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My parents are in the process of moving, so I’ve got real estate and curb appeal on the brain. Of course, house numbers can be an important part of amping up your home’s curb appeal, but did you know they can pack a visual punch inside the home as well? Take a look at these eye-catching ideas for house numbers and try not to be too tempted to pry yours off the side of your place for crafting purposes.

5 Hot Ideas for House Numbers: On the Stairs

Photo: Björn Wallander/HGTV Magazine

On the Stairs
This example from Sarah Richardson’s cozy farmhouse retreat makes great use of an often overlooked area of the house: the stairs. Here, a trompe l’oeil stair runner adds some welcome color and the old house numbers feel kid-friendly and whimsical. Check out the rest of Sarah’s home in HGTV Magazine‘s spread.

5 Hot Ideas for House Numbers: On Your Walls

Photo: Mark Lund/HGTV Magazine

On Your Walls
Wall art can be so much more than framed paintings. This clever grouping from HGTV Magazine is an appealing mix of house numbers, framed prints, and plastic/metal block numbers. Choose numbers that have significance for your family for a personal touch.

5 Hot Ideas for House Numbers: On a Rack

Photo: Donna of Funky Junk Interiors

On a Rack
This cute rack from Donna of Funky Junk Interiors has an extra Designer MacGyver-esque twist: It’s made from an old headboard AND house numbers. A coat of paint gives the old headboard new life and hooks give it new purpose.

5 Hot Ideas for House Numbers: On a Dresser

Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

On a Dresser
Old dressers are super versatile canvases for getting crafty. (Not to mention their drawers!) Adding some shiny house numbers is an easy way to glam them up. Check out Brian Patrick Flynn’s tutorial for all the how-to details.

5 Hot Ideas for House Numbers: On a Jar

Photo: Jennifer and Kitty O’Neil

On a Jar
The list of things you can do with Ball and Mason jars is seemingly endless, but here’s one from Jennifer and Kitty O’Neil that you may not have tried. String up some house numbers and hang them over jars in the bathroom for quirky-cool accessories on the cheap.

Which house number idea is #1 in your book? And do you have more creative uses for house numbers? Share them in the comments below!

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