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Did you like my post about musical instrument design ideas? Then I’m betting these sheet music crafts will be up your alley, too! If you’ve got old sheet music that hasn’t seen love since your childhood piano lessons, consider turning it into something you can enjoy and admire every day. (Of course, you could always keep an eye out for old sheet music at flea markets, too.) If you object to repurposing the original sheets for crafts, you can easily make copies on similarly-colored paper.

Sheet Music Crafts: Decoupaged Dresser

Design: Marian Parsons

Old Sheet Music –> New Decoupaged Dresser
This idea for old sheet music from Marian Parsons serves another purpose: hiding imperfections like gouges or water marks on furniture. The lovely aged color of the music looks totally at home in this shabby-chic style setting, too.

Sheet Music Crafts: Dressed-Up Candles

Credit: ShareMyCraft user CarolinaCottage

Old Sheet Music –> New Dressed-Up Candles
Wrapping some old sheet music around tea light holders is a bright idea, as seen here from ShareMyCraft user CarolinaCottage. The warm color of the the paper makes for an especially soft, inviting candle glow.

Sheet Music Crafts: Holiday Decor

Design: Marian Parsons

Old Sheet Music –> New Holiday Decor
It’s never too early in the year to start thinking about the holidays, that’s what I say. If you feel the same way, check out our special Christmas in July package (it’s okay that it’s August, those ideas don’t expire!) and take a look at these next three crafts. I love these sheet music trees from Marian Parsons for an entryway display or perched atop a mantel. Head here for the how-to details.

Sheet Music Crafts: Pretty Place Setting

Design: Marian Parsons

Old Sheet Music –> New Place Setting
Using sheet music as the base for an elegant place setting is so simple, yet so effective. (You can even pick and choose the songs at each seat based on who will be sitting there for a personal touch.)

Sheet Music Crafts: Tree Topper

Design: Marian Parsons

Old Sheet Music –> New Tree Topper
Is there anything Marian Parsons can’t do with sheet music? After seeing this tree topper and the ideas above, I think not! This sheet music beauty is a cool, unconventional alternative to the usual angel or star.

Which sheet music craft struck a chord with you? And do you have any more smart ideas for old sheet music? Leave them in the comments below!

28 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    I love them all but especially the dresser.

  2. Jamie R. says:

    Placemats are my favorite.

  3. Rose M says:

    I love the decoupaged dresser. So charming.

  4. Kay says:

    Definitely the old dresser but I also liked the Christmas projects.

  5. Carol says:

    Love that dresser. The rest were also interesting.

  6. hoat hinh 3d says:

    That is incredibly fascinating, You’re a strong excessively qualified digg. We have joined up with your own rss feed and grow way up pertaining to seeking more of one’s amazing post. On top of that, I have shared your internet-site during my myspace

  7. Janet says:

    We have a restaurant in town that has an entire wall papered with old sheet music. So cool.

  8. MJ Katz says:

    You can also download sheet music from any century (try fifteen century monk chants!) online. They are in colors with cool illustrations with the music. I paneled the front of some cornices and media cabinet doors with torn pieces – very fun!

  9. melanie taylor says:

    I have decoupaged an old desk with very old love letters on different stationary and a trunk in old classic passages of literature but this idea with sheet music is fabulous. In fact, these are all great ideas and there isn’t one I’m not going to try. Who doesn’t love music!

  10. Tony says:

    Placemats an outstanding ideal.

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