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Care for a spot of tea? And by spot of tea, I mean a book? Books and tea have always gone together for me, but I mean that in a “I’m going to make a nice pot of genmaicha and cozy up with a Margaret Atwood novel” kind of way. I hadn’t imagined there would be any other way until I saw this fantastic stacked teacups bookcase from WoodCurve on Etsy.

teacup bookcase

This design is cute, colorful and practically crying out to be in a kids’ room. And if you’ve got a little Alice in Wonderland fan on your hands, I can’t think of anything more appropriate for creating a zany Mad Hatter’s Tea Party atmosphere. Pinkies up!

[Via: Pinterest]

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For some reason, it never occurs to me to buy multiples of home decor items. Jeans that fit well, I almost automatically buy two pairs, but I hadn’t considered doing the same thing in the home until I saw this clever DIY about buying multiple inexpensive rugs and fitting them together so it looks like one custom area rug. When there’s a pattern repeat, if you match it up well, the effect is almost flawless. That’s one thing for rugs, but this Haviland Table by DwellStudio proves the concept works with furniture, too.

haviland table

One of these French-Deco-inspired beauties would make quite the end table, but putting three together for a coffee table effect heightens the drama and really calls attention to those gorgeous curved legs. The lesson is: Less isn’t always more. Sometimes more is more!

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I have positive associations with lily pads for some reason. (I looked at a lot of Monet paintings as a kid?) All I know is that when I saw Blu Dot’s Lily Pad Coffee Table, it seemed right somehow.
lily pad table

The three surfaces at different heights would be ideal for entertaining, I’d think — just imagine that artful spread of napkins and nibbles! And it may even keep clutter at bay in everyday use. If one “pad” is for magazines or glossy hardcover books, one is for remotes and coasters, and one is for flowers or other decorative items, you’d certainly have an easier time editing and arranging. As it is now, my long Danish modern model is less a “coffee table” and more an “old New York Magazine graveyard.” Maybe three really is a magic number.

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Let’s do a little furniture math, shall we? (Relax, there won’t be a test.) Marimekko + the lines of this Dering Hall find ÷ time = ??? Give up? The answer is this quirky vintage settee from Coco House & Company I peeped on 1stdibs.

vintage settee

Its almost regal, throne-like shape made me recall the Muirfield bench, and who can resist such a playful fabric pattern? Plus, it has a vintage pedigree, which makes it doubly cool. I have to say, I think this settee is greater than the sum of its parts.

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I know most people use their coffee table to display great art books or obelisks or whatever, but if I had a coffee table like the Capri from Coleen & Company (as seen on Dering Hall), I don’t think I’d put anything on it. It’s a statement in and of itself!

capri coffee table

The turquoise color and hand-painted faux tortoise pattern may not be for everyone, but fortunately these tables are made to order and available in any custom color, size, or finish, so you can be as bold or traditional as you like. Me? I’ll stick with the turquoise tortise, thankyouverymuch.

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Friday was payday for me, so it’s hard to ignore all the sale alerts that have been flooding into my email inbox: Fab, The Foundary and, of course, One King’s Lane. I don’t have a particular need for any of these APF Munn pieces from One King’s Lane, but I want them. (And seriously, get a load of those bargains!)

apf munn mirrors

Between the facets and prisms, these finds are glam, deco and even a touch rock and roll. Plus, I hear that mirrors really help to add depth and dimension to a small space. Mirrors, mirrors on the wall, which is the fairest of them all? I’m pretty sure it’s gotta be an APF Munn.

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I saw this sleek floating shelf/desk — the MAMBA by Victor Vasilev for MDF Italia — on Pinterest the other day, and it struck me as the fantastic version of the floating desk how-to that Kayla posted earlier. They’re both space-saving and do double-duty as desks or shelves, but MAMBA has a little extra oomph.

mamba desk

The lines are clean and the shape is definitely serpentine (could the name MAMBA come from the deadly snake?), plus there’s a lamp built right into the unit. Genius! If good looks could kill, the MAMBA would be the end of me.

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I’m swiftly making progress on my 2012 goals, how about you? I had a hair appointment yesterday, and went with the red color I talked about trying, so I can check that item off of my list. (For the record, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.) Next item on the list? Writing a novel. I didn’t jump on NaNoWriMo last November partially because I didn’t have a good writing space at home, and was dreaming of a gorgeous green desk. Now, I think I may have a new favorite dream setup. This John Reeves Design Aqueduct Desk:

aqueduct desk

It’s so visually strong and classic, isn’t it? (Naturally so, since his site describes the Aqueduct Collection as being “inspired by the tiered repetition found in iconic British and European Roman Aqueducts.”) And I could put all my inspirational books on the matching bookcase! While it’s fun to dream of having enough space or budget for these beauties right now, I think this is the year I will write that novel regardless of my surroundings.

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I’m just a girl who cain’t say no to bold patterns and bright colors, but this West Elm chair by Brooklyn-based designer Paul Loebach is simplicity at its best.

west elm chair

The mod seat suits my taste perfectly, and the country legs are an unexpected twist. Even better, right now these chairs are on sale. Which makes it even more tempting for me to buy one or two in support of my designer “neighbor.” (Brooklyn, represent!)

[Via: Country Living]


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Yes, we’re all past the “put a bird on it” phase of home decor, but what if the bird in question is a cockatoo? And what if there are two of them? And what if the piece of furniture looks as awesome as this settee I spotted on Anthropologie?

cockatoo settee

This settee is both totally classic and totally kooky. Check out that intricate embroidery! It’s a lot of look, but I can see this fitting into an Anna Spiro-designed home — and I think she’d know just how to balance it out and make it work.

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Maybe it’s a natural reaction to working on the Internet, but I feel like I’m becoming more attached to older technology and physical objects. Don’t worry, I’m not going full Steampunk on you, but things like vinyl records have a quaint, retro appeal. I bought my boyfriend a little Crosley portable turntable for Christmas, and I’m surprised how much we use it now. We must have purchased at least 20 records already! The only downside is what to do with them when they’re not in use. That’s where this Volume Storage and Display Unit from Test Collective would come in handy.

record unit

I love that this piece is both decorative and practical. There’s ample room for the turntable on top, record storage underneath and those clever slots for showing off the really cool or arty covers. (I’d put our M83, St. Vincent and Al Green up there, for sure.)

How about you? Do you still own any vinyl? If so, what’s your favorite thing to listen to? Or your favorite album cover?

[Via: Dwell]

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I look at a lot of magazines and websites for these delights, and sometimes that leads to the most wonderful design déjà vu! Take this moon-shaped cradle from Creme Anglaise for example.

moon cradle

When I saw it, it immediately reminded me of a rustic take on this Limited Edition Piero Fornasetti Cradle I spied a few months ago. It’s made from recycled pallet wood, and is 100% handmade. Wouldn’t this be dreamy in a celestial-themed nursery? In fact, I think I know just the curtains that would go with it

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I love my Brooklyn apartment, but honestly, there are just not enough rooms and spaces to decorate. Sure there’s our combo kitchen/living room and our combo office/bedroom, but I long for a long hallway or a fabulous foyer (ahem, foy-ay) to style and stage. When I saw Downtown‘s Muirfield Bench on Dering Hall, it earned a special spot in the vestibule of my fantasies.

muirfield bench

Inspired by early 19th century French and Italian design, it’s graceful, regal, and in that hot red lacquer, wouldn’t look out of place in a chinoiserie-accented abode. It’s a dramatic touch that’s perfect for welcoming company. Talk about making an entrance.

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With all due respect to Holly Golightly, she can keep her breakfast at Tiffany’s. My happy place in NYC? The ABC Carpet & Home store, of course. On my last therapeutic visit, I headed downstairs to The Conran Shop where I fell in love at first sight. With the Pavilion V shelving, that is. The scale and shape of this shelving unit make it so arresting that I literally stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it, and I had to write its name down.
pavilion v shelving

While I continue to swoon over its look, it’s definitely out of my price range for now. That’s why I was so glad to see this creative shelving unit made with two ladders on Pinterest. It’s got the same lines for undoubtedly less money. Ladders? Maybe my new happy place will be the hardware store.

Have you ever tried to DIY a piece of furniture that you love for less dough? Tell us in the comments!

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Can you believe it’s November? Every year I psych myself up to participate in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for the initiated, but even though I start with the best of intentions, the month always gets away from me. I don’t blame it on my talent or general stick-to-itivness, of course. Clearly the problem is my lack of a functional writing space. A room of one’s own, if you will. Or at least a desk of one’s own. Like this breathtaking vintage leather top desk from 1stdibs.

green vintage desk

This classy-yet-sassy little number is a French piece from the 1970s that still has the original leather top and brass detail. It’s been lacquered a delicious kelly green, and is straight from a Beverly Hills estate. Quite a history, no? If this desk could talk! I’m certain the desk’s interesting pedigree would inspire me to write an equally interesting novel while sitting at it. Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Tell me in the comments! (Maybe we’ll all find writing buddies there.)

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Short and sweet: I am absolutely buried lately between planning a temporary move cross-country to begin pre-production on an HGTV series and wrapping up my own clients in Atlanta. Amidst the short-on-time-ness of it all, I’ve become an avid user of It may sound silly, but I had no idea that you can actually buy pretty much everything in the world on this site.

As I’ve been sourcing pieces for my own private clients and for makeovers, I’ve found that many of the styles I’m looking for in trade-only showrooms are actually available on at a fraction of the price. Um, yes please. Anyhow, I took note of some of the items I’m using and/or have recently used and am filling y’all in on some great stuff to consider if you’re putting together rooms on super tight budgets or if you wanna splurge on that one statement piece without going custom. Now, if I could only find an Audi A4 Wagon repairman on, I may be one step closer to trekking across the country.
Cradle Chair

If you can’t afford the Eames rocker, go for the next best thing, Vinnie Cradle Chair in blue. At just under $140, you can’t go wrong with this piece. Think of it as an investment, similar to those Beverly Hills ladies with new, puffy lips but without the plastic surgery or recovery period afterwards.


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We’ve been trying to make some improvements to the apartment lately, but one of the biggest challenges is space. Rearranging a small apartment is like a really annoying game of Tetris. You can move the pieces around, but they still all have to fit together tightly in the end. Anyway, I’m realizing that our home bar is a bit big for our living room, and while I’m attached to it, if I was shopping for one today, I’d probably go with a wall-mounted option instead, like this Brooklyn TV Quilt with Bar from Think Fabricate.

wall bar

The small shelves all piece together to form one attractive unit (hence, the quilt reference). I love that it has the open element, so you can still display pretty bottles and decanters, without taking up half of your available floor space to do it. Now that’s something all of us apartment renters and small-space dwellers can raise a glass to!

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I’ve been an admirer of DwellStudio’s great bedding forever, but did you know they have a new furniture collection? Founder Christiane Lemieux wrote a post on the DwellStudio blog about what the design process was like, if you’re curious.

dwell studio

This George Sofa has lovely lines, but honestly, it’s all about the Batavia Citrine pattern for me. I’m not usually a fan of couches in anything other than solid colors, but Christiane says in her blog post that “We worked very hard to make it easy for anyone – professional or not – to pull together a beautiful layered look,” and I think that’s just what they’ve done here.

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What woman hasn’t slipped on a black dress with pearl earrings longing to look and feel like Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We all have. Or is it just me? Either way, no one can deny how stunning she looked in that classic movie. Or how that 1961 film continues to impact fashion and interior design. (Remember her sweet New York flat with the cool bathtub couch?) Breakfast at Tiffany’s became Audrey Hepburn’s most identifiable role. Even with 25 movies to her credit, including My Fair Lady and Sabrina, you’ll still most often see her pictured in a thin black dress with black gloves and her shiny brunette hair in an updo. Long live Holly Golightly, her love of that little blue box and her iconic sense of style.

breakfast at tiffanys audrey hepburn 50th anniversary film design blog hgtv design happens1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Movie Poster :: Cinema Masterpieces 2. Audrey Hepburn Rug :: WovenGround 3. Audrey Hepburn Chair :: Couture Furniture 4. Audrey Hepburn Accent Pillow :: Etsy / regansbrain 5. Audrey Hepburn Wall Art :: Flickr / HawlendRion 6. Sabrina Movie Poster :: Cinema Masterpieces 7. Custom Audrey Hepburn Chair :: The Telegraph

Do you have any Audrey Hepburn-inspired decor in your home?

Tell us in the comments below.

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I have a love/hate relationship with the beginning of autumn, almost as if I’m Robert Redford and autumn is Barbra Streisand and we live on a planet in The Way We Were galaxy. Hate: My allergies act up and throw off my productivity. Love: I’m instantly brought back to the late 1990′s during my college days in Tallahassee, Florida. While lots of people have fond memories of funnels and blacked-out blurs, I think of open windows on breezy afternoons, piles of leaves on the sidewalks and the very angry lyrics of one Ms. Alanis Morissette playing in my black/tan 1993 Jeep Wrangler. But above all, I think of the iconic style that goes along with college: tartan, plaid, varsity letters and the overall preppy vibe that is early-twentysomething-ness.

While sourcing materials for my latest bachelor clients, I’ve been noticing how drawn I am to all things preppy. There’s something classic and graphic that goes along with the style; it also works well with different aesthetics, from uber-traditional to contemporary or mod. As I compiled ideas for clients, I came across some textile-ish items sporting that collegiate look. Whether you’re looking for that perfect comforter or plan to cover your adult office in Ralph Lauren tartan, here are some collegiately stylish items available online that evoke that studious feel. You know who wishes he could be studying shelter magazines right now but he can’t due to his sinuses killing him? Me. The love/hate relationship with autumn is in full effect.


The Beverly Hills Polo Club Argyle 3-Piece Comforter Set in navy from is a cost-effective way to add a studios look to any bedroom. Add a few accents of hot pink to give it a girly edge or pair it with fire engine red or lime green for a colorful, masculine look.

ethan tartan wallpaper

Ralph Lauren has been King of the Preppies since the 1970′s. His Ethan Tartan wallpaper is insanely affordable and a great way to add classic, preppy elegance to just about any room. At $60 per roll, it’s possible to cover a teency weency powder room for less than $250. There are two options: green/blue and red/green. Personally, I’m drawn to the red since it’s a bit more gender neutral.

Flor Plaid

How many people do you know with plaid floors? Exactly! FLOR’s Pop Tartan adds a graphic touch of preppy right underfoot. This is exceptionally wonderful for students looking to dress up their dorms or for families with kids since the product is totally reusable. Just stick the carpet tiles down in whatever configuration is needed now, then pull them down and lay ‘em in your next place. If you get a stain on a square, simply swap it out.


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