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Mother’s Day is almost here, and we’ve been scheming up gift ideas here at for months now. One of my favorites? This drop-dead gorgeous lilac bouquet.  The lilacs and French lavender pair perfectly with the bright-green lady’s mantle, and the vintage pitcher makes it sweet and classic. (Like my mom!) But don’t confine apple green and lavender to a vase: the combination looks just as fresh in this little girl’s room designed by Jennifer Duneier.

Liliac and Apple Green Girl's Room Color Palette - HGTV Design Happens
Girl’s Bedroom :: Lilac Flower Arrangement

Whether for mothers or daughters, this classic combo has serious staying power. Have you tried it in your home?

Get more color palette inspiration from our previous Tuesday Huesday posts.

Okay, so I know today is Halloween — and believe me, I thought about sharing more Halloween craftiness; but unless you’re looking for pumpkin-carving templates (here and here) or cocktail recipes, the All-Hallows ship has pretty much sailed.

But, in just three weeks (yes, only 3 weeks!) friends and family will be ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. So, if you haven’t started working on your Turkey Day decorations yet, now’s the time.

Start by putting leftover Halloween decorations to good use. Give faux pumpkins a fashion-forward makeover by covering them with trendy upholstery fabrics:  How to Cover Faux Pumpkins in Metallic Leaf

Turn a canvas dropcloth into a custom-fitted dining chair slipcover, perfect if you need to visually unify mismatched chairs:How to Make a Dining Room Chair Slipcover


Halloween is just two weeks away, my friends. Is your home ready for trick-or-treaters and spooky festivities? If not, I have four quick and easy holiday crafts you can make in a snap.

Easy Halloween Decorating and Craft IdeasHow to Make Trash Bag Spider Webs

The best part about this Halloween craft is that it only requires three — count ‘em — THREE materials, and you definitely have them in your home. All you need are black plastic trash bags, scissors and clear plastic tape to create these dramatic spider webs.

Easy Halloween Decorating and Craft IdeasHow to Make a Halloween Chevron Wreath

Add a chic touch to your front door with an easy-to-make fabric-covered wreath. We went with classic orange-and-white and black-and-white chevron patterns, but you can choose any fabric you like to cover your wreath form. For seasonal appeal, use baker’s twine and cut-out bats to add a spooky embellishment.

More Easy Halloween Crafts

Shorter days and a crisp chill in the air certify that summer truly has come to an end.  Now’s a great time to break out the cozy throws and warm up your home’s decor with a few fall touches.

Take a cue from designer Sarah Richardson and fill vintage vases with autumn-hued flowers:Sarah Richardson's fall floral arrangements

For many of us, fall also signals the beginning of the holiday entertaining season — Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are coming up fast. Get ready for the impending arrival of holiday guests by sprucing up areas of your home where guests gather, like the foyer
traditional foyer by Thibaut

Image courtesy of Thibaut.


Don’t judge me when I say this: I didn’t carve my first Halloween pumpkin until I was in college. GASP! I know. Growing up, we were less into the pumpkin carving and decorating that goes into Halloween and more into the treats and dressing up. Now, pumpkin carving/decorating is a tradition for me, especially now that you can do more than just carve a silly grin across its face. (Chevrons and silhouettes, anyone?) Here are some cute, quirky and even sophisticated pumpkin-carving ideas to get your porch ready for Halloween.

Parsnip and Carrot Pumpkin Family:

Parsnip and Carrot Pumpkin Characters

Use vegetables, craft foam and accessories to create a loving, or scary, pumpkin family. (Go ahead and grab the kids for this one!)

Monogrammed Pumpkin:

How to Make a Monogrammed Pumpkin

Add a sophisticated and personalized touch to your indoor or outdoor decor with this simple monogrammed pumpkin project.

Cute Owl Pumpkin:

How to Make an Owl Pumpkin

Keep the owl trend going strong with this easy-to-make pumpkin project. Bonus: It requires no patterns or carving skills.


Pumpkins aren’t just for carving anymore. Now, they’re being embellished with glitter, pushpins, lace, decals and more. Halloween has never been so stylish! And my philosophy is: the more glitter, the better. This quick and easy Halloween project is perfect for the kids. Plus, by using artificial pumpkins, you can keep this glam look for seasons to come.

Halloween Decorating Ideas, Pumpkin Carving Templates + More

How to Make Glittered Pumpkins

You’ll need these materials to get started: pumpkins (artificial, preferably), colored glitter, spoon, spray adhesive, small paintbrush, brown craft paint (for the stem), roll of craft paper and newspaper.

How to Make Glittered Pumpkins

First, prepare your work area by laying down craft paper on top of newspaper. Then, gather your materials and pumpkins and decide which pumpkins will receive which color glitter. Spray the top and middle of the pumpkin with adhesive and use a spoon to apply glitter. Allow to dry. Remove excess glitter by shaking the pumpkin, then funnel the loose glitter back into the container to reuse.

Tip the pumpkin to the side and spray adhesive on the bottom half of the pumpkin. Apply glitter, allow to dry and remove excess glitter. Use a small paintbrush to apply brown paint to the stem of the pumpkin. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions >>

How to Make Glittered Pumpkins

Voila! Your glittered pumpkins are complete! Get creative — apply glitter to just the top, just the bottom or in stripes, chevron or polka dots.

More Halloween-Inspired Ideas From Design Happens:

Small spaces get dirty fast. A sticky spot on the floor or a few cobwebs in the corner might go unnoticed for weeks in a big, roomy house, but quickly become an eyesore in a dorm room. But whereas in that big house you may have cleaning products for days, college students’ supplies are often limited.

This kid doesn't know most college students will never own a vacuum this nice.

Here’s an example: I didn’t always own a mop. I used to loop a hand towel on the end of a broom, dunk it in a bucket (and by bucket, I mean trash can) of soapy water and drag it across the floor, hoping that it would clean something, anything. Those were dark days.

Decorating is basically useless if all of your stuff is covered in trash. There are essentials you need, especially if it’s your first apartment or dorm, to keep your space tidy and clean.

See The List

This past holiday weekend marked the last (unofficial) days of summer. It may not immediately feel like it, but we’re steadily moving into fall. Soon the weather will cool down, leaves will start changing colors and Halloween and Thanksgiving will be right around the corner before you know it. Since I know many of you like to prepare for the seasons and holidays early, I have a project you can dive into right now. Give your front door autumnal charm with a touch of dark, Halloween flair with this felt leaf wreath. Here’s how:

How to Make a Fall Felt Leaf Wreath

How to Make a Fall Wreath

To create this wreath you’ll need: a 24-inch grapevine wreath, wreath hanger, felt in assorted fall colors, double-sided iron-on fusing, craft paper, crow embellishment, fabric glue, fabric pen, scissors and an iron.

After gathering your materials, you’ll start by cutting the leaf templates and fusing the felt with the 10″ x 12″ sheets by ironing the two materials together. Then, you’ll trace each leaf onto the fused felt paper and cut out. To create contrast, fuse one cut-out leaf onto another color and cut out again, leaving approximately 1/8 inch around the back leaf. This will create a stunning two-toned effect once the leaves are on the wreath. Continue this process for 20 to 25 felt leaves.

See Hundreds More Fall and Halloween Ideas

How to Make a Fall Wreath

Using fabric glue, attach leaves to the wreath. Add an eery Halloween touch by attaching a spooky embellishment, like this black crow. Hang on the door to welcome guests throughout the season. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions >>

More Seasonal Decorating Ideas From Design Happens:

With fall just a few short months away, I’ll be spending even more time on my patio and I’m sure you will, too. There’s nothing quite like entertaining outdoors when the weather turns crisp and the leaves are falling. This week, we have the perfect DIY project to give your outdoor space ambiance and seasonal appeal.

How to Build an Outdoor Chandelier

How to Build an Outdoor ChandelierUse a wood board, Mason jars and votive candles to create a rustic outdoor chandelier.

To create this chandelier, you’ll need these materials: wood board (any size), spray paint (any color), screw eye hooks, manila rope, Mason jars, seeds/beans and votive candles in glass holders.

How to Build an Outdoor Chandelier

First, paint the top, bottom and sides of the wood board and let dry completely. Then, screw eye hooks into each corner on the top of the board. Attach each Mason jar to the board with a hot glue gun, making sure they are equal distance apart. Begin filling each jar one-third full with seeds or beans, and then place the glass votive candles in the jars low enough to keep them in place.

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How to Build an Outdoor Chandelier

Once the jars are full, add your manila rope by threading it through the screw hooks and hanging it from your desired location on the porch. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions >>

Give this outdoor lighting project a try, and then tell us how it transforms your outdoor space!

More Beautiful Chandeliers From Design Happens:

I often come across basic furniture – a plain dresser or an unadorned headboard – that could easily be dressed up with a coat or two of paint. But I never really considered turning my dresser into a focal point until I saw this chevron-patterned dresser inspired by Design Star contestant Rachel Kate’s white room design. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn used various bold hues of the season, like grape, lavender and hot pink, to add visual balance to the drawer fronts in a daring chevron pattern.

how to paint a chevron-patterned dresser

I love the look of the dressers as separate pieces, or pushed together to create one extra-large piece of furniture, like this double dresser/TV-stand setup below.

how to paint a chevron-patterned dresser

Get This Project’s Full Step-by-Step Instructions >>

Discover more creative ways to paint pieces around your home (walls not included!) with fall’s trending colors.

What do you think? Could you be this bold with a piece (or two) of furniture in your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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