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Are you musically inclined? I never played an instrument when I was growing up, but one of the first gifts my husband bought for me when we started dating was a silver glitter Danelectro bass. He was teaching me how to play and my lessons were coming along nicely…until we got noise complaints from our neighbors across the hall. (Uh, sorry for rocking too hard, guys!) While it might not be practical to play again until we eventually move to the suburbs, I hate to see Estelle (that’s what I named her) collecting dust up in our loft, so I may take a cue from these smart ideas that turn musical instruments into decor worthy of admiration in the meantime.

5 Interesting Musical Instrument Design Ideas: Coffee Table Conversation Piece

Coffee Table Conversation Piece
I love the space-saving musical instrument idea in this small studio by Casey Noble. Nestled inside a cool custom coffee table, the guitar has a place of honor and is protected, as the table acts as a kind of guitar case.

5 Interesting Musical Instrument Design Ideas: Bookshelf Brighteners

Bookshelf Brighteners
If you can’t rig a coffee table setup like the one above, try this look from another Casey Noble room. Guitars mounted on the bookshelf keep them on display and out of the way, but they’re still accessible for an impromptu jam session.

5 Interesting Musical Instrument Design Ideas: Fun Lamp

Unique Lamp
Stringed instruments don’t get all the love. If you held on to your marching band instrument long past the point of it being in playable condition, check out this unique lamp idea from DIY Network.

5 Interesting Musical Instrument Design Ideas: Key Piece

Key Piece
Of course, the instrument doesn’t have to be yours to begin with, as the Junk Gypsies proved with this piece. They salvaged the piano keys and added the table as a frame around them for a piece of furniture that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

5 Interesting Musical Instrument Design Ideas: Musical Foundation

Musical Foundation
Okay, string instruments on the walls are the obvious musical influence in this Airstream trailer, but would you guess that the decoupaged tabletop is perched atop an antique grand piano foot pedal? That’s music to my ears (and eyes)!

Which musical instrument idea hit all the right notes? And do you have any other ideas for decorating with instruments? Leave them in the comments below!


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  1. Feras says:

    - haha I LOVE the last one. I don’t love that he’s crying, but I think sitomemes the realness of that type of picture is so priceless. And big brother just sitting there like ummm.. he’s crying again? what now? oh and the firemen shots are GREAT!

  2. the guitar in the coffee table looks like it's in a casket, a la Lenin. No thanks..

  3. Sorenson says:

    MacGyver has got the lots of ideas designing like musical instrument is one of their best ideas. I loved the piano look table. Thanks for sharing.

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