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We all know that colorful decor can make an significant impact in spaces like the living room, kitchen and bedroom. But what about bright, bold hues in a white bathroom?

House to Home white bathroom with colorful chandelier and clawfoot tub

House to Home :: Photographer Nick Pope

Rainbow-inspired decor, from the elegant chandelier to the striped basket and towel, brightens up this neutral bathroom from House to Home. While not a French empire-style chandelier like the one featured in this space, Urban Outfitters‘ candelabra-style Gypsy Chandelier is equally fun and decadent with its multi-colored acrylic jewels. And at $159, it’s a steal.

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In a few hours, I’ll be loading up my car with seven gallons of frozen water, an old tent and a battery-powered fan that I plan on becoming super tight with this weekend. That’s right, I’m Bonnaroo-bound and making the trek to Manchester, Tenn. for the annual four-day, multi-stage music festival. This year, rapper and entrepreneur Lil Wayne will be one of the festival’s biggest headliners. Whether you’re a hip-hop fan or not, it’s difficult to deny that Lil Wayne is one of the most powerful and influential artists in the rap industry. His elite status got me daydreaming about his digs in Miami.


I pictured extravagant interior architectural details, diamond accents (just because he can) and state-of-the-art gaming and entertainment systems. What I discovered in Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home was not at all what I expected. In a word, the design is very subdued. And the weirdest part of it all? I’d move in right now and not change a decorating detail.



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What’s your color personality? I found out mine by taking the Color Personality Quiz at (the link to the quiz is on the top right of the Find Your Color page). I was totally surprised by how I scored. You must take it, and let me know your results. Who knows — we might be color buddies! Before taking the quiz, I was sure that my effervescent and sarcastic personality would elicit a dramatic or vibrant color palette…


My bubbly side :: My serene side

…but instead, I got: You are natural and serene. (Wait, what?!) Reading on it said: You are drawn to colors derived directly from nature. You appreciate the beauty of the natural world and the peace it provides. Your ideal color palette consists of green, blue and brown. Wow … that’s totally true. I do appreciate nature; I love going hiking in the mountains. Then, I talked about the quiz with my colleagues here at HGTV, they were all saying I have a calm and nurturing personality and reminded me I wear outfits with subtle colors just as often as loud, hot hues. (But can I confess? I really wanted to be a red. Or purple.)

Now it’s your turn. Discover the color palette that best fits with your personality and then dive straight into pictures of color-inspired room ideas. After that, be sure to come back here and share with us your thoughts on your color personality assessment. Was your palette a total match with your personality or did you get something totally unexpected?

Tell us in the comments below.


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When I think about colorful homes, I immediately think about one of my favorite interior designers — Jonathan Adler. He has a penchant for working with color and pattern. And he’s known for creating bright, bold and happy spaces. Thus his brand, his design style: Happy Chic. As I just finished reading his book Happy Chic Colors, I thought an Adler home tour would be a cheerful way to start off the work week.

Jonathan Adler Interior Design

Jonathan Adler Interior Design

This New York residence designed by the Jonathan Adler Design Firm is a perfect example of colorful sophistication. Bright tones are used throughout the space in a way that’s light and fun without being overwhelming.
On To The Dining Room

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Raise your hand if you’re glad it’s summer! I’m certainly happy the sun is making a stunning debut and so is my home’s interior. We practically skipped the spring season here in Knoxville, Tenn., so my home was still feeling the dreary winter blues when summer came along. Not anymore! After lusting over the collection of palettes from HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams, I’m ready to douse my place in paint. Goodbye, beige! Last week, I shared my top five summer design tips and ideas, from outdoor entertaining to decorating with flea market finds, and this week, I’m bringing you my top three ways to decorate with color this summer. Hey, your interior needs to enjoy June, July and August just as much as you do! So grab a paintbrush and take note.

1. Use Classic Palettes: Preppy Hues Aren’t Just for the Country Club Set Anymore


It’s true. You don’t have to be a blue blood to bring a preppy design style to your home. Color combinations once associated with early 80s yuppies, British gentlemen’s clubs and university sororities are finding their way into everyday homes. My favorite style? Subtle yet traditional stripes with a pop of yellow. But then again, my girly side totally adores the Lily Pulitzer-style pairing of pink and green.

More Summer Color Trends After the Jump

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My favorite part of fixing up a home…is picking out paint colors. I love the challenge of finding the perfect hue for creating the mood I want for each space, as well as making sure that when I’m sitting in, say, my living room, I will enjoy the view of that paint color along with the color of the adjacent kitchen as seen through a doorway. So, wouldn’t you know, just when my spouse and I are 95% done renovating our 1922 bungalow, along comes HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams. (Honey, we’re repainting every room!) We have to. The eight fabulous color collections are filled with drool-worthy hues designed for room-to-room harmony. (So helpful!) That means no more clashing room colors — a major painting faux pas!  To top it off, it’s Zero VOC paint that’s available in Flat, Satin and Semi-Gloss. Oh wait, there’s also a complete selection of HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams painting supplies, all the tools needed to get the job done with ease. Visit to see it all.

But first, check out my favorite inspirational rooms from each collection. At the end of this post, I’ll share with you which paint color is my favorite. And I hope you will share yours, too.

LIVABLE LUXE: If you’re style is traditional and you prefer a subtle yet luxurious color palette, Livable Luxe is for you.

interior paint colors - HGTV HOME by Sherwin Williams - Livable Luxe

Livable Luxe Master Bedroom in Special Gray / walls - Snowbound / trim - Wool Skein / hallway


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A while ago, I went to Epcot for an HGTV stage presentation assignment. While on stage, I decided to take a poll from the design-savvy guests on various topics including: color, professional lawn care, slipcovers, sofa pricing and wallpaper. At first, people were hesitant to speak up, especially since the crowds were un-small and my Alpha dog, chop-chop, let’s-get-to-the-point personality can be kinda intimidating. While certain topics such as slipcovers and lawn care warranted less interest from the crowd, color doubled both as a design enthusiast’s punching bag and designer MVP. After six presentations over three days, here are the three hues unanimously agreed on as the most beloved for interiors: gray, blue-gray and languid blues. Take a look through these House Beautiful images to see how these tones work in different rooms of the house. Thank the heavens they didn’t agree on beige. If that were the case, this entire post may never have existed.

HGTV Design Happens - Designer Albert Hadley - House Beautiful

Designer Albert Hadley - House Beautiful

The Big Three

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I just realized that I’ve never shared our front door with you, which is a complete crime, because it’s adorable. Seriously. Take a look:

HGTV Design Happens - Erin Loechner - Yellow Front Door

Yellow tulips, my favorite, are often found on our doorstep.

Because the rest of our home’s exterior is fairly subdued, a bright pop of color was in order (remember when we first painted it?) And the modern finishes up the glam factor.

There’s More to the Front Door

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In March and April, we put the final vote on our Color of the Month to you, our readers. But for May, the debate narrowed down so quickly to a tie that I decided to ask Leanne Potts, our VP of Editorial, to cast the deciding vote. Here’s how she described her pick: This color makes me think of desert skies, Caribbean water and delphinium blossoms. The shade suggests serenity in an age of tumult.

In the week that followed Leanne’s tie-breaking vote, tumultuous events rapidly unfolded, including the outbreak of tornadoes in the South. I think you’ll agree – we all could use an infusion of serenity.

Here’s a small dose in the form of our May Color of the Month:


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I have to admit something. I am a bit of a chair addict. I love finding a fantastic chair in a new shade or pattern. In fact, chairs can be one of the most dynamic accent pieces in your home. Plus, they’re functional, not frivolous. A bright and fun chair can work perfectly in a living room, office, and of course, at the dining room table. And the brighter and bolder the shade, the bigger the wow factor.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

This set of chairs is exactly what I’m talking about. Beautifully designed and in a bold shade of lipstick red, this dining room seating really stands out, especially when placed against an all-white color scheme and the vintage chairs at the head of the table.
More Colorful Chairs

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Color is going in new directions this year. Rich and deep hues are beginning to gain interest, and indigo is at the top of the color trend list. Pantone recently announced that indigo is set to be a major shade in 2012. Not quite blue or purple, it can feel classic, modern and a little bit mysterious all at once. Here’s a look at four ways designers are already using this cool color in interiors.

Elle Decor, indigo table

Elle Decor

Accent pieces are a great way to bring a dose of indigo home. This blue credenza commands attention in a neutral entryway.


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A few weeks ago, I trekked from my temporary home in New York City to Florida for an event at Epcot. After several attempts to inquire as to all that Orlando had to offer, I was quickly corrected by the locals that Disney parks are part of a city called Lake Buena Vista. Hours later, I found myself on a stage presenting one of my projects on creating a mobile container garden.

brian patrick flynn mobile container garden

As a TV producer, my job is to have three backup plans for every great idea should it fall flat. Overall, my job is to ensure content keeps viewers/readers/audiences both informed and engaged. For the sake of not losing the audience to their iPhones, I turned the focus onto the crowd thinking to myself “I wonder if I ask them their likes and dislikes about design and decorating whether they’ll actually tell me.” And did they ever.
Oh, Did They Ever

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Ah, spray paint: The easiest and quickest way to customize just about anything, right? No, spray painting is kinda tough! About 8 years ago when I started working behind the scenes on home makeover shows in Miami, I was mesmerized at exactly what it took to get a good looking finish out of a can of high gloss. Art department and design assistants made it look so easy. For any of you who’ve tried your own hand with canned magic only to end up with a sticky, gloppy, over-sprayed mess, this post’s for you. Now step 8 inches back from the surface of your object and let’s get down to business.

Spray Painting Supplies

To get that perfect sprayed finish, you’ve gotta do some hard time. Not behind bars but behind the paint—with the proper prep. Invest in an orbital sander, medium-grit sanding block, spray primer and a spray paint handle. These things will come in handy time and again. While the orbital sander is ideal for removing heavier finishes from larger, more expansive surfaces, a sanding block will get into tight nooks the orbital cannot. A can of spray primer is essential to getting your first finish coat to adhere properly. The spray handle? We’ll get to that later.

Spray Paint Tips & Tricks

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Even though honeysuckle is Pantone’s color of the year for 2011, have you noticed how green is popping up in home decor? When I was at Maison & Objet earlier this year, I saw green everywhere. It’s always been a difficult color for me to decorate with; there are so many varying shades that I get lost when it comes to a green color palette. But these rooms by some of my favorite designers show how stunning a green room can be.

Pal + Smith

From Grass to Mint to Apple

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About a year ago, I was hired to give an entirely new look to the set of a long-running TV series. The objective? “Fresh color scheme. It can be bold or even dark. Just make sure it’s nothing we’ve seen over and over again.” Um okay! The broad direction had me salivating Pavlovianly; however, the realistic side of me couldn’t help but obsess over too many options being a very, very bad thing. Why? Because we’re so used to palettes we’ve seen and used many times. Trying a color not many people would run out to use is like scary, uncharted territory.

I kept my little notebook of color swatches from that project, all from Benjamin Moore, and decided to list them below. One of these colors actually won although it was nowhere near the top of my shortlist. Take a look-see over these colors and let us know which you’d consider using and which make you want to cut your hair off with a dull butter knife.

Drop Dead GorgeousDrop Dead Gorgeous (1329)

Sweet BasilSweet Basil (455)

See Something You Like?

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Tonight the Saints head to the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history, where they face the Colts, who took home the coveted rings not too long ago and are ready to do it again. Both teams have great stories, incredible quarterbacks (the spirited Drew Brees and the unflappable Peyton Manning) and of course, both wear distinctive team colors every week.

In honor of these two incredible teams, check out these stunning rooms that feature the teams’ palettes (without a piece of sports memorabilia in sight).


Via Living, etc.


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