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Abbi is Programming Director of and a contributor to Design Happens. She shares her home with her chef husband - who loves to cook a meal using every pan in the kitchen - and two big black labs. When she's not posting to the HGTV Instagram account or writing happy hour blog posts, she's pinning decorating ideas that she aspires to one day actually accomplish.



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I’m taking a quick break from spooky Halloween cocktails (don’t worry, they will be back next week!) to share an amazing drink that I got to enjoy on my beach vacation this week. The Bushwacker is a beachside favorite due to its cool, chocolate-milkshake-like consistency that the sit-back-and-relax imbibers tend to embrace. Whether you are enjoying this frosty beverage on the coast or in your living room while dreaming about sandy beaches, it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Just be careful you don’t forget that this delicious concoction contains quite a bit of alcohol. They taste like they are simply sweet treats – make sure you don’t get bushwacked!


Bushwacker (from

1/2 ounce rum (Cruzan is the best, but use whatever brand you have)
1/2 ounce vodka (any brand)
1/2 ounce Baileys Irish Cream (or a similar off-brand name)
1/2 ounce Kahlua (or a coffee flavored off-brand name)
1/2 ounce amaretto liqueur (any brand)
1/2 ounce chococo chocolate-flavored liqueur
1/2 ounce Frangelico (I recommend it) (optional)
1/2 ounce creme de coconut (a MUST – “Coco Lopez” is best)
1 cup crushed ice (more or less to make the proper consistency)
3 dashes of grated nutmeg
1 tablespoon whipped cream
1 maraschino cherry

Put everything, except nutmeg, whipped cream and cherries in a blender and use enough ice that when blended will be the consistency of a milkshake. Blend, pour into glasses, and top with whipped cream, a cherry, and a couple of dashes of grated nutmeg.

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Who doesn’t love a slimy worm in their Halloween punch? This creepy drink was created for entertaining children, so the recipe doesn’t call for alcohol. But in a season ripe with tricks and treats, nothing says you can’t add a few splashes of your favorite liquor to turn this into an adults-only sip.

Cemetery Punch

Cemetery Punch

Want more spooky cocktails? From a zombie gut cocktail to a bloody brain shooter, keep your guests entertained with spirited Halloween cocktails and party drinks.

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Does it get more gory than this? Impress (or disgust) your guests by serving Bloody Brain Shooters at your Halloween party this year. Channel your inner mad scientist to create this creepy-looking shooter. Add chilled vodka and lime juice to a shot glass, then use a straw to drip Irish cream on top. The acidic lime juice will cause the cream to curdle, creating realistic blobs of “brain.”

Bloody Brain Shooter

Bloody Brain Shooter

If you want to display a bit more sophistication at your haunted gathering, try the fruity version of this cocktail which can be served in a champagne glass.

The Brain Cocktail

The Brain Cocktail

Want more spooky cocktails? From a zombie gut cocktail to a bloody brain shooter, keep your guests entertained with spirited Halloween cocktails and party drinks.

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Actresses Busy Philipps and Courteney Cox have announced that they are teaming up with The Art of Elysium and One Kings Lane to co-curate a vintage and market finds sale on the One Kings Lane website. The sale will feature vintage items that they are donating from their homes, as well as an assortment of one-of-a-kind pieces hand-selected by the interior design enthusiasts. The 72-hour celebrity curated sale launches this evening at 9pm/8c at and proceeds will be donated to The Art of Elysium.

Design Happens interviewed Busy Philipps and asked her about design, child-proofing and her One Kings Lane sale. Check out our chat below.

Busy Philipps

Actress Busy Philipps

DH: How would you describe your house? What’s your design style?

BP: It’s very eclectic. I personally don’t love when you walk into a home and you feel like it’s a page ripped out of a catalog. Some people feel very comfortable in those environments; that’s not how I choose to live. Our house is more like a collection of pieces and things. I have a sofa from Room and Board in my living room and we also have an antique wall unit with a desk. Years ago I bought Elizabeth Taylor’s dining room chairs from her Palm Springs Estate. There are things from Modern One gallery here in Los Angeles. We have really nice beautiful antiques mixed with newer pieces and we’re not married to one particular era or style. My favorite houses I’ve been in have been able to blend different styles seamlessly and that’s what we’ve tried to do in our home. And I think we’ve been pretty successful at it. What’s crazy about our house is that we are never finished. We are just those people who are continually like, ‘maybe we need a new couch for the TV room, we probably need to order a new bed, let’s re-wallpaper our bedroom.’ It never ends. We are never going to be done with our house. And I love it. I love doing it. It’s a never-ending project and I love it  – much like our marriage, much like raising a child.

DH: You have a 4-year-old daughter. Did having a child change everything in your house, design wise?

BP: You have to be careful, especially when you have antiques and really nice things. You just teach them very, very early on – one finger, it will break really fast, you don’t climb on this furniture. You can climb on the sofa but you don’t jump on the sofa. And then she has her spaces – her bedroom, our bedroom, her playroom and our TV room that are her areas where she can go nuts.

We had a little bit of a situation. We have this really cool wallpaper – and you know wallpaper ain’t cheap – in our playroom, and she stuck all of these Tinkerbell stickers on it when she was two. Then she tried to take them off and ripped a big chunk of the wallpaper down. She didn’t get in trouble, I wasn’t watching her, you know what I mean, and she’s a little kid. I just had to suck it up and at some point I’ll have to pay to get it fixed, but it is what it is and things are just things.

She’s four now and she’s like “remember when I did that Mama?”
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Halloween is just a few short weeks away. Now is the perfect time to start planning which libations you’ll serve on the spookiest day of the year. The Black Devil Martini has a sophisticated look that is perfect for an adults-only Halloween bash; the bright orange sugar on the rim finishes the drink with a kick of fun.

Black Devil Martini Recipe

Black Devil Martini Recipe

Want more spooky cocktails? From a zombie gut cocktail to a bloody brain shooter, keep your guests entertained with spirited Halloween cocktails and party drinks.

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The much anticipated act of tailgating doesn’t necessarily take place during traditional happy hour times, but is undeniable that the hours spent preparing to cheer on your favorite team are indeed some of the happiest of all. Tailgating isn’t for the faint of heart – you have to pick a location, plan menus, set up tents and most importantly of all, stock the bar. Cold beers (with your favorite teams koozie of course!) are great for later in the day, but you have to start things off right – with a Bloody Mary.

We’ve got the perfect recipe to get your day going.

Oyster Bar Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

Oyster Bar Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

It’s recommended that you prepare this drink the night before so check out the recipe for Oyster Bar Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe and head to the store.

Not a fan of Bloody Mary’s? This cold beer and whiskey punch is another perfect tailgating cocktail. Make sure you tell everyone the official name of this fun drink – it’s called a Hop, Skip and Go Naked!

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One of the best things about enjoying a drink over happy hour is giving yourself permission to not go all out with the libations. Sometimes, you don’t need a fancy glass, flavorful herbs or fresh squeezed juice – you just need a nice cold glass of whatever is in your kitchen. And that is the beauty of the Kalimotxo. That magnum bottle of red wine you were saving for a fancy dinner party? Get out the cork screw and tear into that bad boy. Now grab a can of your favorite soda and pour a mixture of the wine and cola over a big cup of ice. Your happy hour drink is served. Kalimotxo

Kalimotxo from

Serves 3 to 4

3 cups (24 ounces) red wine (preferably NOT expensive)
2 cups (16 ounces) cola cola
lots of ice

Pour ingredients into a pitcher and stir. Pour into individual glasses and serve.

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From Olympic athletes to CEOs and middle-schoolers to moms, people everywhere are jumping on the latest beauty trend – creative nail art designs. Gone are the days where a simple French manicure or a single flat color were enough to adorn your digits. They have been replaced with cool patterns, textures and finishes – many that pull their influences from the world of interior design. Check out some of the most popular Pinterest pins from The Beauty Department to see how the fingernails of the world could soon rival some of the most polished and put together room designs.

This popular design motif is perfect for either an accent wall in your home or for an accent finger on your hand. In both cases, a little bit of the pattern goes a long way.

Match Your Nails to Your House: Nail Art Design Ideas Herringbone

The Beauty Department Herringbone Nail Art

How to Build a Herringbone Privacy Screen

Herringbone Privacy Screen

More Nail Art Ideas

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HGTV is on Instagram! The editors will take readers behind the scenes of Dream Home, Green Home, and Urban Oasis photo shoots, invite them into the offices and bring them along on exciting adventures, from shopping at the Fall Market to hunting for the latest design trends. Check out a few of our favorite Instagram snapshots and follow us at @HGTV for fun updates.

HGTV Instagram Urban Oasis

HGTV's Urban Oasis Miami Photo Shoot


HGTV Instagram Design Stars

HGTV Design Star contestants


HGTV Instagram Urban Oasis

Enjoying the paddle boats during lunch hour at the HGTV office.

This week Design Happens editor Marianne Canada will be sharing photos from the New York International Gift Fair on @HGTV’s Instagram. Follow along to see the latest and greatest in the world of design.

Not sure what this whole Instagram thing is all about? Instagram is a picture sharing app that is currently available on iPhones and Android phones. Download and then open the app on your phone. Then click on the star-shaped icon next to the home icon to search for HGTV on Instagram. Tap on the HGTV profile in the search results and finally tap the Follow button on our profile page. All the Instagram pictures will now show up in your feed.

HGTV Instagram Urban OasisIf you still have questions about how to find us on Instagram, leave them in the comments section and we’ll do our best to help.

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