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In the June issue of HGTV Magazine, one article advised readers to check their closets for design inspiration. The logic behind this advice is that whatever hues dominate your wardrobe are the ones that make you most happy, therefore you should use them when decorating. I couldn’t help but think, What about the trendy pieces I bought for summer? Those are serious outliers in my closet. Then I had another thought: As Trevor mentioned earlier this summer, throw pillows are the easiest way to change up home decor. So, why not use trend-inspired pillows to spice up our couches just as much as we did our summer wardrobes? If you’d like to give this idea a try, here are 6 throw pillows inspired by summer fashion trends.

Shirt: Ohne Titel, Pillow: HGTV

Geometric Patterns
Loud patterns ranging from floral to geometric are making strong statements across runways and streets alike. Inspired by this summer trend, add some punch to your decor with a bold-patterned pillow.

Shirt Dress: Joie, Pillow: Linda Woods

Material that was once used for men’s work shirts is now on trend for both men and women. In your home, different shades of chambray can give off very different looks. Create a rustic look with dark chambray and a traditional feel with light. Or, for a more eclectic touch, try a chambray ikat pillow like this one designed by Linda Woods.

Shirt: Mochino C & C, Pillow: Target

Crisp White
Bright white pieces are a classic way to add a fresh look to your wardrobe, and your home. Use a summery white pillow to brighten up a dark upholstered couch or even try the all-white look for a clean yet dramatic aesthetic.

Purse: Valentino, Pillow: Urban Outfitters

Many of us may feel fringe belongs solely at music festivals (or the ’60s for that matter), but fringe is actually making appearances in many high-end fashion lines this summer. In conjunction with this trend, consider adding a fringed-out pillow to your home — it can be a fun way to give off a feeling of carefree whimsy.

Shirt: Madewell, Pillow: Urban Outfitters

Colored Lace
Lace has long been a feminine clothing staple, but this summer it’s being amped up with bright and bold colors. Take advantage of this trend: add the perfect blend of traditional and eclectic charm to your space with a colored lace pillow, like this one from Urban Outfitters. If you really want to make a statement, it also comes in bright pink!

Clutch: Tory Burch, Pillow: Anthropologie

Iridescent clothing and accessories may give off a funky futuristic vibe, but a similarly shiny pillow will add a hint of luxury and glamor to your home.

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    This is a great idea~~pillows can change an entire room!!

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