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Did you celebrate Father’s Day yesterday? I’m thinking there are probably a lot of special guys out there who got a shiny new toolbox as a gift, and if so, the old one may be hanging around, collecting dust. Before you ditch it, take a look at these clever ideas for repurposing old toolboxes. (Now who’s the handy one around the house?)

5 Handy Ideas for Old Toolboxes: Grooming Kit

Old Toolbox —> New Grooming Kit
An old metal toolbox looks right at home in a teen boy’s bathroom as a grooming/toiletry kit. It adds just the right rugged edge to the space and keeps products neatly tucked away from prying eyes. Want to complete the look? Check out Laurie March’s gallery on DIYNetwork.com.

5 Handy Ideas for Old Toolboxes: Candleholder

Old Toolbox —> New Candleholder
Dress up a mantle by filling an old metal toolbox with votive candles and natural elements like fruit and foliage like Camilla Fabbri did here. The toolbox’s shape and size make it a perfect fit for this decorative use.

5 Handy Ideas for Old Toolboxes: Seed-Starting Kit

Old Toolbox —> New Seed-Starting Kit
An old toolbox can be a great gift, if filled with gardening goodies. This seed-starting kit from Michele Beschen is everything your green-thumbed friends would need, all in one sleek (and attractive!) package.

5 Handy Ideas for Old Toolboxes: Planter

Old Toolbox —> New Planter
Our own Camille spotted this old toolbox planter at the Clinch River Antiques Fair last year. The deep blue color makes the red geranium blooms really stand out.

5 Handy Ideas for Old Toolboxes: Magazine Holder

Old Toolbox —> New Magazine Caddy
Maybe Camille spotted the toolbox planter so easily because she already knew how valuable they can be! Here, she repurposed an old toolbox as a convenient magazine caddy next to her couch. Way to display your reading material, Camille!

Which toolbox idea hit the nail on the head? And do you have any more clever uses for old toolboxes? Share them in the comments below!

12 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    I love all of these ideas. Very creative.

    • Karen says:

      I use an old metal toolbox for a sewing kit. Another one holds band-aids and other first aid supplies.

  2. Suzanne says:

    My daughter used an old carpenters' toolbox -given to her- for a horse grooming box, carries brushes, hoof pick, etc. Works wonders.

  3. Brenda White says:

    You can carry supplies for eating outside like silverware, napkins, commodities, etc.

  4. Janet says:

    The tool box with the handle and magazines………………….I took one like that and put small sections in it, then put ALL my kitchen utensils in it…………..it fits nicely onto a special area of counter top…….I am short on kitchen drawers….I enjoy it so much because everything is easy to find.

  5. Angee says:

    I hung an old wooden one (like the one shown above for the magazine holder) horizontally with the bottom of the toolbox to the wall and the handle facing out in my bathroom. It doubled as a shelf and towel rack.

  6. I used my old toolbox to create a succulent planter. Love it!

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