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Have you ever had a wish that actually came true? I believe in the law of attraction and all that mumbo jumbo, so this shouldn’t be such a surprise to me, but –IT IS!

As a television producer, I’m used to producing other peoples’ dreams (or nightmares –if we go all the way back to my dating or talk show days), this time it’s as much about ME as it is about the people in the show!

Here’s the deal, HGTV decided to make their Change the World Campaign about helping some Veterans rebuild their rundown transitional houses. Not surprisingly, it touched a chord with millions of people across the country…and the votes streamed into Now, it’s only fair that I fess up that I’ve always loved the audience-voting thing. My career started on the show that did audience voting better than anyone. I can just hear the audience yelling…one-two-three…tic-tic-tic…with percentage numbers flashing…tic-tic-tic…people waving their fingers…tic-tic-tic…on Love Connection!

So the voting was done and now the HGTV decision-makers were doing what they do best…making decisions! And they wanted ME, & my team (trust me you can’t do this alone) to produce the TV special!

We titled it Change the World: American Heroes and it was a personal labor of love…my Papa and Bampy (yes Grampy with a B) served in WWII, two out of my three Uncle John’s fought in Vietnam, and my cousin Neil ended up doing two tours in Iraq. Think how many people you know that have served…this show is a tribute to them.

Weird thing is that for my entire career, I’ve wished for a show about veterans…even way back during my undergrad years at Framingham State College (when Supertramp blasted on my boom box and I typed reports on my typewriter). My group in Documentary class chose the local fire station over my idea of the local veterans. The vets lost out, but we did get a kitchen fire! Might have made for an interesting documentary…if our camera guy hadn’t erased the footage (sorry Dave)!

Anyway, you can see my wish come true as you watch HGTV & Rebuilding Together help some American Heroes on Veterans Day, 11/11/09 at 8pm on HGTV.

Maybe you can help my next wish come true….high ratings!

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