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Hamburgers are on the menu for this week’s brand-new post, Food Trend Fridays. They’re a tried-and-true classic that never cease to satisfy the taste buds, a dish that flashes back to childhood and Fourth of July cookouts with the family. No matter what age you are, that first juicy bite is always one to savor.

The beauty of these handheld works of art is that they can take on almost any flavor profile — from the classic American to the new Umami-style burgers. Chicken, turkey and salmon have even found themselves between the bun, creating new flavor profiles and making this culinary mainstay even more adaptable. My personal favorite burger beef-up is the recent addition of a fried egg — breakfast is, after all, the best meal of the day. Bacon jam, which is even better than it sounds, is another addition that has been popping up on burger menus everywhere.

Remember: Father’s Day is right around the corner, which is the perfect excuse to stretch your burger-magination. I’ve wrangled up five tasty recipes that Dad is sure to love.

The “Bash Burger”

The Bash burger

This recipe gives the classic burger a spicy, Chinese kick with its use of Sriracha and Dijon mustard. It also employs the palette mystifying powers of bacon in a homemade jam that will add sophistication and a father-friendly taste to your dish.

Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Trisha Burger

You can never go wrong with a classic American burger. This recipe keeps all the familiar lettuce-onion-tomato-staples that you know Dad loves, but provides a simple quirk by filling the patty with cheese. It’s a safe bet if your dad lacks an adventurous palette but still allows you to workout your grill-master muscles.

The Breakfast Burger

Breakfast burger

Utilizing my two favorite food categories, burgers and breakfast, this recipe definitely has my vote.  This no-nonsense recipe calls for a fried egg and bacon, making it as easy as it is delicious. Going a step further into the breakfast category, pork sausage is used instead of beef for the patties, and get this — it’s made with maple syrup. How scrumptious does that sound?

 Turkey Avocado Burger

turkey burger

What a perfect summertime recipe — a much lighter take on your typical burger. The patty is made from turkey and Portobella mushrooms with just a hint of Worcestershire, parsley and olive oil. The ever popular avocado amps up the cool factor of the entire meal and adds a fresh sweetness. Plus, it’s a great way to help Dad stick to his diet.

The Inside Out Burger

Guys Burger

This deceptively simple burger has a secret: all of the toppings are inside the patty. Just form a few four-inch patties, place a slice of cheese, bacon chorizo mixture and another slice of cheese on top, then seal it up with another patty and your creation is grill ready. It may sound like a feat, but it’s actually quite simple.

Do you have any go-to burger recipes that you’ll be breaking out this summer? Let us know! We would love to hear them. If not, try some of these out on Dad this Father’s Day and tell us what he says.

If you’re still dying to see more ways to make Dad’s day, check out FoodNetwork.com’s favorite burgers.


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