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We’ve covered some cool ideas for buckets in this space, but since you might be doing some more outdoor entertaining these days, I’ve gotta share these ideas for galvanized tubs. Whether you use them to add ambiance to your yard or to keep drinks chilly for your guests, they’re sure to come in handy. Take a look…

5 Outdoor Ideas for Galvanized Metal Wash Tubs: Light Fixture

Old Galvanized Tub –> New Light Fixture
A galvanized tub light fixture has a rustic industrial charm that looks just right over an outdoor dining table. Check out Brian Patrick Flynn’s project on DIY Network to see how to make your own version at home.

5 Outdoor Ideas for Galvanized Metal Wash Tubs: Outdoor Fountain

Photo: RMS user songbirdooh

Old Galvanized Tub –> New Fountain
This galvanized tub fountain also perfectly incorporates a past Designer MacGyver material: a watering can. See more pictures from RMS user songbirdooh‘s project and learn how you can make a fountain for your yard here.

5 Outdoor Ideas for Galvanized Metal Wash Tubs: Planter

Old Galvanized Tub –> New Planter
Oh, I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again: This Designer MacGyver material makes a surprisingly good planter! Just be sure to take a cue from Emily Henderson and drill drainage holes in the bottom.

5 Outdoor Ideas for Galvanized Metal Wash Tubs: Coffee Table

Old Galvanized Tub –> New Coffee Table
A coffee table is a fun and unexpected use for a metal tub. If you use a clear plastic or glass surface to top it, as seen here, you can fill the bottom with water and float flowers or cute objects inside for an added style boost to your party.

5 Outdoor Ideas for Galvanized Metal Wash Tubs: Soda Station

Design and photography: Olivia Kanaley of A Field Journal

Old Galvanized Tub –> Soda Station
It’s hard to be the host at a party when all you want to do is relax and mingle, but this galvanized tub trick really helps. Fill it with ice and stock it with plenty of your favorite beverages before guests arrive, so they can help themselves.

Which galvanized tub idea galvanized your support? And do you have any more genius uses for metal wash tubs? Leave them in the comments below!


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  1. Annie says:

    The light fixture is outstanding.

  2. John says:

    Why is the Video and Audio out of Sync on HGTV? It has been out of Synd for at Least 6 weeks. Will it be Fixed or is it a Problem with Comcast?

  3. Karen K says:

    Love all the ideas!!!!

  4. txgg says:

    Cute ideas!

  5. Tesha says:

    Excellent post I hope to utilize more of your info, time willing.

  6. yvonne says:

    Please bring back decorator shows to HGTV

    • Lillian says:

      I agree hgtv use to be my favorite channel when I got dish 14 years ago. At the time of the recession or depression when the value of homes went down, hgtv took gardening shows and decorating shows off of the air. I dumped hgtv 3 weeks ago for the diy network and have not looked back since. Lillian ,a fan of dish but not hgtv anymore.

    • leighbbrown says:

      Yeah Yvonne, so surprised to see that someone else is missing all the decorating shows. I no longer watch HGTV. It became too much about the sell and the sales of high dollar homes

      • Robin says:

        Decorating Cents, Design on a Dime were 2 of my favorites. Seems like all shows are flipping/ buying/selling houses is all HGTV puts on. And what happened to all GARDENING shows as on House and Garden TV. Come on, HGTV lets put back DIY for those that still love our homes but would still like programs for ideas and inspiration on a realistic budget. I have never had somebody stop me in the home improvement center who will come to my house and transform it in 3 days…..last time I checked it was just me in the DIY projects around MY home.

    • Lorraine says:

      I totally agree with Yvonne – I used to watch most of the decorating shows when they were on – why didn't HGTV continue airing these shows ? loved the segment of trash to treasures

  7. Karen says:

    I agree with Lillian. Hgtv finally has fixer upper with the Gaines family which I love. I wonder I'd they will keep them on for more seasons. However 1 show is not enough to keep hgtv turned on.

    • leighbbrown says:

      What show has the Gaines family? Name of show?

      • Mary says:

        The name of the show is Fixer Upper; it is based in Waco, Texas. Chip and Joanna Gaines are great. It is nice to see a show that the average person can relate to.

  8. Mary says:

    I miss Decorating Cents, Design on a Dime, to name a few.

    • Gail says:

      I agree !! They need to get some shows that the average person could relate to. Decorating Cents was $500 or less to redo a room ! Great ideas !

  9. Thea says:

    I agree with the above..let's get back to basics with decorating shows the average DIYer can relate to. I live in Florida and watching real estate shows from Canada has zero interest for me.

  10. Gisela says:

    Love this post, hope to use more of your posts in the future

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