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Meg Allan Cole's geometric bear string art

With the determination of an aging pop star, string art continues to reinvent itself over and over again. Design is always in flux so it’s impressive when a technique evolves over time and continues to connect with what’s going on in the home decor world. Originally a “decor craft” in the 60′s, string art has evolved from kitchy to trippy to modern right before our very eyes, if you consider old Domino magazines and Pinterest right before our very eyes. Here are a few of my favorite interpretations, and I’d love for you to weigh in on which ones you dig in the comments section.

Marianne Canada's monogram string art

Our own Marianne Canada made a rad monogram moment with her version on Weekday Crafternoon.

YouTube Preview Image

I brought string art to a geometric animal place with my Geo Bear for HGTV Handmade.

Adrian Esparza's geometric string art

Texas-based artist Adrian Esparza unravels traditional Mexican blankets to create epic geometric installations.

Jen Loves Kev's typography string art

Any string art post would be remiss without paying homage to the slew of large-scale typography installations around, my favorite being this one by Jen Loves Kev.

Morgan Hungerford West's geometric string art installation

My fav is this geo install by Morgan Hungerford West on Panda Head Blog. While I was shooting the tutorial for my bear, I saw this on Morgan’s blog, and created a similar version for my video back-drop. Morgan recreated a 3D version for White Hinterland’s music video on WAMU’s 88.5 Bandwith site. In my humble opinion, 3D takes the proverbial string art cake in this round up! 3D install photo by Maggie Famiglietti.

White Hinterland geo string art

Brit & Co used their love of string art to create this little home for their air plants. It’s so cute I want to punch myself in the face.

Brit Co air plant string art
What do you think? Are these fresh and fun new interpretations, or should they go in the way of the scrunchy and be banished FOREVER. Yes, I’ve seen American Apparel try to bring scrunchies back but I cannot participate in that revival. Let us know in a comment what you think!


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24 Responses

  1. rss says:

    I'm in love with the air plants piece. How creative and unique is that!

  2. Lili_HGTV says:

    These are fantastic! After I saw your bear video I was desperate for my own. Which…. I have yet to make. (Also: welcome to DH!)

    • Meg Allan Cole says:

      Thank you for the warm welcome, @Lili_HGTV! So glad you dig the geo bear:)

  3. Melissa says:

    Fantastic ideas, we can adapt the above to OUR own environment,
    it sure help our creativity.
    Melissa (Alabama)

  4. Laurie_March says:

    Hi MAC!!!

    I'm in love with Marianne's version. I'll be doing this for my cabin! Looks just fab. :)

  5. Nancy s. says:

    my husband and I use to purchase string art… he would nail the nails down but he could never design the kit without me reading to him which next strain of thread went over the next nail.. and the paper instructions would be hammered down on the wood piece. It is hard to do but when finished it was beautiful. Use to just tear the paper off the inside and tweeze out any and all paper that we could not reach. A happy memory for me and my marriage to each other. for 38 years we were happy.. he walked away and never came back.. I loved the Home Sweet Home. Anyone that has done as many cross stitch things as I have, should be able to do this.. easily.. then again it might not be as easy as it looks..

  6. nancy, CA says:

    I've never done this but have tried everything else and since you did a bear and I love them I may just have to give this a try since you made be so simple. Thank you.
    nancy, CA

  7. Debra, Fl says:

    These are fantastic! Especially love the "Mexican Blanket" Wow! The bear is just adorable and if I had a cabin in the woods I would definitely try that one but being a child of the 60's my decor is all "Mad Men" 60's…. so check out the one I want to make on Lowes website – Key in "Lowes String Art" to see the hot pink abstract one I will make one day….I've been looking for nails for this one that have a decorative head- I found the perfect small nails online with heads that are shaped like a flowerbut they are manufactured in China and all f the writing on the website is ni Chinese. If anyone knows where tofind such nails in the US……Please post it for me! And soooo glad string art is back!

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  9. Hank Porat says:

    There is no more.

  10. […] the ’70s, but new, graphic versions are still going strong. (Did you see my girl Meg’s geometric string art bear?! So cute.) This version uses a rustic slice of wood (available at your local crafts store) to […]

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