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Metal pails have a variety of practical household uses, but in the right context, they can be quite pretty, too! If you’ve got one devoted to cleaning supplies or gathering cobwebs somewhere in your garage, take a look at these beautiful ideas for buckets and consider repurposing it for something with a little more flair.

5 Perfect Ideas for Metal Pail Buckets: Toy Storage

Design: Susie Fougerousse

Old Metal Pail —> New Toy Storage Solution
Make an old metal pail look shipshape again by adding some red and white stripes or an adorable whale design. After its makeover, the bucket becomes an attractive toy storage solution in a nautical kids’ bedroom, as in this example by Susie Fougerousse.

5 Perfect Ideas for Metal Pail Buckets: Beach Suppy Caddy

Photo: Jennifer and Kitty O’Neil

Old Metal Bucket —> New Beach Caddy
If you’re headed to the shore, be sure to bring a bucket! It’s the perfect caddy for things like towels, sunscreen and your beach reads. (Plus, the kiddies can fill it with water and sand if they’re into building castles.)

5 Perfect Ideas for Metal Pail Buckets: Entertaining Organizers

Design: Anisa Darnell

Old Metal Buckets —> New Entertaining Organizers
Follow the example in this airy coastal cottage living room and use chic stenciled pails to hold all of your place setting needs and entertaining accessories. It’ll help you set the table in a flash — and guests can easily help themselves when meals aren’t communal.

5 Perfect Ideas for Metal Pail Buckets: Pretty Planters

Photo: Nancy Ondra

Old Metal Pails —> New Planters
If there’s anything I’ve learned from writing these Designer MacGyver posts, it’s that you can turn practically anything into a planter and metal buckets are no exception. All you need to do is add some drainage holes at the bottom. If you’re looking for a jolt of color, bring some vibrant plastic pails into the mix, like Nancy Ondra did here.

5 Perfect Ideas for Metal Pail Buckets: Secret Fort Snack Delivery

HGTV Green Home 2012

Old Metal Bucket —> New Snack Delivery Device
Add a pulley system and some rope to your bucket, and you’ve got a sophisticated way to send snacks and supplies up to a loft, as seen in this kids’ room from HGTV Green Home 2012. This might be my favorite use for a metal bucket ever. I’ll take some peanut-butter pretzels and a seltzer, please!

Which metal pail idea makes everything else pale in comparison? And do you have any more smart ways to repurpose buckets? Tell us in the comments below!

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