shows, except for Jonathan and Drew. Why is it ok to have gays on the shows but not people who don't believe that way. If you aren't mean and nasty and do bodily harm why can't we have opinions? Stopped watching HGTV because of what they did to Paula Deen. Sick to death we all have to think the same.

  6. Denise McCloud says:

    I miss the show entitled "Designer's Challenge". This show was my favorite.

  7. Trisha says:

    What the heck does Christianity play here? Why can't you just enjoy the shows for what they can offer each person!!!!

  8. Martie Paris says:

    Where oh where have the Candice Olsen shows gone? What about gardening and curb appeal shows, the re staging of your rooms shows. So many decorating shows have gone by the way side. I too turn off the real estate shows in frustration. I loved Saturdays when one could collect a multitude of ideas from the shows mentioned above and others. I am also tired of the celebrity challenge shows, the hells kitchen, Guy who goes around the country stuffing his mouth with every fast food imaginable. How about some Ina Garten, Giadia, Sara Moulten, and other wonderful chefs instead of off the wall challenges from Chopped and Iron Chef. Martie P

  9. Janice Williams says:

    I agree. I miss designer shows. I love Sara……

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