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OK, so these bedrooms don’t technically come with a written contract that guarantees eight or more hours of sleep and vivid dreams of Ryan Goslingbut they do look like spaces I could live in forever. And I’m going by, what appears to be, fluffy down comforters and crisp, 1,000,000-count sheets. I’m not exaggerating … too much. It’s all about the bedding for me. I can tell when my sheets have lost their “oomph” and need to be replaced. I also sleep 10-times better the night my bed is covered in freshly-washed bedding. What does it for you? Are you all about the pillows? Do you need to know you’re sleeping on clean sheets to get a good night’s sleep?

Downy has launched a sleep campaign and we’re helping spread the word. Go to Twitter and tell @Downy why you deserve a Downy Night’s Sleep by using the hashtag #DownyNightSleep. Lucky participants will receive Downy sleep makeover kits!

Contemporary Bedroom Design by Jamie HerzlingerDesign by Jamie Herzlinger

Taj Gateway of India Hotel SuiteThe Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, India

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If you’ve been following closely, you know that I moved into an old house at the beginning of the year. Since then, I’ve been working to collect pieces to make my cozy cottage feel even homier. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered this super cute wooden state sign on Pinterest.

The Pine Nuts offers all states and has a selection of other fun shapes in 12 vibrant colors. Don’t see anything you like? No worries – The Pine Nuts takes custom orders, so you can be as imaginative as you want!

I’ll take one of each, please.

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The Oscars are this weekend — who’s done their homework and watched all the nominated movies? I’m a little bit behind, but I know it’s going to be tough competition. Maybe it’s because of my job, but my eye is immediately drawn to the set designs and costumes when watching movies. Lincoln did an exceptionally great job capturing interior design of the late 1800s (I would totally put that wallpaper in my house today!).

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What movie do you think is going to win Best Picture?

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If there’s one thing my frequent estate/garage sale forays has taught me,  it’s that no one need ever pay full price for a candle. Ten bucks for a pillar candle? What?! I can’t remember the last time I shelled out more than $1 for one. The only downside to purchasing secondhand candles is that they’re often dented, scratched or are a color that won’t work with your decor. No worries, a little hot glue and twine will cover up a world of sins.

I recently picked up some bargain candles at an estate sale in Knoxville before heading down to my sister’s work-in-progress beach house. I had some jute twine and furniture webbing left over from other projects so I decided to give these 3 thrifted candles a quick beachy makeover — et voila:  coastal twine-wrapped candles

Pretty, huh? I paid $2 for the 3 candles and, as I said, all the other materials I already had on hand — but, if I had to buy them, this would be a $10-$15 project.  They fit right in with our other beachy bargains:coastal twine-wrapped candles

I know people will ask about fire safety for obvious reasons — twine and upholstery webbing are flammable. First, as with any candle, you shouldn’t leave it burning without supervision — but — I’ve done variations of this project (covering pillar candles in paper, ribbon, bark and even paint) many times and never had a problem. The key is to choose a pillar candle wide enough that the wick burns down the center leaving a wax shell. Don’t try this technique on a narrow pillar or taper candle.


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Okay, we all know what happened at the Super Bowl last night. And we also know that you can dunk Oreos in the dark. But, over here at HGTV, we aren’t fans of blackouts. In fact, we’re all about lighting.

Here are a few of my favorite lighting concepts from designers:

Soft lighting is very comforting and elegant in any room setting. Designer Troy Beasley created a warm glow in this dining room with wall sconces and light dimmers.

Dining Room Design by Troy Beasley

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Football reminds me of lazy Sundays with my dad, so even though I only know enough about football for people not to groan, I’m always excited for the Super Bowl.

For those of you who have been out of the loop this season, allow me to catch you up to speed: this Sunday’s matchup of the Baltimore Ravens versus the San Francisco 49ers is interesting because it pits head coaches Jim and John Harbaugh against each other. Yes, you read right – Jim and John are brothers!

The Super Bowl is the ultimate football fan holiday, and no holiday is complete without a party full of good friends, delicious food and drinks, of course. If you’re looking for ideas for a fun Super Bowl party, look no further – we have everything you need to keep the cheer going until the final touchdown.

The Colors

Super Bowl party ideasDesigners, from left to right: Brian Patrick Flynn / Brian Patrick Flynn / Cortney and Robert Novogratz / Meg Caswell / David Bromstad / Emily Johnston Larkin / Judith Balis / Greta Goss

Nothing says fanfare like decking out your home in team colors. Conveniently, brothers serving as head coaches aren’t the only two things tying these teams together. The Ravens and the 49ers also share glitzy gold (our January Color of the Month) as one of their team colors, but are divided between violet for the Ravens and scarlet for the 49ers. What’s great about these color combos is that they look good all year, so feel free to make your Super Bowl decor a little more permanent.

Touchdown-Scoring Party Ideas

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We’re in the midst of award season, and searches are buzzing for the next big show, the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, on February 10. According to Yahoo! Web Trend Expert Carolyn Clark, searches for Grammy nominations are spiking, along with nominee Kelly Clarkson. I’m not only going to point you right to this year’s nominees, I’m also going to give you all something even better: a tour of five Grammy-nominated artists’ homes. Yup.

Katy Perry’s Elegant Contemporary Abode | Los Angeles 

Nominations: Best Pop Solo Performance

Tour Katy Perry's Los Angeles Home

Tour Katy Perry’s Los Angeles Home for Sale on >>

Taylor Swift’s Elegant Country Estate | Nashville, Tenn.

Nominations: Record of the Year, Best Country Duo/Group Performance, Best Song Written For Visual Media

Tour Taylor Swift's Nashville Home

Tour Taylor Swift’s Nashville Home for Sale on >> 

Tour More Celebrity Homes

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This may look like a swanky hotel lobby, but it’s actually a gym (really!). The David Barton Gym makes working out seem like you’re at one of the hottest nightclubs in town instead of at a smelly gym. Who wouldn’t want to take a break on these sofas between reps?

David Barton Gym Lounge Area

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Known as the guy who made workouts cool, David’s goal was to get members’ hearts racing before they even step on a treadmill with motivating music, lighting and flashy interior design.

David Barton Gym Lighting

What motivates you to work out?

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I don’t know about you, but this gloomy weather has many of our editors ready to go into hibernation (the rest are still bright and cheery from their encounter with Color Splash superstar David Bromstad).

January may leave your home feeling a little cold and empty, so what better way to add warmth to your home than by lighting a beautiful fire?

If your fireplace has gone untouched this season, never fear. As long as you’re prepared, starting your own fire is just one flick of a match away.

Get Fired Up

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I see stunning photographs of homes every day — I mean, come on, look where I work! So, when an image catches my eye that I can’t stop admiring, it’s noteworthy. And, this is one of them.

Deep blue damask wallpaper and plush velvet draperies are paired with an ornate tray ceiling and beautiful woodwork for this sophisticated, traditional dining room. Oversized upholstered dining chairs and a crystal chandelier add drama and glamour to the Candice Olson-designed space.


Candice Olson Dining Room

You can’t stop looking at it, can you?

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Welcome back everyone! I hope everyone had a fun-filled, restful holiday season. Now that your guests are gone, the decorations are packed away, and you’re not out battling all those crazy holiday shoppers, I bet you have a lot of time on your hands and empty space to fill – or perhaps you’re having the opposite problem and have no place to put your stacks of presents!

If 2013 has you itching to complete a project in your home, look no further: we have plenty of beautiful designs to get you inspired no matter what room or budget you have in mind.


For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Take this year to treat your kitchen to a makeover, whether it’s a small project like repainting your cabinets or doing a complete remodel job. Don’t forget to give your dining room some love in 2013, too!

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We’re counting down to Christmas with a new holiday party tip, decorating idea or DIY project every day until December 25. Miss a day? See all the posts here.

Have you always wanted to tour celebrity homes? What about during the holidays? I thought so. During HGTV’s Celebrity Holiday Homes, top-notch designers add festive decor to the homes of their celebrity clients. You’ll get to see the entire planning and decorating process from start to finish and the best part, the reveal. As excited as I was to see stars’ homes, I was more excited to see their reaction to fitting or … unexpected … designs. How do you think professional dancer Cheryl Burke reacted when her neutral, modern home was transformed with a palette of hot pink by designer Emily Henderson? Find out!

Celebrity Holiday HomesTop left: Designer Emily Henderson and Cheryl Burke; Top right: Cheryl’s hot-pink tree; Bottom right: Designer Danielle Colding and BeBe Winans; Bottom left: Bebe’s custom gift wrap

This year, step into the homes of Cheryl Burke, comedienne Lisa Lampanelli, singer BeBe Winans, actress Haylie Duff, musician Dee Snider and actress Tamara Tunie. See them all! Which celeb’s holiday home decor is your favorite? 


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The holidays are finally here. That’s right folks — no more singing Christmas carols in secret or lying about tearing up at the end of an early Home Alone showing  — you are now free to spread the cheer.

Several of our HGTV editors spent Thanksgiving weekend putting up their Christmas trees, so imagine our delight to return from break and see that headquarters was already in the spirit, too:

scripps hgtv christmas tree

The lobby at HGTV Headquarters is now home to a massive Christmas tree and festive holiday decorations. Keep up with what goes on behind the scenes by following HGTV on Instagram.

So while we’re all geared up for the holidays, I bet many of you haven’t put your Christmas tree up yet. Perhaps you’re waiting until this weekend (December 1st is Saturday!) to sort through the decorations; it might be your first Christmas in a new home; or maybe you’re just looking for something new. Whatever your situation is, we’ve created a guide to help you pick out the perfect Christmas tree to light up your home this season.

Deck The Halls

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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of finding new uses for old things. I’m the person you see huddled in a corner at an estate sale turning an object this way and that, brow furrowed, envisioning what it could be used for. Take this old wooden toolbox. It was filthy – as all great estate sale finds are — filled with rusty, old screws and nails and only partially painted yellow. A thick layer of dust covered both the box and its contents so it definitely had some age and looked to be sturdily hand-constructed.

I knew it would make a great magazine rack and I knew I had to have it:chipped yellow paint on old toolbox repurposed as a magazine holder

Other uses I considered: Filling the 3 compartments with potted herbs in my kitchen; using it to hold rolled towels in a bathroom; or as a caddy for organizing craft or gift wrap supplies.

The $8 price tag seemed fair for its condition — dust, rusty nails and all. Once home, I dumped out the metal bits then gave it a good once-over with the vacuum. I then sanded all the surfaces to remove loose bits of peeling yellow paint and smooth the rough areas. Then, I stained it with an oil-based wood stain (Minwax Early American). BTW, I only use oil-based stains. I know some people swear by water-based because there are less fumes and the dry time is much quicker, but I’ve found that wood better accepts oil-based stains resulting in a richer, deeper color and less streaking.

Upon closer inspection, the toolbox is a mishmash of materials: the end pieces are pine, the sides are beadboard and the handle  –  I think — once belonged on a broom. You can see in the photo below how the mismatched woods took the stain differently, which for me,  just adds to its vintage charm:  old toolbox repurposed as a magazine holder

 So, tell us in the comments below, how have you repurposed items in your home?

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