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"I buy chairs instead of expensive shoes."

Lili is Editorial Director of Her personal obsessions include looking for just the right sofa, ogling real estate listings, and reading floor-plans. She has an admitted "chair problem," collecting them like most women collect shoes. Lili lives in an apartment that's perpetually too small (probably because of all the chairs) in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and young twins.

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In middle school my best friend-at-the-time and I pooled our money, went to the mall and spent our communal allowance on a “Best Friends Forever” necklace. It was in the shape of a heart and jaggedly split down the middle. We each wore half. But the times, how they’ve changed. Best friends now can have matching iPhone cases that convey the same only-complete-together sentiment.

heart iphone cases

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Happy 4th of July, D-Happers! I hope you all are relaxing with family and friends and celebrating all the best of America. I thought I’d share a few delights with you that would be right at home with any patriotic decor, and are also all Made in the USA. Enjoy your holiday!
made in the usa products

Top: Etsy seller KelseyGarrityRiley (Savannah, Georgia), Bottom left to right: Harper Chair by Jonathan Adler (Designed in NYC), Milking Stool by François Chambard (Brooklyn, NY), Oculo Pendant Lamp by Niche Modern (Beacon, NY)

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When my necklace collection started getting out of control, I took matters into my own hands and made a wall organizer out of little more than a ruler and many clear thumbtacks. It works, but it doesn’t come close to being as beautiful as this Wish Tree Jewelry Holder. The branches can hold dangling earrings and necklaces, while the small cup at the bottom can catch more dainty pieces. I even think that it would look pretty great with some bow ties and cuff links hanging around.

jewelry tree

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With a truncated holiday week on tap, I’m having a hard time concentrating on anything but 4th of July celebrations. I’m a real sucker for fireworks, but what do you do with your day off before the sun goes down? I think I might try my hand at this Patriotic Berry Trifle. Blueberries and strawberries are in season and it looks fairly simple to put together. And you can’t argue with the very pretty red, white, and blue results!

patriotic berry trifle

Photograph by Steve Giralt

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These gold-leafed log tables have been around for a while now, but every time I see one, I’m equally charmed by them (they remind me of The Giving Tree!). I love them used as unexpected accents in an otherwise staid room. These tables from Phillips Collection are cast from tree trunks, but I think you could DIY them from a spare log you have lying around, don’t you?

gold leaf log table

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The upcycling design trend is still going strong, and rightly so. Taking an unused item and turning it into something useful and beautiful is not only earth-friendly, but it results in truly one-of-a-kind pieces. This “hacked” light designed by HGTV Star Cris Mercado was made from an old camera body, a tripod, a light kit and finished with an Edison bulb. It was the judges favorite, and one of mine too!

vintage camera light


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Of all the joys of summer – swimming, grilling, camping – there is one that I can’t get on board with: linen. Obviously, it’s lovely and fitting for the season, but the moment I’m in a linen shirt it’s wrinkled and stained. I’ve banned it from my wardrobe. This dinnerware, however, could let one enjoy the feel of linen without all the drawbacks. It looks natural and “raw” but clearly works just as well with dressed up silverware.

west elm linen plates

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For all of you who wish you had just a little bit more counter space, I present you with Autour by St. Charles of New York. The concept is pretty great: instead of redesigning your entire kitchen, you add a butcher-block-topped counter to what you’ve already got. I like that the shape allows your kitchen helpers or cocktail party guests a place to park themselves while you cook, or to help with some prep while not being in the way.

autour counter extension

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