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Last week I featured some clever birdhouse projects and since I’m on a roll with the theme, I thought I’d keep it going with birdcages. Whether they’re modern or antique, wooden or metal, birdcages can be charming home accessories, even if you don’t have any feathered friends. Check out these birdcage decor ideas for inspired ways to revamp a roost.

5 Birdcage Decor Ideas: Wedding Centerpiece

Credit: Courtesy of BHLDN

Birdcage –> Centerpiece
Here’s one for the love birds out there: Use birdcages as eclectic wedding centerpieces. Simply fill them with blooms in your wedding colors and place them anywhere you need a little more romance, like the guest book signing table shown above.

5 Birdcage Decor Ideas: Bathroom Accent

Design: Sarah Richardson

Birdcage –> Bathroom Accent
Bathrooms can be bland, but introducing an accent like a birdcage creates an unexpected focal point to tie the space together. This example from Sarah’s House looks so pretty perched atop a hutch.

5 Birdcage Decor Ideas: Floor Lamp

Credit: Susan Teare | Design: Joanne Palmisano

Birdcage –> Floor Lamp
Pairing a thrift-store birdcage with a chandelier to create a floor lamp is a bright idea. As seen on DIYNetwork.com, this one is a little rustic, a little glam and wholly unique.

5 Birdcage Decor Ideas: Container Garden

Design: Nancy Ondra

Birdcage –> Container Garden
Birdcages look more festive with colorful flowers peeking through the bars. Throw one into the mix with some birdhouse planters for a stunning, low-budget container garden.

5 Birdcage Decor Ideas: Chandelier

Design: Susie Fougerousse

Birdcage –> Chandelier
A little birdie told me that birdcages make excellent chandeliers. (Okay, not really, but the whimsical pink example in this girls’ room by Susie Fougerousse proves my point.)

Which birdcage decor idea is the best, bar none? And do you have more creative uses for birdcages? Share them in the comments below!


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  2. Susie Camden says:

    Love it!!! and I have 2 cute birdcages I can use….thanks so much for sharing..

  3. debbie says:

    Would have to choose the pink one

  4. Renee says:

    I love the chandelier birdcage…I have an old round one on a stand…and could use another floor lamp…just might do this. Thanks for the great idea.

  5. Shirley says:

    Love the pink room…I have one I have used several times at weddings, dressed up to put the gift cards inside.

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