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Where you live influences your home’s design style. If you live in the Southwest, you most likely live in a stone or adobe-style home. If you live in a small town in the Southeast, you may live in a cottage- or colonial-style home. We want to know — would you prefer to live in a Craftsman-style home with plenty of windows and multiple roof lines, or do you like the sleeker look of a midcentury modern-style home?

Vote in our poll below, then tell us which design you chose and why in the comments section below.

Craftsman Vs. Midcentury Modern

Check back next week to see the final tally.

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Last week we asked if you prefer an infinity pool or one with a fun addition like a water slide. The votes are in, and dreamy infinity-edge swimming pools won by 60 percent. Aside from its aesthetically appealing look, find out what else makes them a great addition to your backyard.

Infinity Pool

Design by Madelyn Simon

Seamless Look

If you have a large backyard with a view, an infinity pool is a must have. The edge seems as though it flows right into the horizon and takes advantage of the surrounding landscape. Who wouldn’t want to feel as if they’re swimming to the edge of the Earth?

Inifinity Pool With View

Design by Rise Krag

Easy Exercise

If you need a little motivation to get some exercise, an infinity pool may do the trick. The constant flow of water and long rectangular shape make infinity pools the most aesthetically-pleasing and fun lap pools.

Infinity Lap Pool

Photo by Paradise Photography

Modern Fireplace Feature

Adding features to an infinity pool can enhance its use. Here, a modern fireplace sits at the bottom of the pool’s waterfall for a relaxing place to sit after a nice, long swim.

Modern Outdoor Fireplace

Design by Joseph M. Vassallo

What is your favorite aspect of an infinity pool? Tell us in the comments below.

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You may or may not have gotten your dad a gift for Father’s Day yet. I hate to break it to you, but Father’s Day is this Sunday. If you can’t think of anything to top last year’s surprise camping trip or that amazing tech gadget, then surprise him with homemade food for every single meal of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert — keeping Dad’s belly full with delicious food is the best gift of all. You can prep our easy recipe suggestions below ahead of time, so you can still spend time with the dad(s) in your life on his special day.

Father's Day Breakfast Recipe

This Tex-Mex cowboy skillet recipe is a fiery way to start Dad’s day off right. Serve it alongside fruit, coffee and bread, and get the kids to surprise him with breakfast in bed. Get the full recipe >>

Father's Day Lunch Recipe

Since you have so many other meals planned for the rest of the day, giving Dad a lighter lunch option is the way to go. Even though this Greek chicken pita is healthy, it’s packed with lots of flavor and nutrition. Get the full recipe >>

Father's Day Snack Recipe

If you choose only one of these recipes to make for Dad, it should be the pub pretzel and beer cheese dip (smoked gouda and cheddar to be exact). Trust me on this one. Get the full recipe >>

Father's Day Dinner Recipe

The Creole-inspired sauce in this chicken and sausage pasta dish adds hard-to-resist spicy flavor and will have Dad coming back for seconds. Get the full recipe >>

Father's Day Dessert Recipe

This dessert looks like bacon and tastes like it, too! The shortbread recipe gets its bacon flavor from applewood smoked salt. You can chill the dough overnight, and bake it fresh on Father’s Day. Get the full recipe >>

Try our other delicious recipes and cocktails that Dad is sure to love.

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With so many options, it’s difficult to choose where to splurge when choosing features for your dream swimming pool. Do you opt for an infinity pool with an attached spa, or do you choose a fun feature like a waterslide? We want to know — would you break the bank for an infinity-edge pool that overlooks the ocean, or would you build a slide that takes summer swimming to the next level?

Vote in our poll below, and tell us which design you chose and why in the comments section below.

HGTV Poll: Pick Your Favorite Swimming Pool

Check back next week to see the final tally.

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Last week, we asked if you preferred a sleek, contemporary patio or a Southwestern-style one. All the votes are in, and contemporary won with 66 percent of the votes. Follow our tips below to recreate this coveted look in your home.

Contemporary Patio

Photo by Studio 6 Architects

Clean, Sleek Lines

One of the most distinct characteristics of contemporary style is sleek furniture. Choose materials with clean lines, and keep things mostly neutral for a seamless look.

Neutral, Contemporary Patio

Photo by Room and Board

A Splash of Color and Pattern

To keep the space from feeling too monotonous, add pops of color through small accent pieces like outdoor pillows. Get playful with different patterns and colors, and easily change the look seasonally to keep on trend.

Colorful Outdoor Pillows

Design by Meg Caswell

Eco-Friendly Materials

Contemporary style means using innovative materials that are sustainable and stylish. This patio uses a combination of concrete and bamboo, for a chic look that’s also environmentally friendly.

Concrete and Bamboo Accents

Photo by Jackson Design and Remodeling

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan home works well for a household that loves an abundance of natural light and for hosting large gatherings. Translate this idea to your outdoor area. If you have a large space, set up minimal furniture to designate living areas without closing off the space.

Poolside Patio

Photo by Pool Environments

How do you bring contemporary design into your home? Tell us in the comments below.

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Summer started early here at HGTV Headquarters, so we’ve been spending ample time outdoors. With so many options out there, you can really make your outdoor space one of a kind. This week we’d like to know: Do you prefer a sleek, contemporary patio with minimal decor, or do you gravitate towards an outdoor space filled with natural elements and textures?

Vote in our poll below, then tell us which design you chose and why.

HGTV Poll: Which Patio?

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Our team of editors have traveled the country to find the best designers, architects, landscape designers and stylists to create the HGTV Photo Library to give you lots of ideas for your own home. As part of our new Master Class Series, we want you to get to know some of the designers behind these jaw-dropping designs. First up: Stephanie Bradshaw. It’s hard for me to sum up Stephanie’s title into one or two words. She does it all — she’s an interior designer, event stylist, wedding planner, creative director and one of the founders of the Baltimore Fashion Alliance. Let’s just say, she’s a busy woman! We just had to know how she does it. Keep reading for our exclusive interview with Stephanie:

Stephanie Bradshaw Interview

Design Happens: How did you get started as a wedding planner and event stylist?

Stephanie Bradshaw: Many years ago, I worked in business development for a large party rental company here on the East Coast. I designed parties, large and small, for years and started entering tabletop competitions to get our business name out in the community. I won a few of them and folks started to take notice in my design eye and attention to detail.

DH: How do you make sure to create a one-of-a-kind event for each client?

SB: I consider so many different perspectives when planning an event, whether it’s the bride and groom, their families, guests, etc. I also then ask myself what type of experience we want to create for the guests, and how will all the details help get us to that place. I also always consider all five senses when designing any party and how we can engage them all in the experience.

DH: What is the most challenging and most rewarding when planning an event?

SB: I think for weddings, the most challenging component are family dynamics and trying to meet the expectations of the Pinterest-inspired bride. Having real-time conversations about budget and expectations are the key to a successful and rewarding experience for all parties.

DH: What was the most memorable or successful event you’ve planned, and what made it that way?

SB: This is such a difficult question. I think with every event there are successes as well as things that could have been tweaked just a bit to be better. There is almost always a moment at each event where I am able — for just a minute — to stand back and take a breath, looking at the space and the guests ‘living’ in it and to be proud that my team and I were able to create such a beautiful environment for such special and memorable life moments.

Wedding Tablescape Design by Stephanie Bradshaw

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Bradshaw

DH: You have a broad range of services, from event planning to interior design. Which is your favorite?

SB: I get asked this question all the time, and what I think I really like is business. I like helping my team learn and grow and become better problem solvers. I like that my days are completely different from one to the next, and yet it is still under this gorgeous design umbrella of events, interiors and creative/graphic services.

DH: You are all about the details. What details or items are must-haves for weddings, photo shoots, interiors, etc. 

SB: For both events and interiors, I think starting with a color palette and a general theme is a great place to start. We create vibe boards for all of our design projects here and they really help us get the process started. All of the wedding details, from the floor plan to the invite to the table linen and the creative styling, is done with those things in mind. The same holds true with interiors. Floor plans, fabric selections and styling details are all a result of our initial vibe and the experience we want to create in those spaces. We talk a good deal about how we want a guest and/or homeowner to feel, and we try to move forward with that in mind as well.

Design by Stephanie Bradshaw

DH: How did auditioning on HGTV’s Design Star help you grow as a designer. What did you learn from it?

SB: It was an interesting process for sure. I made it to the semi-finals and that in and of itself is something to be proud of. I think I learned to keep going and follow what my gut was telling me, which was to keep designing and doing what I love even after I wasn’t selected for the show.

DH: You helped start the Baltimore Fashion Alliance. How do you think fashion and design influence each other?

SB: I think fashion has a huge impact on the design world in general. If you watch the runways, you will see trends that then filter down into the events we plan and the interiors we design and live in every day.

Living Room Design by Stephanie Bradshaw

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Bradshaw

DH: Back to events! Do you have any advice for our readers who are planning a wedding? 

SB: My tips for planning a wedding would be to hire some help! So many brides go into the experience thinking they can happily manage their jobs, family and planning a wedding all at one time. We spend all day, every day, planning these events full time, so it is definitely good to have help both physically and emotionally. Interview a few folks, and select the team that you feel best suits your needs and the vibe you want to create. Remember this person or their team will be representing you throughout the process, so select someone you think will do that in the best light possible. The same holds true for selecting an interior designer. Find someone that has a good handle on your vibe, but also someone that will challenge you to take a few risks!

Wedding Centerpiece Design by Stephanie Bradshaw

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Bradshaw

See more of Stephanie’s designs on her HGTV portfolio >>

What event planning and design details do you struggle with? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Last week, we asked if you preferred a bold front door that makes a statement from the street, or if you liked a timeless, neutral entrance into your home. This was a close one, but bold and colorful won with 52 percent of the votes.

Blue Front Door

Design by Whitten Dunn Architects

HGTV fan The Kentucky Gent loved both doors, “but bold doors have been stealing my heart as of late. Thanks to my neighbor’s yellow door that I want to steal.” If you’d like to steal the look too, keep reading for tips on how to transform your front entryway into the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Bring on the Color

Aside from drawing the eye toward the door, color can bring energy to the outside of your home. Choose a door color that complements your home’s siding. Here, the cherry wood door creates a beautiful contrast against the soft, blue siding of this Craftsman-style home.

Red Front Door

Photo courtesy of Clopay

Make It Symmetrical

It’s no secret that symmetry is visually appealing. Lanterns and potted plants frame this front door, which increases the curb appeal of the home without breaking the bank.

Symmetrical Entryway

Photo courtesy of Anderson Windows

Have Fun With It

The front entrance of your home is your chance to show your personality and style. The metal-punched pendant light at the front entryway of this Southwestern-style home adds a soothing yet playful ambient light before guests walk inside.

Metal Pendant Light

Design by Classic New Mexico Homes

Make It Inviting

If you aren’t sold on painting your door a bright hue, you can add color and patterns through smaller (less permanent) pieces like outdoor pillows. Place a few chairs and a bistro table next to your front door, and decorate with colorful fabrics, plants and tableware so your guests feel welcome.

HGTV Smart Home 2013

Photo from HGTV Smart Home 2013

What are your favorite front porch decorating tips? Tell us in the comments below.

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The front door is often forgotten when it comes to redecorating, but an exterior entrance is just as important as the rest of the home. It’s essential to set the right tone before your guests walk inside your home, so we’d like to know: Do you prefer a bold, statement-making front door, or are you all about a classic, neutral entrance? Vote in our poll below, then tell us which design you chose and why.

Pick Your Favorite Front Door

Check back next week to see the final tally.

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Last week, we asked if you preferred a private outdoor dining experience, like designer Jamie Durie’s lush and secluded spot, or an open and expansive dining room, like designer Sarah Richardson‘s cottage-style patio with a view. Sarah’s coastal outdoor space won with a 72 percent of the votes!

Sarah Richardson's Summer House Patio

Design by Sarah Richardson

HGTV fan kjg loves Sarah’s design because “it is light, airy and seems so comfortable. I think it does a great job of highlighting the view!” We couldn’t agree more, kjg! Follow our tips below to get the same inspired look on your outdoor space.


If you have a lush backyard or a great view, take a cue from Sarah. She surrounded her outdoor dining area with wide-open, floor-to-ceiling windows so guests can bask in the glorious view.

Patio With a View

Design by Preston Lee


After eating, it’s time to relax. Provide additional seating near the dining area, so guests can continue conversation in a more comfortable setting. A collection of outdoor pillows is a budget-friendly way to change the look seasonally.

Red and White Outdoor Dining Room

Design by Katharine Webster


White furnishings instantly open up any space, so it’s a good option if you have a small outdoor space. This light color doesn’t last too long against the elements, so choose materials that are easy to clean.

Outdoor Table Setting

Design by Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper

How do you add comfort and style to your outdoor space? Tell us in the comments below.

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It’s finally warm outside, so it’s time to spruce up your outdoor space for guests. Whether you’re entertaining for a large, formal party or gathering a few friends for a low-key barbecue, there’s nothing like dining al fresco. So, we’d like to know — do you prefer a private dining experience like HGTV host Jamie Durie created with this vertical garden wall, or one with expansive views like the one in Sarah Richardson’s summer house? Vote in our poll below, then tell us which design you chose and why.

Room Vs. Room: Pick Your Favorite Outdoor Room

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If you’re as lucky as me, you grew up with a mom that loved to cook and bake. Every night, we had dinner made from scratch and made with love. When Mother’s Day rolls around every year, I know I can’t go wrong with a gift she can use and enjoy in her beloved kitchen. See my favorite items that I think any mom-turned-gourmet-chef would love to receive.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Cook1. Anthropologie / 2. Williams-Sonoma / 3. Yellow Owl Workshop / 4. BHLDN / 5. Miette / 6. Gourmet Blends

1. Butterfly Field Apron. Does your mom host a lot of parties? She can look stylish while prepping meals in front of her guests with this floral-print apron. The combination of modern and vintage style will help Mom look good even though she may be making a mess.

2. Monogram Cutting Board. If the mom in your life loves to grill, then look no further. This monogram cutting board is two gifts in one — a birch wood board and an iron brand with your mom’s initials. Surprise her by initialing the cutting board before giving it to her, then give the iron initials so she can brand all her future grilling meals.

3. Personalized Stamp Kit. This stamp kit is a great gift for the mom who often times gifts her edible creations. The personalized stamp will let all her gift recipients know their treat was made with love from her very own kitchen.

4. Gold-Dipped Ceramic Cake Serving Set. Although this serving set looks like something to save for a special occasion, Moms who have finer taste will want to bring these beauties out any day.

5. Miette Pastry Cookbook. If you’re familiar with San Francisco, you may know the infamous Miette pastry shop. No matter where Mom lives, she can mimic the shop’s recipes in her kitchen with the Miette pastry cookbook. Bonus: Maybe Mom will let you be her taste tester.

6. Blood Orange-Infused Olive Oil. If your mom is ready to try something new in the kitchen, give her something she hasn’t tried yet, like specialty olive oils. To accompany the oils, look up recipes online that specifically call for these infusions and print them out on pretty card stock.

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Last week, we asked if you preferred warm bamboo or sleek concrete flooring. Bamboo won by a landslide with 77 percent of the votes.

Warm Bamboo Flooring

Photo by USFloors

Most of you agree that wood flooring adds an inviting look to a home. “I like the warmth of bamboo; concrete just seems cold,” HGTV fan Leona said. We’re here to share the pros and cons of bamboo to see if it’s the right fit for your home.


Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Design by Catherine Nakahara

Bamboo grows quickly, making it one of the most renewable wood materials on earth. It’s great as flooring, but isn’t suitable for moisture-prone rooms, such as a kitchen or bathroom. To get the look in one of these rooms, implement bamboo in cabinets and countertops.


Durable Bamboo Flooring

Photo by USFloors

Bamboo is known as a hardwood, although it’s technically a grass. Bamboo strands are glued together to form solid strips, just like hardwood, and are comparable in price to other wood products. Even though it’s considered a sustainable material, most bamboo is imported from Asia. The energy it takes to transport it to the U.S. is definitely a factor to consider.


Bamboo Accent Wall

Design by DKOR Interiors

Bamboo works with practically any style home and comes in a variety of grain patterns, including flat, vertical and woven. It not only makes a gorgeous flooring option, but it’s aesthetically-pleasing as an accent wall, too.

What do you think? Do you still stick by your pick of bamboo? Concrete voters — have we swayed you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Looking to replace your tired or outdated floors? Just like color and pattern, there are trends in the flooring world, too. This week we want to know: what type of flooring do you prefer — durable, eco-friendly bamboo or the sleek, modern feel of concrete? Vote in our poll below, then tell us which design you chose and why in the comments.

Vote for Your Favorite Flooring

Check back next week to see the final tally.

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Last week, we asked if you preferred a traditional or Mediterranean sunroom. This traditional room was the clear winner, with 77 percent of the votes.

Traditional Sunroom With Classic Color Combo

Edward Addeo © Gibbs Smith, Farrow and Ball, Brian D Coleman, Edward Addeo

Most of you agreed the furniture and classic colors felt more like a sunroom should. “The traditional room has a peaceful feeling. When I’m in a sunroom I want to relax,” HGTV fan Nancy said. To get a similar look in your home, follow our tips below.

Classic Color Combo

Traditional Sunroom With Floral Chairs and Striped Drapery

Traditional rooms often feature neutral color palettes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The key: Go with classic color palettes. Combine navys and reds or peach and green tones in damask and floral patterns. Pair the fabric with rich wood or plain white furniture to complete the classic look.

Warm Flooring

Traditional Sunroom With Rug

Traditional style is all about comfort. If your sunroom has concrete or tile flooring, warm it up with a large area rug.

Natural Light

Traditional Room With French Doors

Design by Elinor Jones

Traditional style reflects that of French countryside. Glass or French doors will add a traditional touch, along with plenty of natural light.

Timeless Pieces

Symmetrical Living Room

Design by Julie Dodson

Accessorize with intricate furnishings that stand the test of time. Oil paintings, ornate pieces, fringe accents and symmetry are key in accomplishing a traditional look.

Browse through our favorite traditional spaces>>

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One of my favorite things about blogging for HGTV is reading our fans’ design tips and preferences. Since we love hearing from our fans (you!), we’re starting a new series called Room Vs. Room. Twice a month, we’ll feature a poll where you can choose which design you love best. Then, we’ll give tips and tricks on recreating the winning design’s look in your own home.

We’re kicking the series off with sunrooms. Do you prefer a more traditional route with comfortable furnishings and classic colors, or would you rather take a more vibrant approach with a global design like Mediterranean? Vote in our poll, then tell us in the comments which design you chose and why.

Room vs. Room: Sunrooms

Come back next week to see the final tally!

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You guessed correctly if you chose option B. Design Star Meg Caswell  transformed this enclosed patio into a bonafide backyard complete with astroturf, potted plants and topiaries. A tropical outdoor bar cozies up to the grill, while seating comes in many shapes and sizes: woven floor cushions, a hammock or an extra-long outdoor sectional.

Outdoor Patio With Astroturf

We randomly chose one person from the comments, and Jacob D. is the winner of a $100 gift card from Zazzle.com. Congrats!

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Congratulations to the giveaway winner, Jennifer H.!

Believe it or not, Easter is the second highest candy-consuming holiday in America — right behind Halloween, of course. It’s no wonder, with several popular candy brands featuring Easter editions every year. Who wouldn’t love egg-shaped chocolates covered in pastel-colored candy coating? If you aren’t quite sure which candy to fill your kids’ (or your own) baskets with this year, we’ve listed our favorites you can buy — or if you’re feeling ambitious — DIY!

DIY: Chocolate Coconut Candy

These white- and dark-chocolate covered coconut balls have a delicious filling made with real raspberries. Place them in your kid’s Easter basket, or wrap them in cellophane for guests to enjoy after Easter brunch.

Chocolate Coconut Candy

Get the Recipe>>


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Congratulations to this week’s winner, Jacob D.!

Can you guess what seating belongs in this outdoor room?

Decorate This Space

Type A, B or C in the comments section, and we’ll reveal the answer tomorrow. One lucky winner will win a $100 gift card from Zazzle.com. You don’t have to guess correctly for a chance to win.

Choose A, B or C

You may only comment once to be considered, and you don’t have to purchase anything to win; a purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Odds depend on total number of entries. Void where prohibited by law. Only open to legal residents of 50 U.S., D.C. or Puerto Rico, and you must be at least 18 years of age to win. All entries (comments) must be entered between 10:00 a.m. ET on April 1, 2015 and 12:00 p.m. ET on April 2, 2015. Subject to full official rules. By leaving a comment on the blog, you acknowledge your acceptance to the Official Rules. ARV of prize: $100. Sponsor: Scripps Networks, LLC, d/b/a HGTV, 9721 Sherrill Boulevard, Knoxville, TN 37932.

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Congratulations to the giveaway winner, Stephanie G!

Welcome to Spring Essentials, a Design Happens mini-series where we’ll highlight our favorite products to help you get your home ready for spring. The third installment: Spring organization products that will make the most of your home’s storage space. See our product picks, then enter for a chance to win some supplies to organize your home.

We’ve shared our favorite cleaning products with you, so now it’s time to get organized. I absolutely do not like organizing, which is a little embarrassing for me to admit. I can never quite get a good grasp on how to be organized or what products to use to maximize storage and functionality. I corralled my most organized friends to help me come up with a list of products they can’t live without and that make organizing a fun less daunting task.

Fun Organizing Products

1. Mark Brothers Cable Labels: Identify your cords in the cutest, quirkiest way with these little clip-on guys. Each clip-on comes with a label sticker, so you won’t be left guessing which cord belongs to what electronic. ($14.00)

2. Jonathan Adler Collapsible BinsStore your clutter in style with these boldly-patterned storage bins by Jonathan Adler. The designs will transform your shelves into a statement piece, and you can collapse them when not in use. ($20)

3. Fox Paper Clip Holder: Made of solid mahogany wood, this adorable creature is a fun addition to your home office desk. Its magnetic body keeps paper clips easily accessible in one area, so you don’t take up an entire drawer. ($19.95)

4. Grocery Bag Dispenser: I’ll admit, I keep my grocery bags in a narrow cabinet in my kitchen. A grocery bag dispenser would be much more practical since it fits nicely in a pantry or storage closet, and only requires tape or screws to mount on the wall. It’s easy to use and saves storage space, not to mention, its sleek design works with any style home. ($10)

5. Rakku Shoe Wheel: It may not look like it, but this wheel can store up to 30 pairs of shoes without taking up too much precious floor space. I imagine myself spinning the wheel every morning, and picking a random pair of shoes to plan my outfit around. That’s one fun way to start the day! ($71)

6. Hair Accessories Organizer: By the time I get ready in the mornings, it looks like a tornado ripped through my bathroom. I need several hair products to tame my unruly waves, so this all-in-one hair accessories organizer would be perfect for those in the same boat. It even comes with an outlet, so you can directly plug-in your hot tools.

Are you ready to get organized? We’re offering one winner HGTV office supplies (includes notebooks, pens and push pins) to help organize your home office. 

To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment below. This giveaway’s question: What’s your favorite go-to product or tip that helps you stay organized?

You may only comment once to be considered, and you don’t have to purchase anything to win; a purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Odds depend on total number of entries. Void where prohibited by law. Only open to legal residents of 50 U.S., D.C. or Puerto Rico, and you must be at least 18 years of age to win. All entries (comments) must be entered between 10:00 a.m. ET on March 30, 2015 and 12:00 p.m. ET on March 31, 2015. Subject to full official rules. By leaving a comment on the blog, you acknowledge your acceptance to the Official Rules. ARV of prizes: $30. Sponsor: Scripps Networks, LLC, d/b/a HGTV, 9721 Sherrill Boulevard, Knoxville, TN 37932.

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