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Growing up, the first thrill and chill of Halloween was when my mother brought decorations down from the attic, and the first to go up was a set of glow-in-the-dark giant paper skeletons my brother and I would hang on our bedroom doors, their bony arms and legs posed however we liked. To get our Design Happens readers ready for October 31st, we’re giving away four Fridays of awesomely frightful Halloween decorations from Grandin Road.

Grandin Road - HGTV Freebie Fridays

This week’s prize is their Animated Halloween Haunted Magic Mirror. It looks like an elegant mirror from a haunted castle, even more so when you step in front of it…

mirror with ghoul halloween freebie fridays giveway hgtv

…that’s when a ghoulish apparition appears! This ghastly reaper moves and talks, begging to be let our of his reflective lair.

Grandin Road wants one lucky Design Happens winner to take home this Halloween mirror. To be entered for a chance to win this super cool and creepy Halloween decoration, simply leave us a comment in the field below before 12/11c Monday, August 26.

This week’s question: When you pull out your Halloween decorations, what goes up first?

Click for official rules.

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You all offered so many wonderful definitions of an heirloom in response to our September 16 giveaway. This is one of my favorites: “It is a physical reminder of love given and received.”

Decorated Venetian Chest - Modern HIstory - HGTV design blog freebie friday

Our lucky winner, Jenn Williams, will soon receive this gorgeous Decorated Venetian Chest from Modern History. It’s sure to become a well-loved and cherished piece in her home and for future generations.

As always, our Freebie Fridays winner has two weeks to reply to our message before we select a different random winner.

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You know that sound you just heard? That’s the same sound I heard when I first laid eyes on this week’s Freebie Friday. My jaw hitting the ground. (I’m trying not to drool on my keyboard as I craft this post.)

Some of us are blessed to inherit a family heirloom passed down through generations. Others of us may have the opportunity to gift a loved one a newly made unique piece of handcrafted or couture-quality furniture that is an instant heirloom. Modern History furniture offers exquisitely designed modern antiques that are works of art and are guaranteed to become treasured additions to any family’s decor.

Decorated Venetian Chest - Modern HIstory - HGTV design blog freebie friday

This week, one lucky winner will receive Modern History’s Decorated Venetian Chest. For a chance to win this stunning piece, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, September 19.

This week’s question: Forget what the dictionary says, how do you define an heirloom piece of furniture or decor? What are its essential qualities?

Click for official rules.

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Milk the clock. Offside. Scrimmage. Tight end. Hut hut. Wing back. From these gridiron phrases, hut hut was the key clue to yesterday’s “What the….?”. Some of others were meant to throw you off. But it’s obvious by your responses that y’all are much more clever than my attempt at hints.

Me: Hut hut. I thought the Hut-Hut rocking stool got its name because it looks a bit like a football. And hut hut is what a quarterback says to the punter. It’s also what you say, instead of  “giddy-up”, if you’re riding a camel. The camel being the actual inspiration point for this piece of furniture.

Here’s a string of your answers noted by quotes: Don’t worry about falling “off the sides” when you sit your “tight end” on this “wingless” and “backless” rocking horse-inspired “funky new chair” that could probably also work as an “ottoman”. While it’s not specifically used as an “exercise stool to achieve a tight end”, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And the Hut-Hut is too beautiful to ever end up in a yard sale like one of those abs exercisers.

I’d say, next time I’ll do better with my clues, but I love the answers y’all came up with! Everyone’s a winner this week!


The Hut-Hut rocking stool by Kalon Studios comes in kids and adult sizes. Go with bamboo, walnut, cherry, cork or maple for a unique seating option for a living room or home office. The colorful resin versions are perfect for kids who can’t sit still. Made in the USA by local craftsmen, Kalon is committed to nurturing woodworking traditions and creating heirloom quality products made with earth-friendly materials and finishes.

Does the Hut-Hut appeal to your adult design sensibilities or your inner child? Does it remind you more of a football than a camel?

Tell us in the comments below.

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Milk the clock. Offside. Scrimmage. Tight end. Hut hut. Wing back. One of these gridiron phrases is a clue to this week’s mystery object.
HGTV Design Blog - design game - What the...?
Be a star player. Leave your guess in the comments below. We’ll let you know tomorrow who scored first with the right answer.

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In our September 9th giveaway, we wanted to find out why you like to incorporate a beautiful table lamp, like these three lovelies from The Southern Home, in the design of your interiors. Answers like “a soft glow” ranked high, as did an appreciation for the artistic form of a lamp as decor.

HGTV design blog - Table Lamp from The Southern Home - Freebie Fridays

(left to right) Botanical Garden :: Marianna :: Babcock

Our lucky winner this week is Pam who said she loves to ride past houses that exude a welcoming feeling thanks to “a lamp on in the foyer.” Pam gets to pick one of these three designs for her home. Her favorite, the Babcock table lamp, is sure to create that same warm greeting.

Congratulations, Pam!

As always, our winner has two weeks to reply to our message before we select a different random winner.

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I learned from an early age about the decorative power of a beautiful table lamp. Growing up in Atlanta, I visited many a home with a gorgeously appointed sitting room or parlor that exuded that quintessential Southern charm. My friend’s moms were lovely hostesses who always produced a glass filled with sweet tea or ice-cold Coca-Cola within minutes of a guest’s arrival. Conversation flowed effortlessly in these intimate spaces beautifully lit by a perfect set of table lamps. (I can practically feel my Southern accent coming back just remembering those times.) Listen y’all, we all know good lighting can make or break a room. And that a table lamp is one of the easiest ways to update the look of a space. Well, we’ve partnered with The Southern Home, a company that specializes in elegant home furnishings filled with Southern charm, to bring you that perfect burst of brightness and beauty for a room in your home.

HGTV design blog - Table Lamp from The Southern Home - Freebie Fridays(left to right) Botanical Garden :: Marianna :: Babcock

One Design Happens reader will get to choose a table lamp from the three lovelies pictured here: Botanical Garden, Marianna or Babcock. To enter for a chance to win, simply leave us a comment in the field below before 12/11c Monday, September 12.

This week’s question: Why do you love a beautiful table lamp? Are you all about mood lighting? Without the right table lamp, would you be at a loss for a favorite place to read a good book? Do you have a soft spot for lamps with curvaceous shades and intricate design details?

Click for official rules.

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HGTV design blog - What the...? - Coat Rack
Melissa, you are the champ! While they look like punching bags for toddlers, they actually serve as a playful way to hang a coat or “scarves, belts and ties.” Eno Studio designer Donata Paruccini‘s Clothes/Coat Hanger is perfect for a bachelor pad or kids’ playroom. I think the all-white set would look cool in feature blogger Erin Loechner’s master bathroom. What do you think?
Tell us in the comments below.
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Raging Bull. Rocky. The Set-Up. The Fighter. I have a soft spot for hard-hitting boxing movies. While that’s the reason why this design caught my eye, its use has NOTHING to do with the controversial combat sport.

HGTV design blog - design quiz - what the...?

Let’s see who has killer instinct in the design ring. Take a stab at this week’s mystery object in the comments below. And check back tomorrow to see who threw a knockout punch with their answer.

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