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Stan Topol has been in the design business for 30 years, including a stint as design legend Billy Baldwin’s assistant.


This is one of the more live-able rooms I saw at the showcase. Everything was comfortable and personal. I was not surprised to see the Eiffel Tower shout out in the window. That makes three designers who reference Paris, either visually or as an inspiration (Matthew Quinn, even though I didn’t include that quote, and Suzanne Kasler, who name checked both Paris AND the Eiffel Tower.) Will our final designer do the same? (Hint: yes)

Three inspirations from Stan Topol:

My Clients: “I have been and hope to continue sharing a life with smart, witty and adorable people. I love the challenge of where they come from (visually) to where we can go together. They seem to understand my major concern is for their comfort.”

Faith: “I keep working because I believe that one day we will recognize that all interior work does not have to look similar… that all seating doesn’t have to be so low that you need a hand to get out of a chair… that all finishes won’t be the same… and finally, that people will step out of the kitchen and enjoy a great living room designed for conversation.”

Charity: “…We owe a debt to our fellow man and community. Working with and for causes inspires me to be my best and learn to share my gifts with others.”


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My favorite room from the bInspired showcase came courtesy of Bill Peace. Gorgeous artwork by Tony Hernandez and Todd Murphy complemented a nature-inspired (but not dominated) design.


“Pebble Beach” rug from Jaipur Rugs

“Onda” chaise lounge by Nancy Corzine at Ainsworth-Noah & Associates/ADAC

“Beehive” crystal floor lamp by Alison Berger for Holly Hunt at Jerry Pair/ADAC

Read on for Bill’s Inpiration »

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Next up from bInspired is Matthew Quinn. He specializes in one of our favorite topics around here — kitchens and baths. His bathroom showcase is bigger than my bedroom, but what a luxury if you can afford it. The floor lamp… the shower curtain… the tiling… so beautiful.


“Intarcia” bathtub in matte white with ebony inlays designed by Matthew Quinn for MTI Whirlpools, Renaissance Tile & Bath/ADAC

“Grigio Chiaro” porcelain tile flooring with “Silver Vein Travertine” mosaic by Renaissance Tile & Bath/ADAC

Read On for some of Quinn’s Inspirations »

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Our next bInspired designer is Atlantan Suzanne Kasler. You can find her lovely book, Suzanne Kasler: Inspired Interiors, if you want an in-depth look at her comfortable, French/Continental style. I particularly appreciate that she rejects over-designed, fussy elements, which allows the architecture of the room and the furniture to take center stage.


Area rug by Antique Oushak, Moattar, Ltd. Finer Rugs/ADAC

Woodward bench by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair

Amsterdam dining chairs by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair

A few of her inspirations:

Paris: “To me, it is the most beautiful and inspiring place in the world.”

Objects That Carry Emotions: “I’m a collector. I find things I love and I buy them, not always knowing exactly what I’m doing to do with them. These collections and pieces set a tone, create a mood, are stylish and personal and timeless.”

Eiffel Tower: “Metal, wire, crystal, paper, silver, porcelain… you name it…”

See pics and find out what inspires Suzanne’s design »

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Last month I went down to Atlanta for the bInspired (Be Inspired, for those who had to look at it sideways, as I did) Home Design Showcase. Six designers created an entire room based on things they found personally inspiring . Each week we’ll feature one of these designers along with photos of the room and product information.

This week it’s Bob Brown from Robert Brown Interior Design.

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