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Summer days are ahead, which means it’s time for a home refresh. Switch out those cold-weather color tones and thick fabrics for something lighter, fresher and more energetic. The easiest way to add cheer to your home is through bright paint colors. Yellow is probably the first color that comes to mind. Resembling sunshine, this color tone will instantly add life to a room. You aren’t a fan of yellow, you say? Keep reading for tips on how you can use almost any color of the rainbow to add life to your home’s interior.

Crisp Green

Elegant Hallway

Green is more versatile than you think. Choose a darker shade for a dramatic look, or go with a lighter shade for a crisp, airy look like designer Shelly Riehl David did in this elegant hallway.

Vibrant Red

Eclectic Living Room

Red is often associated with drama, passion and romance. Incorporating too much of this color can make a room feel crowded and dark, but use it in small doses (such as on a partial or accent wall), and you can create a room that’s refreshing and perfectly energetic.

Cozy Orange

Cozy Bedroom

If you want a space that’s as energizing as it is cozy, orange is the right color choice for you. Painting a room this color can be tricky because choosing the wrong orange tone can leave a room feeling harsh. Go with a deeper shade in a stripe pattern and pair it with a cheerful color like yellow for a refreshing yet comfortable feel.

Sapphire Blue

Dramatic Home Office

Dark shades of blue don’t necessarily make you feel, well — blue. A deep blue tone like sapphire makes a powerful statement. Pair it with white accessories to tone down the drama without sacrificing energy.

Royal Purple

Modern Purple Kitchen

People tend to stay away from purple when painting, but this rich color can really bring a room to life.  Paint an accent wall in a saturated purple shade for a look that exemplifies modern sophistication.

Whether it’s picking a paint color combination to create a certain mood or customized color matching, True Value has the solutions. To help you choose the perfect color scheme for your next interior or exterior painting project visit TrueValuePaint.com.

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