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My college dorm room was not particularly cute. It was less about style and more about function. (There were lots of wire shelves and cloth bins.) Plus, my roommate and I did the whole matchy-matchy thing in a bad way. It worked in our 10-by-10-foot space. Needless to say, I was more than happy to jump in and offer design advice when my sister moved into her first college living space last fall. Her place turned out much better than mine. If you can believe it, move-in day is right around the corner. We know students are constantly looking for easy ways to make their temporary digs a cozy home. Our brand-new Back to College package has everything you need to design your dorm room (or college apartment) on a budget. Take a look at my favorite picks:

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Chic + Functional Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

10 Ways to Transform Your Space With Washi Tape

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

6 More Easy DIYs

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August is quickly approaching, and that means one thing: soon-to-be college freshmen are running all over town, desperately searching for finishing touches to make their dorm room as stylish and homey as a 15′ x 10′ room can be. When you’re working with old, outdated furniture and walls that can’t be painted, that’s a difficult task.

It’s important to find ways to personalize your room, and one of the easiest ways to add personality is to add color. If painting is out of the question, why not use washi tape for instant color? Our design experts have come up with a few crafty ways to use tape to spice up your dorm room. Since it’s easily removable and leaves no damage or residue, it can be used to cover anything from side tables to electronics.

Washi Tape Table

Cover small furniture like this side table in washi tape to create a custom pieces for your dorm room. Simply place tapes in various sizes next to each other in a diagonal pattern.

Washi Tape Jewelry Tree

Not only can it be difficult to make a dorm room seem homey, it can also be tough to find a place for all that stuff you couldn’t bear to leave behind. If you’re anything like me (an admitted jewelry hoarder), you might be searching for jewelry storage in your cramped dorm. Use washi tape and thumbtacks to create a jewelry tree on your wall. I’m all for storage that’s easy on the eyes!


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I’m a tornadic chef. (I shouldn’t even call myself a chef.) I use every inch of counter space, several dishes and cutlery, spill spices everywhere and generally need to mop afterwards. My current home lacks in cooking space (I’m working on that problem). So, what I love about modern kitchens is their simple and minimalist approach to a hard-working space. They look and feel like they’re meant to be cooked in. Some rooms look like they shouldn’t be touched, kind of like that “formal living room” at the front of the house that you dust every few weeks but never actually acknowledge otherwise. Your kitchen definitely shouldn’t be that room. I feel like I could go to work on delicious baked goods in one of these designer kitchens, completely destroy it with flour and powdered sugar, then simply swipe it back to its sleek self. Modern kitchens always feel modeled after professional culinary spaces with crisp stainless steel, pendant lighting and an open floorplan, making it ready to work. Do you like the feel of a modern cooking space in your home, or do you prefer a warmer, more traditional kitchen to make your daily meals? Tell us in the comments below.

Mood Board Monday: Modern Kitchen DesignsTop Row, L to R: Design by Jennifer Reiner | Photo courtesy of Lumber Liquidators | Design by Brian Patrick Flynn | Middle Row, L to R: Design by Anthony Carrino | Design by Jennifer Reiner | Bottom Row, L to R: Design by Andreas Charalambous | Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

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Bellawood Ultra-Strand Bamboo is finely crafted using Bellawood’s exclusive ThermO2 process for greater durability, richer coloring and has a smoother texture due to its leading ultra-strand construction. For peace of mind, it’s also backed by a Transferable 100 Year Warranty. This post brought to you by Lumber Liquidators — Hardwood floors for less.

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The right lighting design can do so much for any room, especially the kitchen. After all, it’s truly the heart of the home. Just picture it. Your kids are doing homework at the table or counter. And you’re cooking dinner for your family and trying to read a difficult recipe – all while helping with geometry. So much time is spent in the kitchen, and so much work is being done. Doesn’t it make sense that the kitchen lighting design should cater to your family’s needs? So whether your life calls for bright natural lighting or atmospheric chandeliers, one of these stylish and functional lighting design ideas is bound to fit your needs.

kitchen lighting


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I’ve been pretty bad about keeping you guys updated, haven’t I? Since my last Studio Style post on May 30 (sorry!), I moved in, bought a temporary closet solution, a temporary pantry solution, have my furniture mostly where I want it and am pretty organized. I think the reason I’ve been so delayed in sharing a progress post is because I’ve been shuffling pieces around and wanted to share an almost final layout with you all. I still have LOADS of artwork to hang, accessories to paint/refinish and purchases to make, but I feel like it’s coming along pretty well for only being in a month. Now, I’m only sharing my “bedroom” today, because my living room is still stacked with boxes full of books. (I have yet to find the perfect bookshelf.) So, welcome to my boudoir! I’ll walk you through…

Kayla Kitts' Studio Bedroom

If you look at pictures of my studio before the move, you’ll notice this is the very back of the room. I wanted this to be my bedroom from the get-go. One downside (or upside?) is I can’t sleep in past 7:30 a.m. because the sun drowns in through the windows. I’ve become quite the early riser since living here. I have a collection of unframed artwork that I’ve purchased in South America, New Orleans and thrift shops that I need to get framed. I plan on creating a colorful gallery above my bed that will be a perfect balance with all-white bedding. I’m also in the market for an area rug to provide a nice underfoot when I hop out of bed. Suggestions are welcome!

Kayla Kitts' Studio Bedroom Pillows

I’ve never had a duvet, let alone an all-white duvet before, so this is a treat. I also have a black cat that loves to snuggle on my white bedding, so that’s something I’ve just had to overlook. I’m not a matchy-matchy person, but I loved the minty concrete walls by the windows, so I decided to pull some of that color in through the sheets and ombre throw pillow.

Kayla Kitts' Studio Bedroom Storage

See More of My Bedroom

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I can’t stress enough how important front yard landscaping is. Maybe you’re interested in gaining curb appeal. Or, perhaps you simply want to make your home a place you love seeing when you pull in the driveway. Either way, the front yard is the place to start. So get to work and give your house a chance to make a great first impression.

front yard landscaping


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In my shared home, my bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s my sleeping quarters, my dressing room, my screening room and my library. It’s the perfect place to have a quiet moment to myself, and for this reason I have spent quite a bit of time making it a fun, peaceful place to relax. The color scheme in your bedroom most definitely plays a part in how the room can make you feel. For this reason, I chose light gray, white and yellow for a soft, calming feel. Maybe you’re more of a bright orange or deep red kind of person. These bedrooms from Designers’ Portfolio prove that any color can make a huge impact – so choose wisely.

bedroom color schemes

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I am in love with this sink. It reminds me of all the times I have been fumbling through my kitchen, trying to simultaneously flip whatever it is I’m frying, while also searching for the cutting board and balancing the colander. However, now I am considering those stressful times to be some-day things of the past. I mean, really, how will I be able to go through my entire life with a normal sink now that I know this amazing rotating sink exists? I won’t.


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On April 29, 2011, the world watched in awe as Prince William and Kate Middleton wed at Westminster Abbey. Everyone was excited to see the new Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, watch the procession to Buckingham Palace and, of course, see the balcony kiss between the two lovebirds. Sigh. Now, more than two years later, the world is waiting in anticipation for the birth of the royal baby. Questions are stirring: What’s the gender? What will he or she be named? And what does the nursery look like? (You know it’s just dripping with sophistication.) In anticipation for the upcoming day, here are some royal-inspired nursery designs fit for your little prince or princess.


Dreamy Celebrity Nurseries

Dr. Phil’s granddaughter’s nursery | Photo courtesy of Petit Trésor

Dreamy Nursery Designs

Photo courtesy of PoshTots

Dreamy Nursery Designs

Photo courtesy of PoshTots

More Posh Nursery Designs

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