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Every week, I run a poll on the homepage. It’s a great way to see what you guys love (or hate) and I use it as a springboard for photo galleries, articles and blog posts. Last week’s was on window treatments and the winner (which surprised me) was floor-length drapes. I thought Roman shades might take it, since I’m seeing them everywhere right now.

In response to the poll, Karli did some digging through Designers’ Portfolio and came up with 8 beautiful curtain styles: check them out.

ammie-kim-blue-bedroomBlue bedroom by Ammie Kim

You can still take the quiz on our Window Treatments page. Floor-length panels are winning there, too, but if you have another favorite type of treatment, go vote (or holler in the comments) and Karli and I will start researching.

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Ever since I saw this Frances Elkins-style Loop Chair at the 2008 HGTV Green Home, I’ve been obsessed. It was the perfect match for that sunny bedroom, simultaneously timeless and fresh, and I couldn’t stop thinking about having one in the reading corner of my own bedroom.


Then, earlier this year, we reviewed Stephen Salny’s bio on Elkins, Frances Elkins Interior Design, which turned my obsession into…what’s more fierce than obsession? That.


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Our decorating editor, who spent the week at High Point Market, has been sending me daily field reports. We’ve got some yummy in-depth posts on Market (and KBIS, too!) coming up, but till then I thought I’d share one her letters with you:

The biggest trend I’ve seen so far is the weathered, time-worn, distressed look like the gorgeous stuff at BoBo Intriguing Objects

iron-frame-chaise-boboIron-Frame Campaign Chaise


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Lots of tax-day freebies out there in the food world. Anyone seeing anything in the home category? They seem kinda scarce, but so far, I’ve got:

Free Companion Airline Ticket with $100+ Purchase at (more like a tax-week freebie)

Free reusable bag from Target on 4/18 — this one’s for Earth Week, but I’ll count it

BTW, if you’re getting a refund and you’re spending it on your house, tell us what you’re buying. Let’s compare notes.

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HGTV fan Ellen introduced us to her in-need-of-a-redo dresser. Check out her before-and-after (we don’t want to spoil the reveal).

Ellen’s project brought to mind other cool dresser makeovers (and easy weekend projects, btw):

Another paint makeover from Country Living. I love the lining paper in the drawers.

Amy’s makeover with pastel stripes and an adorable branch detail

This uber-cool Union Jack paint over makes a traditional piece hip.

A colorful, bird-themed wallpapered dresser courtesy of ohdeedoh. This one is a lot like the inspiration pic I’ve had on my wall for the last month, as I search out ideas for my own redo.

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The daffodils bloomed last week and the hills and roadsides are covered with yellow blooms. Just in time, too, since I couldn’t handle one more week of gray skies and brown grass. The Bradford pears and cherry trees are budding now and the azaleas and dogwoods won’t be far behind. Seems like a good time for some design inspiration, flower style.

Distinctive Gardening

Distinctive Gardening


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HGTV and Heather Armstrong (@HGTVHeather) invite you to our first “Watch with Heather” Twitter Party! We’ll be tweeting during the series premiere of Home Rules. Join us at #watchHGTV from 9-10pm EST for all the fun. You can also watch the party unfold on our Twitter widget, which will refresh with the 4 most recent tweets throughout the night:

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To make comments and/or replies, please follow @HGTVHeather and include #watchHGTV in your tweet.

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design-happens-grandin-road-birdsI’m so glad it’s Friday. If I had a neon TGIF sign, I’d hang it on my cube wall.

This will make you glad it’s Friday, too: You could win a $25 gift certificate from Grandin Road. We love their home decor, especially their spring-inspired goodies like these sweet little birds. Check out this slide show to see more of their chic accessories.

To enter for a chance to win, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, March 15. Be sure to provide a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.

This Week’s Question

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Last November, while I was browsing Apartment Therapy, I ran across this post about the Stitch Lab in Austin, TX.


Leslie Bonnell‘s vision of a community craft space wowed me with its retro (and often humorous) interior design, organization of materials and smart layout. It gave me a new appreciation of craft rooms.

Since then, I’ve been collecting pictures of other craft spaces I love. Here are several of my favorites. They’re colorful, feminine or quirky — and often a mix of all three. They’re functional and almost obsessively organized. And they all make me feel like I could walk in, sit down and bring my creative ideas to life.


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ww-norton-arts-and-crafts-rugsEvery Friday, we post a question. You have until 12 Noon ET on Monday to comment on this post with a valid email address and you’re entered for that week’s giveaway. It’s that simple!

This week we partnered with one of our favorite independent publishers, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. They’re the oldest and largest publishing house owned wholly by its employees and they strive to “publish books not for a single season, but for the years.” Their design books are impeccably researched and beautifully bound — the one I reviewed on Michael Taylor remains a favorite in my library. Our giveaway is their book, Arts and Crafts Rugs for Craftsman Interiors.

Here’s a blurb from the book jacket:

Gustav Stickley is revered not only as a furniture maker but also as a leading proponent for the American Arts and Crafts movement.

He designed simple, well-made household furnishings and forward-looking interiors, which he promoted through his magazine, The Craftsman (1901–1916). The rugs used in his interiors are arguably the most under-studied of all the decorative arts of the Arts and Crafts movement. Arts and Crafts Rugs for Craftsman Interiors considers both the rugs that The Craftsman recommended and designs by artists who influenced the work and philosophy of Stickley.

This is a worthy addition to any design library, especially for those interested in the influence of Stickley, William Morris and Gavin Morton on the field of interior design.

And here’s our question: What’s your favorite design style? Are you an Arts and Crafts fan? Do you drool over mid-century modern? Does updated traditional best reflect your personality? Or do you blend them all, in eclectic glory?

Answer before 12 Noon ET on Monday. Click here for the Official Rules

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When my hubby and I moved into our new house in the KUN-treh (Southern for “country”), I was so excited to be in a bigger place that I didn’t care how small and oddly laid-out our living room was. But as I rearranged the room’s furniture in my head for the thousandth time this weekend, I realized it had gone from unnoticed to annoying.

Here’s a pic I took from the stairs on moving day, after we got the rug down:



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A couple of my coworkers and I were previewing a photo gallery of romantic rooms for Valentine’s Day and when we hit this kitchen we all leaned in and went, “Oooh!” Then we looked at each other and laughed because this Dave Stimmel space isn’t anywhere near our personal styles, but it was so beautifully designed, so bold and of-a-piece that it struck us as beautiful.


Now I’m noticing bold kitchens everywhere.


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HGTV Design Star's Vern Yip

HGTV Design Star's Vern Yip

Around here, we love us some Vern. So we were tickled to find out that he and his partner just welcomed their first child, a son named Gavin Joshua Mannox.

Like everyone else, we’re betting the nursery is made of 100% gold-plated awesome. We’ll see if we can wrangle some pics. Till then, enjoy some of our favorite Vern rooms.

12 Gorgeous Makeovers

Guest Room Becomes a Nursery

And check out Vern’s house from one of our shows, Home for the Holidays.

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When we moved into our new house in mid-November, we inherited two wood stoves, an old Englander and a more decorative (but way less efficient) one of indeterminate age and make.

I’ve spent the last few weeks hauling and chopping wood to load into these things, and have come to enjoy the exercise and meditation. I also love the quality of their heat — so much better than the heat pump, which never really feels warm.

Our family spent New Year’s with a friend who has a beautiful Rais Mino II, and it started me wondering about options for replacing the two we have. Neither is as thermally efficient as the newer ones, and I know they don’t have any pollution controls.

<a href=>Rais</a> Mino II, the one that started it all


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