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By now, most parts of the country have traded the sun-filled days of summer for a crisper fall clime but the warming presence of the sun is still evident in our selection of this month’s color. From the runway to the changing leaves outside your window, this happy hue is popping up everywhere. It’s such a natural choice that it won by a (nearly) unanimous vote. Wanna know what it is?


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Fellow Honeysuckle lovers will rejoice when they hear the following news: Pantone LLC and Synta Inc., a craft paint manufacturer, have partnered to create a new collection of grab-and-go paints called MyColor inspired by Pantone. Perfect for do-it-yourselfers and designers on a budget, these 35-ounce, ready-to-go paints are an easy solution for adding a quick splash of color—in one of 49 hot Pantone shades—to a piece of furniture or craft project. MyColor is the first instant-use paint available in Pantone colors. There’s no waiting, no mixing, no tinting and certainly no surprises days after the paint dries. So, go crazy my friends. Sponge it on. Stencil it in. Or swipe it on with a paintbrush any way you want. (Think my boyfriend will like a Honeysuckle nightstand? Lamp? We can surely compromise on a lamp.)


MyColor inspired by Pantone offers invigorating hues in seven different collections. Which top MyColor paint collection matches your home the most? The bold Vibrance Collection, the fresh Floral Collection, or the Naturelle Collection inspired by the Great Outdoors?

Tell us in the comments below.

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In celebration of Halloween I wanted to create a color crush board that goes with this holiday’s most dominant shade – black. Scary, spooky, the color of midnight, black can definitely be intimidating. However, in the world of decor, it can also be the hue that brings some bold, sexy, and glamorous style home. While some of you may be dressing your homes in black today to scare a few kiddies, here are some black rooms that show you can live with this color all year long.

Black on black can be so beautiful. Birds on Branches Wallpaper by Ferm Living gives a room some layers, and depth, and all in a striking shade.

House Beautiful, Photographer Thomas Loof

Black and mint may be my new favorite color combination. The pastel shade pops against the black walls and carpet. And with a little bit of white mixed in, this room feels open and airy even while enveloped in a dark shade.

Miss Walker

Black is the perfect backdrop for jewel tones. Emerald green, teal, yellow, purple, all come to life when set against a black background.

The Decorista

I love how this office space uses unconventional materials — tiles! — to give the black wall some texture. The mix of shades among the tiles lightens up the room. And when black is paired with gold, the effect is warm and beautiful.

You can explore more black rooms over on my HGTV Color Crush: Shades of Black Pinterest board and my previous post Black Is Beautiful. And if you pin, be sure to share with me some of your favorite black rooms. Have an amazing Halloween!



  • Tell Your Friends editor Camille Smith summed it up beautifully: Our October Color of the Month is “saturated, intense and a real show-stopper.” A child of the ’80s, Camille is psyched to see the return of this bold hue. I think you’ll agree, its comeback feels nothing like that maligned decade. Today’s interpretations make fabulous design statements, like this 1940s McCoy vase or this ’60s Samsonite train case. Classic looks that are totally now. (And a color you probably never thought you’d love paired with regatta blue or grass green.)

Meet turquoise’s subdued but equally stunning big sister…a Pantone top fall color


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I hope you’re still following along after last week’s embarrassing divulgement, because again, here we are with another project that should have been completed light years ago. You remember our siding project last summer, yes? And how we had big plans to paint the exterior, build window boxes and build a modern pergola on our front porch?

We had good intentions. We did. Earlier this spring, we opted to wait until the rainy season had passed before we tackled any outside projects. And then summer arrived, and it was too hot for manual labor (or anything, for that matter!). Of course, now that we’re entering autumn, we’re fresh out of excuses and are finally forced to tackle the most important exterior project of all: painting the aluminum siding.

Why so important, you might ask? Exhibit A:

Exterior Paint Makeover- Erin Loechner

Why yes, that is a giant spray-painted star on the left side of our home. Faded a bit. But it's there.

I can’t blame the kid who thought it would be awesome to spray paint the side of an abandoned home a few years ago. Maybe he ran out of paper? I’m not one to judge. I am, however, one to apologize to our neighbors near-weekly for the periwinkle star they are forced to gaze upon daily. (Hi, Bob!)

So, consider this a community outreach project of sorts. By painting the exterior of our home, we’re giving back to our neighbors and friends in the name of aesthetic holiness. Right? Right.

I’ll digress. There really was no good reason for us to drag our feet on this project, because it was surprisingly easy. Ken convinced me years ago that we needed to invest in a paint sprayer, and (as much as I hate to admit it) he was absolutely correct. We’ve used that sweet little paint sprayer (not-so-aptly named Herman) more times than I can count. We even wrote a song for him. It’s called “Oh, Herman.”

I’ll digress, again. Because we used fiber cement siding on the front siding of our home, the color was super hard to match. And although Ken fought hard to paint the sides of the house white for a stark contrast, my rigid instincts won and we found a close match that would ensure our exterior is as uniform as possible:

Exterior Paint Makeover- Erin Loechner

Our winner? Rugged Suede.

I fell hard for the color we chose, as it just seemed to be the only color that was up to the challenge. I don’t allow just any hue to grace the side of my home, especially when it has an important assignment to mask the remnants of a neighborhood graffiti raid.

Want to see how it turned out? I’ll give you a hint: AWESOME.


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You know those super by-the-book, overly nice types who preach things like “you shouldn’t use the word hate, it’s a very strong word, and it’s not very nice”? I really hate those people. Just kidding! In fact, I’m kinda-sorta one of those un-hateful types; I just have a pleasantly snarky side which I like to believe gives me an edge. But as a designer, there are some things I have been open about hating, specifically the colors purple and yellow.

Well, my former distaste for the dynamic duo has taken a 180—for the most part. I’m now officially a huge lover of purple, specifically violet, plum and lavender. Yellow is still gonna take some time to win me over, but I’m really trying to work through it. What I recently discovered about purple is that it’s uber-difficult to work with. Sometimes it’s too Austin Powers. It can often be so lilac-y that it screams “baby girl”; most of its hues seem childish or tween-ish. Frankly, there are not many combinations that make purple seem sophisticated. But when used correctly, the purply result can be uh-may-zing.

Last week, I was asked to design a modern living room vignette for the opening of the Italia Furniture showroom in Atlanta. Determined to use something others would most likely have no interest in, my natural choice was to unleash the “One-Eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater” inside me to see if he would be kinda debonaire or just flat-out monstrous. The result? Hmmm, I think it went okay. In fact, I had the vignette photographed to share with y’all some of the purple-tastic finds that are internet-errific. As far as yellow is concerned, I’m gonna give that canary tone a whirl later this week when I knock out a little girl’s room in Fort Lauderdale, then fill you in somewhere, somehow here on Fingers crossed!

In small doses, purple works magically. It’s gender neutral and can take on a more modern appearance, albeit formal or casual, depending on textures and sheen. Here in the Italia showroom, I set it all against uber-neutral backdrops including dove grey walls, a white Natuzzi sectional, black club chair and glass/dark wood coffee table.
Purple Print Pillow

In January, I was introduced to the magical, hand-made world of seamstress/blogger/writer/supermom Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked. Her violet wool throw pillows were the stars of the space and can be purchased through her website. She also lives in Utah which is always super cool. For real, aside from Utahns, how many people do you know from Utah, really? PS – it may now be my very favorite state, not just because of Susan and her pillows but also because every single place you look is inspiring—kinda magic mixed with the taste of Pinkberry.

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With the end of Fashion Week, I can only imagine the industry buzz surrounding the spring/summer 2012 clothing trends and styles we’ll see next year. So of course, I was super excited to see the recent release of Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Spring 2012. The report features the top 10 colors for women’s fashion for spring 2012. And with enticing names like Margarita (Pantone 14-0116) and Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463), I’m dying to skip over a few seasons (sorry Mother Nature) to fully engulf myself in these luscious hues. For spring, designers are especially inspired by diverse influences and lifestyles, creating contemporary classics, vivid brights and fun-loving pastels. We found some of Pantone’s new beauties in some of our favorite spaces. Take a look!

Haute Hotels: Try Pantone in Your Home

Pantone Spring 2012 Fashion Color Report Design Happens Design Blog HGTVHGTV Green Home 2009 :: Pantone 18-2140  Cabaret

Pantone Spring Fashion Color Report 2012 Design Happens Design Blog HGTVJane Ellison :: Pantone 18-3628  Bellflower

Pantone Spring 2012 Fashion Color Report Design Happens Design Blog HGTVPantone 14-5420  Cockatoo :: Andreea Avram Rusu

Pantone Spring 2012 Fashion Color Report Design Happens Design Blog HGTVShelly Riehl David :: Pantone 17-1463  Tangerine Tango


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One freezing cold January, Vicky and Marinique Dabissiere visited an uninhabited house in Queens, New York, after receiving a call from a former client. Her parents had bought an older house, and the client wanted the sisters of LaVie Design to bring it into the 21st century for them. When Vicky and Marinique crossed the threshold, they discovered a house stuck in the 1970s. Mirrored walls loomed all around. Layers of dust covered the wood floors, parts of which needed serious repairs. The old cracked plaster walls were painted a shade of white that had obviously lost its umph over the decades. As you’ll see, this talented design duo turned the neglected 1,438 square-foot New York house into a traditional, but unexpected refuge that exceeded their clients’ wants and needs.

LaVie Designs

Vicky says: After touring the first floor, we asked the clients about their design style and tastes. The wife, who was at first hesitant, eventually voiced that she liked prints and that while she liked color, she tended to gravitate towards earth tones. She described her style as traditional, but not too traditional. The husband’s main wish was that the family room be “comfortable”. We had four weeks to work with their contractor before the family would need to move in. That is no time in the design world! As we sketched, photographed and measured the space, we could see that the rooms had great bones and underneath the layers of dust and years of neglect, there was indeed a hidden treasure.

LaVie Designs

The clients were originally from the Caribbean, so we chose to interpret the island feel through color, fabrics and accessories. We painted the living room walls in Benjamin Moore’s Leisure Green. The only moldings in the room were those that accented the walls, and they were caked with decades old paint. We all liked the visual interest they provided to the walls, so we had the contractor replace them and paint them in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. The moldings certainly help the mother of pearl mirror and black/amber accent chest pop against the possibly overwhelming green walls. Since the clients decided to forego installing central heating and opted to keep the radiators original to the house, we painted those the same color as the walls so they would seamlessly disappear into the background. (On the right in the top photo.)

When it came to the lighting in the living room, in addition to the wall sconces, the space needed more central lighting. Rather than adding wiring to the ceiling for a chandelier, we had the electrician install an electrical socket in the floor in the center of the room for side table lighting. This gave the clients the option of turning on only the table lamps for a more intimate mood.

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Through the process of researching our September Color of the Month and compiling inspiring interiors and decor in this shade, I came across some pretty interesting online debates that verged on hostile. Apparently, defining this color can stir up some heat. Surprising for such a peaceful color. (You’d think we’d picked fire engine red.) Is it possible that a greater internal struggle surfaces not when asking “To be or not to be” but rather…


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My childhood summers consisted of running around with baskets to help my grandfather pick fresh fruits and veggies from the garden. Of course, the watermelons were too heavy for my 5-year-old arms, but that didn’t stop me from sitting by the pool and cradling my one-and-a-half-foot long, freshly-cut watermelon in my lap with the sweet and sticky juices dripping down my face. (I still live by the motto — the messier, the better — when consuming watermelon.) A true staple of summer, watermelon isn’t just an incredibly tasty fruit; it also represents a peachy, melon-pink hue that can instantly brighten any space. Just look at Pantone’s Color of the Year, honeysuckle. Both watermelon and honeysuckle are representing the middle pinks that aren’t quite fuchsia but aren’t tea rose either, and we love ‘em for it.

Sixhands-Wallpapers-Watermelon-Pink-Summer-Fruit-HGTV-DesignHappensVibrant Living Room, Australian House and Garden :: Skater Watermelon Wallpaper, Sixhands Wallpapers

I fell in love with this stunning wallpaper pattern before I even realized it was so appropriately named Skater Watermelon. The intertwining shapes create a mesmerizing design that would be perfect for an accent wall. And like this eclectic and colorful living space proves this pattern can be coordinated with just about any color scheme: teal, green, white, yellow, red and turquoise.

Watermelon-Curtains-Print-Summer-HGTV-DesignHappensWatermelon Print, Sarah Illenberger: Good Weather Exhibition, Gestalten :: Watermelon Accents, Fancy House Road

If you think a watermelon hue can only thrive in the spring and summer, you’re so wrong. It’s actually the perfect color addition for winterized navy-blue walls. White draperies would look gorgeous, but that fruity-pink shade is just the smile-inducing burst of color this room needs. And did you see the rainbow-style, chevron-patterned carpet? That might be my favorite part of all.

Quirky-Watermelon-Designs-Summer-HGTV-DesignHappensWatermelon Bus Stop, Toxel :: Watermelon Building, Flickr user Daquella Manera :: Watermelon Pillow, Etsy / ArtSnack :: Watermelon Car: Inhabitat, image by Rungue at DeviantArt :: Keep Calm Print: We Heart It

Of course I couldn’t leave out the quirky, crafty and artistic representations of this inspirational fruit. Can you imagine how much fun it would be (for once) to wait for public transport in a watermelon room (top, left)? I love the fresh look given to a row of rundown homes by turning the entire left side of the building into a giant, juicy watermelon.

What’s your take on watermelon pink? Do you love it? Hate it? Could smother a room in it from floor to ceiling? Any favorites from this post?

Tell us in the comments below.

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