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A refreshing wall hue (like a blue or green) can make your home feel brand new, but it doesn’t take gallons of paint to spruce up the place. If you have a half-empty can or paint samples, you can still make colorful crafts designed to elevate the mood in just about every room. Check out these clever ways to make the most of your last painting project’s leftovers.

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Photo: Alison Gootee

If you have paint samples or pints: Dress up a dresser
If you only have a small stash of paint, this idea from HGTV Magazine is for you. Just take the color you have (like this cool blue) and mix it with a bit of white paint for an eye-catching ombre effect on an old dresser.

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

If you have most of a can: Beautify a basic bookcase
Jazz up a plain bookcase by adding a bright hue to peek out from behind your books and accessories. The apple green palette in this example from Brian Patrick Flynn is so crisp!

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Photo: Ana White

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

If you have 1/4 of a can (or a quart): Brighten up your headboard or paint some end tables
If you’re dealing with a quart of paint, not a gallon, you probably have enough color to tackle a headboard or some end tables. A pop of teal or turquoise is like a breath of fresh air for your bedroom or living room.

5 Painting Crafts to Refresh Your Home

Photo: Tiffany Threadgould

If you have an (almost) empty can: Plant something for spring
Apply the last itty bit of paint to the outside of the can itself and once it’s empty, grow some herbs inside! See all the how-to details from DIYNetwork.com. Now, isn’t that refreshing?

Whether it’s picking a paint color combination to create a certain mood or customized color matching, True Value has the solutions. To help you choose the perfect color scheme for your next interior or exterior painting project visit TrueValuePaint.com.

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  1. Decor Debbie says:

    I absoultly agree with all who want to see actual decorating shows back again. Thought I was alone in this view until I began to read these messages. I go back more than 10 yrs with HGTV. There was a genius decorater named Christopher Lowell. He had a lot of Set decor knowledge and showed how to make the most amazing items at 1/4 the cost of the "real" item. And Yes! Decorating Cents was terrific also, So was Decorating on $500. Ok, today it would be $75o, but would still save us watchers LOT'S of money. Design On A Dime and on and on. I really miss all the decorators. I've seen just a few in the HGTV mag. (which I like a lot) but so many more I never hear about any more. I'm so tired of HGTV running hours and hours (naturally I'm blanking the name of this show 'cause I'm tired and its late). Its the one where R.E. guy takes a couple around looking for the perfect house (one person in the couple wants another home, while the other wants to stay in the home and has given their wish-list of must-haves to stay to a female contractor. There is ALWAYS an issue where some problem occurs and many of the items on the must-have list cannot be done. "Love It or List It" something like that…then, in case those shows aren't on enough, they did Love It or List It 2. PLEASE, HGTV…bring back decor. info for the homes we HAVE!

  2. Kathy Fix says:

    I have always admired Muslim and Hindi people who don't have to shove their opinions at us. And what do you care who buys a house and who is going to live in it. I think you may watch those shows to give yourself a feeling of moral superiority. The world has evolved. Christians should too.

  3. Kathy Fix says:

    I agree too about wanting more design and how to shows. I realize that the house hunting shows cost a lot less in production. But enough is enough. IN the real work most home owners don't have a $50,000 budget for a new kitchen. Show us how to update our kitchens on a budget…say maybe $2000.

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