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In our September 2nd giveaway, we wanted to know how you would incorporate an indoor/outdoor ceramic garden stool like the Vine Design from Outer Banks Trading Group in your home decor. Based on your comments, these gems are so appealing and versatile, there would be little chance for it to collect dust.

Freebie Fridays

Our lucky winner this week is Colleen, who gets her pick of one of the five colors pictured above. Colleen said, “I would place it on our deck for drinks, but once the snow flies, I would bring it in the house as an accent table either in the living room or master bedroom!” Cheers to you, Colleen!

As always, our winner has two weeks to reply to our message before we select a different random winner.

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Through the process of researching our September Color of the Month and compiling inspiring interiors and decor in this shade, I came across some pretty interesting online debates that verged on hostile. Apparently, defining this color can stir up some heat. Surprising for such a peaceful color. (You’d think we’d picked fire engine red.) Is it possible that a greater internal struggle surfaces not when asking “To be or not to be” but rather…


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One of the coolest aspects of working at is the sharing of design finds. Some of them awe-inspiring. Some of them mysterious. Imagine my delight when the ever clever Briana Mowrey, who regularly tantalizes us with her Daily Delight finds, forwarded me info on the Donut Scentilizer for a future “What the…?” post. She thought it would be a tough one.

Serene House - Donut Scentilizer - HGTV design blog

And a tough mystery object this device proved to be. Kudos goes to Mary for her awesome guess and cheers to Laura for getting it 99.9% right! This product by Serene House is designed to “release a fragrant water vapor that helps reduce the dryness of indoor air” and provide aromatherapy. It has a built-in music player and features a soothing LED light display.

Makes my rain and waterfall sound spa from the ’90s seem very unsatisfying. What do you think of the Donut Scentilizer? Wouldn’t it be great if it did facials, too?

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Remember those Calgon commercials from the ’70s and ’80s with their promises of a “luxurious world” to help you escape from the stresses of everyday life? Well, this week’s object won’t draw you a bubble bath, but it will help your skin stay soft. Sold in black or white, it performs four — that’s right — four pleasing functions when inserted into its base and attached to your iPod, CD player or computer. (Talk about a hint; that gives away one of the four.)

design quiz game - HGTV design blog - What the...?

Tell us what four things this object is designed to do in the comments below. I’m looking for all four. (And if you have no clue, tell us what four things you wish it would do!) Check back tomorrow for the answer.

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It’s Caitlin for the win! Like a teapot, a handle and a spout are expected in the design of a watering can. However, this one sports a cylinder body and a flexible hose. I’m assuming that’s why a few of you guessed a hookah pipe. Like Sue and ‘tokenblogger’, I first thought fire extinguisher or tire pump. Watch out for Lori, she guessed a gas tank siphon.

Watering Can - Born in Sweden - HGTV Design Blog

This stylish and minimal indoor watering can, by Born in Sweden‘s co-founder and designer Pascal Charmolu, comes with a built-in magnet so the hose can attach to the can’s body when not in use. Pascal’s outdoor watering can is pretty nifty, too.

I’ve found that watering cans are something people develop great affection for. After all, they hopefully help us keep our beloved plants alive. My favorite of the three in our household is an antique French watering can that leaks, but I don’t care. What about you? Do you have a cherished watering can?

Tell us in the comments below.

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While there’s no nod to the ’80s in the design of this object, it’s totally tubular, man. Well, wait, I’m sure many of us wore neon orange outfits in the ’80s. But bright orange isn’t the only color this comes in.

HGTV design blog - design guessing game

What the … is it? Leave your guess in the comments below. And check back tomorrow for the reveal.

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Tonja Morris couldn’t be more right with her guess. The foodpod by fushionbrands is a “boil/blanch/steam/drain silicone pod.” Although, I have to say, Marianne’s suggestion that it’s a “a crazy salad spinner that you swing over your head like a lasso” is a very entertaining mental image. I’m sure that would get kids to eat their vegetables.
HGTV design blog - foodpod by fushionbrands
Boiling eggs and steaming vegetables is a regular activity in our kitchen, so I’m excited to learn that the foodpod is dishwasher safe and made of FDA/EU food-safe silicone and BPA-free nylon. With this nifty contraption, I’m confident I’ll no longer drop a hot egg or burn myself extracting broccoli from a pot.

Does this design look appealing and helpful to you? Ready to boil some red potatoes or steam some mussels?

Tell us in the comments below.

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When I first spotted this object, it’s shape reminded me of a horseshoe crab. And while those ancient sea creatures are the last thing you’d want in your home, this contraption is designed to be used in a room you would want to be clean and free of germs.
HGTV design blog - what the...? guessing game
Here’s another clue. It just might make you healthier. What do you think it is?

Tell us in the comments below. Tomorrow we’ll reveal the answer and who guessed it right first.

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Jeanine Hays - Aphrochic As if she wasn’t already incredibly busy, our feature blogger Jeanine Hays of Aphrochic co-designed a spread in the latest issue of Matchbook Magazine (A Rooftop Soiree on page 80)…AND is leaving for Paris in a few weeks to present her line at the Maison & Objet trade show. But the really big news is Jeanine just signed her first book deal! APHROCHIC: MODERN.SOULFUL.STYLE will be published by Clarkson Potter in fall of 2013. Soon after Jeanine returns from France, she’ll be zipping across the country, photographing homes that reflect the intersection of modern and global design. (And hopefully sharing some behind-the-scenes blog posts on Design Happens about what goes into publishing a design book.)
Congratulations Jeanine!

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