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Guys sometimes get a bad wrap for buying Valentine’s Day gifts at the last-minute, but hey, ladies are procrastinators, too. (Read: me.) If you’re scrambling for the perfect gift, we’ve got you covered! Here are 5 thoughtful gifts you can make or buy just in time.

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

01. Whiskey Stones. Perfect for the scotch or bourbon enthusiast in your life, these rocks let him chill his drink without watering it down. Bonus points if you throw in rocks glasses or a bottle of his favorite brand.

02. “Attracted to You” Printable Card. Maybe your dude is lovably nerdy. Appeal to his punny nature with this scientific explanation for your magnetic attraction. Buy the design online, then print the template on cardstock.

03. Framed Album Covers. For the audiophile, look no further than these framed vinyl album covers. Search vintage store shelves for quirky or classic album covers, then frame in a basic black craft-store frame. Or, scan one of his favorites and print on cardstock.

04. Top Hat & Mustache Cufflinks. Does your guy love wearing vintage three piece suits? Is there a monocle on his dresser? These vintage-inspired cuff links are for him.

05. Breakfast Pizza. Okay, really, what guy wouldn’t love pizza for breakfast? Use store-bought or homemade pizza dough, then top with sauce and his favorite toppings and a sunny-side up egg. Done and done. See how Marianne makes her own.

Have a go-to last minute gift? Tell us in the comments below.

It goes without saying that I’m pretty jealous of the facial fur Zac Efron, Damian Lewis, Daniel Craig and even Kate Upton have sported to raise awareness for men’s health issues.

Celebrities Support MovemberPhotos via List25

Even Pusheen, that adorable cat you’ve seen all over Instagram, is in on the action.

Pusheen the catPhoto via Imgur

I love how the Movember movement started with just 30 guys in Australia and is now a global effort for men’s health. They have raised almost $600 million since 2003 and have more then 4 million members, affectionately termed Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. It’s also sparked an entire genre of furry home goods; Kayla has already talked about those, and Briana has been splitting hairs on the trend.

While I would give anything to celebrate Movember with a Tom Selleck-level ‘stache, I’m not quite there. So, what can those of us who lack the gift of enviable scruff do for Movember? Throw a party of course!

Last year, our friends over at DIY Network’s Made + Remade blog put together this mustache photo booth soiree with tons of printable mustache templates and accessories. (For full effect, cover everything in glitter.)

We found some scrumptious #noms to serve at your party, too. I mean, you can’t throw a m0-down without mo-munchies.

Mustache Drink toppers shared this tutorial for making mustache drink toppers, perfect for adding a bit of flair to your handmade cocktails.

Etsy cookies

And these LaPetite cookies from Etsy are a great party favor, or use them for photo ops and mobile munching.

Mustache Cake Hack

Savvymom shared this mustache cake hack; it’s such an easy trick to turn a basic round cake into a fun and trendy party treat.

So, don’t worry if you’re not growing the Monopoly Man‘s whiskers; you can still have tons of fun supporting a good cause — and you don’t even have to worry about all that grooming. The Movember foundation even has 5K races and huge gala parties so everyone can get involved in the fun.

It may be mid-November but Movember is just now starting to get hairy, so glitter your mustache templates and throw a party to support men’s health!

BRIANA: Sculptural busts go way back – like classical antiquity way back – but it seems like they’re having a moment again. Whether they’re old-school, updated with a flashy coat of paint or placed in an unexpected context (like these Mineheart pendants spotted at ICFF), they’re cropping up all over the place. What do you think of the trend? Is it cultured and cool? Or are bust sculptures too stuffy for you?

CAMILLE: Needless to say that as a traditionalist and antiques super fan, I’m all in when it comes to classical busts – especially when they represent Greco/Roman mythology. Like this bust of history’s original wild woman Artemis (aka Diana) that I scored at an estate sale in 2012.

Do you like the bust sculpture trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

In fact, I did a blog post about this trend and explained a bit about the different materials used for busts here…


I thought I was over the moustache trend, but these funny moustache magnets are pulling me back in. You’ve got to admit, they’re pretty fun – and functional! And for just $10 for a pack of 14, I just might be a facial hair fan after all.

mustache magnets

What about you? Are you all about the ‘stache, or do you wish we’d all just cut it out? Let us know what you think!

Even More Moustaches:

BRIANA: Watch your mouth! Or hang it on walls, or adorn your sofa with it. Mouths and lips are popping up everywhere these days, from posters and prints to mugs and more. Is it a hip throwback to the days of The Rolling Stones and Andy Warhol’s Velvet Underground album art? A surrealist nod to Dali? Or is it just the feminine equivalent of the mustache? Mouth off…

Do you like the pop art lips trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

Photo: Made by Girl/Lips Watercolor: Jessica Rowe

KELLEY: Sorry – all I see are the lips from Rocky Horror. ;)

Do you like the pop art lip trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

CAMILLE: Totally. It looks like Magenta is going to eat that Chanel bottle.


BRIANA: Facial hair seems like it’d be a more appropriate topic for a men’s fashion site, but mustaches have been making their way into the design world for some time now. Pillows, wallpaper, mirrors and more have been emblazoned with whimsical whiskers and searches for “mustache party” have been spiking on Yahoo! So, what are your thoughts on mustaches? Do you think the bristles are fun or should they stay where they belong (on Tom Selleck’s face)?

Do you like the mustache trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

From Kirkland’s, available July 21

LEANNE: I do not understand this trend. At all. Tom Selleck, I understand.

KELLY SMITH TRIMBLE: I love Tom Selleck, but I really hate this trend. Mustaches are meant for men, not pillows and especially not children. I mean, I know the hormones in our meat are messing with kids’ biology, but mustaches on 5-year-olds is just weird. Quit forcing kids to grow up so fast. This little boy doesn’t want to wear a mustache — I can see it in his eyes.

DEANNE REVEL: That picture. Hahahahahaha


Despite my mother’s incessant reminders, I somehow always find myself scrambling for a Father’s Day gift at the last minute. Sound familiar? This year, I’m hoping to break that tradition. I’m calling on two of my closest acquaintances: crafts and candy. If you’re in a similar Father’s Day bind, why not make one of these adorable candy jars for dad? We all know he’s secretly hoping for something edible.

Father's Day Candy Jar
This candy jar is quick, easy and hilarious. I love the mustache trend – so quirky! Also, I think my dad would love this sly reference to his terrible ‘70s “stache.” See how Jill from Sandy Toes & Popsicles created these crafty candy jars.

Glass Etched Candy Jar
This jar assures dad some peace of mind; KC from The Real Thing shows how to actually etch his name into a glass jar. That guarantees no candy thieves, right?

Father's Day Tie Box
If you’re looking for a kid-friendly craft, this Tie Box from Eighteen25 might be your pick. And after all, it is Father’s Day – it’s only proper to incorporate ties!

So, what are gender reveal parties? They’re the hot new trend in the entertaining world. These days, we all love having a reason to celebrate, and there’s nothing more celebratory than discovering the gender of your future child with family and friends in a festive setting. Parents to be: Add this party idea to the “to-do list.”


Gender Reveal Party Idea

Gender Reveal Party IdeaColorful Gender Reveal Party / Pizzazzerie

Le Partie Sugar styled this colorful and trendy gender reveal party with the theme “Handsome Fella or Gorgeous Lil’ Lady.” A gender-neutral color palette of apple green, red and sky blue ensures the secret stays hidden until the very end. Guests can even cast their gender vote (mustache for a boy and lips for a girl) before a blue or pink balloon floats out of a box to the parents’ surprise.

More theme ideas:


It’s that time of year again. Families are welcoming one of Santa’s very own elves, known collectively as The Elf on the Shelf, into their home to help keep an eye on who is being naughty and nice. These elves have special Christmas magic that helps them keep an eye on the house by day and then fly back to the North Pole to report to Santa every night. The elves are adopted into each family and given a unique name – from Fufu and Scout to Bones, Juliet, Sam and Mr. Peepers.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

While these elves are cute as can be, they also have a mischievous side. They have been known to turn milk green, draw mustaches on pictures, and even swing from the ceiling fan. But, come Christmas Eve, the elves head back to the North Pole, their job for the year done.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas - Elf in the Bath Elf on the Shelf Ideas - Elf on a Fan

HGTV decided to join in on the fun and adopt our own Elf on the Shelf. Follow HGTV on Instagram @HGTV to see the adventures that our elf gets into during the first 12 Days of Christmas. Keep track of the elf and on the final day, Wednesday December 12, we’ll ask a question about our elf here on the blog (ex: Where was the elf on Day 6?). Answer the question on the blog and one random winner will win the HGTV Elf and a $100 American Express Gift Card.

HGTV Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf watching over your house? Share their adventures with us on Instagram using #HGTVelf

Why are dads so difficult to buy gifts for? Or more specifically, my dad? He’s not really into fancy gadgets or gimmicks — he’d be just as happy with a pack of wool socks.

Still, I always struggle to find a Father’s Day gift that really shows him I appreciate all he’s taught me over the years:  How to tie my shoes, how to make the best pie crust ever, how to carve a dovetail joint, and on, and on, and on. But no matter what I settle on, one thing is always a hit: a handmade card that speaks to his (awesome) personality. Here are some great ways to show your dad you care with handmade cards to make and buy (Father’s Day is this Sunday, folks!).

Father's Day Dragon Card - Made by Joel

Fire-Breathing, Animated Dragon Card by Made by Joel

Make your own version of this interactive, fire-breathing dragon card from Made by Joel with some construction paper and lots of imagination.

The Gold Jelly Bean Father's Day Pasta Card

DIY Mustache Card With Bow-Tie Pasta By The Gold Jelly Bean

Take macaroni art to the next level with this ode to a staple of fatherhood: the humble mustache! This adorable card from The Gold Jelly Bean is mounted on wood grain contact paper and embellished with painted bow-tie pasta.



nine ladies dancing

Left column, top to bottom: Single Ladies, Ballerina Cookie Cutter, Art Deco Fashion Illustration, Folkdance Shopping Tote. Large image: Art Deco Dancing Flapper Ceramic Sculpture. Middle column, top to bottom: “Gladys” Hand-Stitched Pin-Up Art, Ballerina Wire Wall Sculpture. Right column, top to bottom: The Ballet of Mustache, Mark Shaw Editioned Photo “Chicken Ballerina”-ca. 1950.

It was tempting to post some Degas sculptures and posters and call it a day (I need extra time to find LORDS-A-LEAPING!), but since I’m sure you were expecting that, I found some more unusual choices. Maybe it’s not the most topical print anymore, but I was thrilled to see Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” dance moves immortalized on archival & acid-free paper. And how can the appeal of ballerinas with moustache tutus be denied? All these picks make me want to turn on Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and shake a tailfeather…is that wrong?

I’ve proudly sported a moustache in my Twitter user icon since 2008, so while I may already be falling behind on NaNoWriMo, I’ve had the jump on Movember for a few years now. Movember (moustache and November, get it?) is a wonderful month-long event that involves men growing moustaches to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues like prostate cancer, but even if you weren’t born a man, or weren’t lucky enough to be blessed with a naturally bushy and beautiful ‘stache like the one that I have, you can still have plenty of facial hair fun. Bust out these moustache straws from LittleRetreats at your next party, and I’ll bet you’ll be popular.

mustache straws

How cool would these be at a birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or even a wedding? Everyone loves a good photo op, and trust me, everyone looks better with a moustache. Just look at Tom Selleck, Clark Gable, and Mr. Potato Head. (Don’t forget to donate to/get involved in Movember here!)

When we’re not out trendspotting or dreaming up spooky Halloween decor, the team here at likes to put the ideas we’ve been tacking on our pinboards (real and virtual) to the test.


Pumpkin photos by Jeff Romaniuk.

Since there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than with a bedazzled pumpkin, we stockpiled some craft supplies and procured as many pumpkins as we could carry (both real and faux) and got to work. Halloween candy, of course, was the fuel for our creativity.

HGTV Staffers

The team at work during Pumpkin-palooza.

After hot-gluing, painting and pinning all afternoon, here’s some of our best work. There’s still time to try ‘em before October 31!

Spiderweb Pumpkins

Spider Webs:  Halloween and spider webs go together like milk and cookies — that’s why so many of us ended up with webbed pumpkins. Make a spider web pattern along the grooves of your pumpkin with glass beads, sequins or stick-on jewels, or make a bold statement on the front of your pumpkin with a nail head (or thumb tack) pattern.


When Anna heard that September marks the start of deer hunting season in many parts of the country, she thought it would be fun if I did a post on taxidermy-inspired decor. Why fun? Because I’m a proud vegetarian. As you would expect, I don’t display any hunting trophies in my home. (No tofu trophies either.) But after looking around my favorite blogs and sites, I’ve changed my mind. (Briana almost converted me two months ago.) I do want animal taxidermy on my walls. A rhinoceros head. Deer antlers. Maybe even a dinosaur head or two. Faux taxidermy, that is. I present to you two galleries of my favorite faux taxidermy finds — one for children and one for us adults — that are colorful, whimsical and creative. Even the most advanced hunters can’t say they have a unicorn, dinosaur or mustached moose head on their wall. And the best part of it all? You can make one yourself without leaving the comfort of your home.

For Kids:

Hunting-Season-2011-September-Faux-Taxidermy-Design-Blog-HGTV1. Plush Deer Head :: Etsy / PlanetFur 2. Taxidermy Pinata :: Skunkboy Creatures 3. Curly-Horned Antelamb :: Etsy / horribleadorables 4. Mr. Deer Moose-Stachio Trophy :: Etsy / aircreatures 5. Lady Elegant Teddy Bear :: Etsy / amyjoterry 6. Ester the Elephant :: Etsy / squackdoodle 7. Faux Rhino Head :: Etsy / PlanetFur 8. Snow White Buck :: Etsy / MisfitMenagerie

For Adults:

Hunting-Season-2011-September-Faux-Taxidermy-Design-Blog-HGTV1. Faux Taxidermy Crow :: Anna-Wili Highfield 2. Savannah Rhino Bust :: Anthropologie 3. Violet Flowers Deer Head :: Etsy / hclaire 4. Rhinestone Deer Head :: Etsy / BeJanked 5. Floral Taxidermy :: Pinterest 6. Cardboard Fish :: Cardboard Safari 7. Inflatable Dino Head :: Urban Outfitters 8. Domestic Trophy :: Rachel Denny 9. Embroidered Taxidermy :: Yellowtrace Blog

What faux creature would you add to your home decor? Would it be exotic? Extinct? Or an everyday, backyard friend? (Check out this cool deer head DIY on the Chronicle Books blog.)

Tell us in the comments below.

What cool dad didn’t have a moustache or beard back in the day? (Unless your dad was of the G-Men or Buddy Holly glasses era.) Some of the best (and most hilarious) pictures of my father involve bell-bottoms, retro, floral button-downs and a killer moustache to top it off. He said sayonara to his groovy ‘stache once I arrived into the world, and a scratchy, “Pat the Bunny“-type beard became his face’s newest addition. Once a thing of the past, moustaches and beards have made a triumphant and glorious return. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we have some moustache-proud handmade/craft gift ideas Dad will love. Whether he sports a Tom Selleck stache or something a little more like Salvador Dali, let him know he and his facial hair (past or current) are appreciated.

Father' Keep Calm Print; Antique Plaque; Cross-Stitch Cufflinks


(3 of 7 holiday home decor gift guides my fellow decorating editor, Chelsey, and I have put together according to design style)

The modern gift guide surely needs no introduction. It’s modern design, it’s for the modern home and it’s for the modernist in all of us. We promise not to tell if you “gift” some of these things to yourself.

Table Slice Trivet
Table Slice Trivet
Felt is so hot right now, and it’s a good thing it can take the heat. Gift these modern felt trivets and the modern cook will never be so eager to make you a meal.
Buy: MoMA Store, $45 each

Gold Small Plate Set
Gold Small Plate Set
Because even clean-lined modernists need some glitz in their home.
Buy: notNeutral, $50

Coaster Notz “Birds N’ Trees”
Save your recipient from ruining his or her modern table with these silicone coasters. You can also write on them with a ballpoint pen — perfect for drawing little mustaches on those birdies.
Buy: wishing fish, $20

Wine Knot

Wine Knot
A wine rack that’s not iron and isn’t an eyesore — worth every penny in modern kitchens! Holds seven bottles of wine (not included).
Buy: Vivi, $99

porcelain salt & pepper shakers
porcelain salt & pepper shakers
I remember learning NaCl in high school, but I’m not so sure about Pe + (Pe)r. Now I wish I’d paid more attention during chemistry!
Buy: calliope, $15

CAKE Candle Votives
CAKE Candle Votives
Ah, the ubiquitous candle gift. If you insist upon gifting a candle of some sort, go for these modern, bright votives instead of that nauseating gingerbread candle you bought for your mother-in-law last year.
Buy: Design Public,$25-27 for set of two

inline vases
These vases like each other so much that they’re connected at the hip. And they’d do well in your modern friend’s home; especially the modern friend who has trouble keeping her Christmas cactus alive.
Buy: cb2, $4.95-9.95

Velvet & Crystalline Decorative Pillows
Velvet & Crystalline Decorative Pillows
OK, not totally modern, I admit, but this gift didn’t fit into any of our gift guides and I just had to mention it. The shiny chandelier will help warm up any modern home, in a velvet chocolate brown that’s so very ’70s.
Buy: Grandin Road, $24

See all the 2007 gift guides for the home:

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Shop for more modern gifts at’s MarketPlace.

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