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So you think you want to thrift but you just haven’t found the inspiration. Let me tell you why I love it!

Thrifting is an affordable way to find unique home decor and clothing. For example, I started thrifting as a means of finding clothes that none of my friends had, at a price that didn’t break the bank.

Design Happens: What We Love About Rashon

Design styles recycle themselves so you can find things that were once old, but are now new.

Don Draper's Office, The Mid-Century ModernistDon Draper’s Office, The Mid-Century Modernist

If you visit a few church swap meets, I’m sure you’ll find authentic pieces of furniture or accessories that inspired the Mad Men phenomena. You may even get a great story to go along with your treasure!

Repurposed Design: Repurposed and Recycled Decorating Projects

Thrifting is also eco-friendly. When you buy a used chair at a garage sale, you’re keeping it out of the landfill and reducing your carbon footprint. Plus, you can repurpose lots of things you find. How about turning a salvaged sink into a bird bath? While helping to save the environment you can get some stylish pieces – could there be anything better?

So…go in search of that perfect mirror, headboard or sofa. And be sure to tell us what you find.

What are you waiting for…the weekend is almost here!

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Say hi to our newest blogger, Rashon Carraway, aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting. If you love rummaging through thrift stores for the perfect design find, you’ll love Rashon’s weekly posts, all about thrifting. They’ll run every Friday starting tomorrow. And if you haven’t made his acquaintance yet, here’s a little about him.
Rashon Carraway, Mr. Goodwill HuntingRashon began blogging under the alias Mr. Goodwill Hunting in 2009 as a way of sharing his love of thrifting with the world. Although a renter, Rashon felt the need to personalize his space without spending a lot of money. As his blog audience grew, he began to open up more about his decorating process, sharing his fantastic finds along the way.

HGTV Blog of the Month: Thrifting With Mr. Goodwill Hunting

In January 2011, Rashon made a guest appearance on the Nate Berkus and was invited back several times during the season. He became a regular guest during season two.

He owns a lifestyle firm, Rashon Carraway Designs, that seeks to help individuals live their best life through thrifting. He is also a wardrobe consultant and event planner.

In the summer of 2011 Rashon created I Love Thrifting Day bringing people together from all over the country to shop and the spread the word about his favorite topic.

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This past Saturday, HGTV staffers hosted an “I <3 Thrifting” party. While Mr. Goodwill Hunting traversed Charlotte, NC, in search of deals, we stormed thrift stores in our HQ city of Knoxville, Tenn.


HGTV Staff (L to R): Jen Moore, Karli Cook, Kelley Walters, Jennifer Leitman, Anne Wilkerson, Kayla Kitts, Nancy Harless

While I only came out with an 80s-style purple skirt and red belt, others hit the jackpot and found antique plates, cupcake stands, vintage fans and kitschy decor. Check out some of our finds:


The West Knoxville team loaded up with goodies at Nostalgia, a local "vintique" market.

Anna joined designer/bloggers Dayka Robinson, of Life + Style, and Erika Ward, of Blulabel Bungalow, in Atlanta for some thrifting fun. (Erika scored the mod lampshades.) While Anna was on the hunt for dining room chairs for this DIY project, she ended up with a rake, a small brass chicken and a vintage Good Housekeeping tin waste can like this.


Anna Millman (second from right) thrifting at Goodwill and My Favorite Place in Atlanta.

Did you participate in “I <3 Thrifting” Day? What city were you in? What amazing thrifty finds did you come out with? Let us know in the comments below.

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Is everyone geared up for “I <3 Thrifting” Day this Saturday, July 9? Rashon’s expanding list of host cities includes Knoxville. If you haven’t heard, staffers are hosting the Knoxville “I <3 Thrifting” event. Other thrifting party cities are Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Houston, Phoenix, Austin, Philadelphia, Denver, LA, DC, Birmingham, Roanoke, Atlanta, Charleston, SC; Portland, OR; Toledo, OH; Raleigh, NC; Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC.


For all the Knoxvillians, we’ve picked our destinations for Saturday. HGTV staffers are splitting into two groups — one’s hitting West Knoxville thrift stores and the other is scouring the racks at shops in Downtown/North Knoxville. Call it a bit of friendly competition. If you’re looking to join us, here’s an idea of where we’ll be:

9AM Breakfast at Panera Bread (4855 Kingston Pike – across from Kroger)

Then splitting off to thrift:

West Knoxville Group

  • KARM Bearden (5917 Kingston Pike)
  • Goodwill Bearden (5307 Kingston Pike)
  • Nostalgia (5214 Homberg Drive)

Downtown/North Knoxville Group

  • Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store (2209 North Central Street)
  • Ladies of Charity (120 W. Baxter Avenue)
  • KARM (733 N. Hall of Fame Drive)
  • Salvation Army (409 N. Broadway Street)
  • Hot Horse (108 E. Jackson Avenue)
  • Goodwill On Campus/17th Street (713 17th Street)

If you want to join up with us later in the morning, we’ll be tweeting at every location using the Twitter hashtag #ilovethrifting.

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Last month we introduced you to Mr. Goodwill Hunting (aka Rashon Carraway) in our Blogger of the Month feature. While chatting about his blog and awesome thrifting skills, Rashon tipped me off that Saturday, July 9th is “I Love Thrifting” Day. So what is I <3 Thrifting Day? Rashon says, “I’m encouraging all my followers and others to join in and descend upon thrift stores to show a solid front.” Together designers and style-conscious folks in the online community can bring attention to the importance of repurposed design and their love of thrifting.


With several avid thrifters and fans of Mr. Goodwill Hunting on staff, we knew we couldn’t pass this event up. So, the HGTV Design Happens team has decided to host an I <3 Thrifting event in the city where we are based—Knoxville, Tenn.! So, if your close by, come and join us! We’d love to meet you. Check back for more details on where and when.

Or you can go thrifting with the designers hosting thrifting in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Roanoke, Va., Columbia, S.C., Charlotte, N.C. and Toledo, Ohio. Plus, continue to check Rashon’s blog and Facebook page for host updates in your city. Even if there’s not an official host near you, you can communicate with those participating in the event by using the Twitter hashtag #ilovethrifting to find interested folks in your community that may want to meet up and shop!

And don’t forget to order an I <3 Thrifting t-shirt to proudly wear around your city. (I’m getting the pink one!)

What are your I <3 Thrifting plans for July 9?

Tell us in the comments below.

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While I totally think the world of my father and his slightly-off sense of humor, I absolutely loathe buying gifts for the man. And as I creep into mid-thirtysomething territory at warp speed, I start to think of what exactly I’d want if/when I have rugrats of my own. Sure, I work in the design industry, so it’s pretty much a sure thing I’m gonna want something decorative, personal and meant for my home; however, there’s a fine line between classic masculine and cliche dude styles. Beer steins and pool tables? No. Pinstripes and Milo Baughman-esque finishes? Oh, why yes, yes indeed, that sounds remarkably wonderful. If you’re struggling, trying to think of timeless home-related gifts for Dad, check out some of these great finds available online or through showrooms. Then, after that, toss those beer can koozies in the trash or set them on fire. Happy Father’s Day!

Boxsal Boombox and Boxsal Briefcase

If you ever thought picnics and Big Daddy mixed together just sounded kinda wrong, think again. Boxsal creates eco-conscious, disposable picnic sets that rock, literally. One of them, Urban Picnic, is a cardboard replica of an old-school boombox. The other, Office Escape, is a cardboard version of a classic leather briefcase. Both open up to reveal components essential to enjoying delicious bites outdoors.

Scotland Throw

Buck the velvet artwork of dogs playing poker and instead consider wrapping Dad in something classic. The Scotland Forever Throw available through is something that will keep any father warm and snugly as well as timelessly cool at the same time. Made of lambswool, it’s available in several colors and retails for $105.


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Okay, before we dive into the stunning interior design work and jaw-dropping thrifting skills of Mr. Goodwill Hunting (aka Rashon Carraway), I have to comment on his killer wardrobe.


So sophisticated! So suave! (And handsome, too, yes?) Rashon told me, “My dress definitely influences my interior design style. I believe most people can have a comfortable space if they create a home that directly resembles their wardrobe.” Let’s take a look at his living room, shall we?


One of my favorite aspects of the blog Mr. Goodwill Hunting is that Rashon not only shares the treasures he finds for his clients, he also shares decor updates and design ideas from his own home. His love of interior design and repurposed decor is instantly evident in his living room. What a stunning space. What was once an outdated, striped sofa, Rashon reupholstered for a fresh, contemporary look. And while Rashon says his living room is “in process”, I think it looks magnificent as is.
More on Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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Is one of your rooms in desperate need of an accessories makeover? Say goodbye to naked walls, empty shelves and outdated decor by uploading pictures or videos of your accessory-starved space for the chance to win up to $500 in brand new home decor from And this month, designer Claire Watkins is going to make over one lucky person’s room from the entries received. So don’t wait any longer! Show HGTV just how much your space needs a helping hand and you could win.


Now, back to the question. What home accessories would you buy with $500? Personally, my living room is feeling a little tired, so here are my top five accessory picks/needs. Share yours, too!

Kayla’s Living Room Accessory Wish List:

1. A sleek and stylish area rug to make the living room feel more cozy

2. Matching frames and new artwork to give my photo wall a more balanced and cohesive look

3. Brand new accent and throw pillows that haven’t lost their form

4. An eye-catching floor lamp to illuminate the entire room

5. Antique and vintage knickknacks to liven up my bookshelves

Remember, upload pictures or videos of your accessory-starved space for the chance to win up to $500 in home decor from

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As a decorator, I admit to being a major fabric snob, and when I say snob, I mean addict. For years, I’ve enabled my high-end fabric addiction by shopping solely at to-the-trade-only showrooms which non-professional decorators or designers can’t get into. Since this is all part of how I make my living, there’s no need for a 12 Step Program even though my reasoning is somewhat out of whack. I’d rather spend $12 on a chair, then use a $50 per yard fabric to recover its seat cushion than the other way around.

My to-the-trade-only situation recently changed—thanks to my amazing project manager, Dayka. She brought me to a magical place where everyone is welcome to purchase designer fabrics without enormous designer price tags, Calico Corners. Of all their offerings, I fell in love mostly with those from Thom Filicia and Iman. While I go pick up custom pillows and tableskirts made from them, you go scroll down and take a look-sie.

Iman Punkab Peacock Fabric

Iman’s “Punjab Peacock” is $39.19 per yard shown in Radicchio.

Check Out More Budget-Chic Fabrics

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Can cookware and utensils serve as the center of style in your kitchen? Yes, with help from celebrity-chef Rachel Ray. Rachael’s line of cooking tools pulls double duty — as sanity-saving gadgets and as gorgeous pieces you’d won’t need to shove in the cabinet as soon as the doorbell rings. (We’re looking at you rusty, dented cookie sheet.)

Rachael Ray Products

We’ve partnered with the Food Network Store to bring Rachael’s super-smart (and super-stylish) kitchenware to Freebie Fridays. We’re giving away two of the most-wanted Rachael Ray products. First, there’s her Chocolate Casseroval (4.25 qt.), perfect for serving yummy goodness right out of the dish. (Breakfast casserole, tater tot casserole, chicken casserole, tuna casserole — well, maybe not tuna casserole.) It’s accompanied by one of Rachel’s Blue Stripe Moppine Oven Mitts, an uber-absorbent mitt/kitchen towel combo. Cool, yes? Answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, February 28, for a chance to win this stylish duo.

This week’s question: What’s the handiest, good-looking kitchen gadget you’ve ever owned?

Click for official rules.

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Unless you’ve spent the past decade on the U.S. space station orbiting Mars, you’ve probably heard of something called Craigslist. Much like outer space or, perhaps, the fictional Land of Oz, it’s a wondrous, dubious place we’re still trying to figure out. Whether you’re hocking hand-me-downs or picking up mid-century sofas for less than a tank of gas, the site can be overwhelming.

Capella Kincheloe

For the ins and outs of conquering Craigslist, I turned to Atlanta-based interior designer, blogger and Craigslist enthusiast, A Curated Lifestyle’s own Capella Kincheloe. From when to search and what to search for, here’s what she had to say.
Best Days to Shop Craigslist and More

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Before becoming a professional decorator, I’d bury my head in great design catalogs weekly; afterward, notsomuch. A few months into my career, I realized my job was to ensure that clients’ homes were NOT filled with things everyone had easy access to. Magically, my studio became catalog-free.

Sometimes there’s a stigma attached to catalog decorating—one that oftentimes is rather true. For some odd reason, many people tend to buy EVERYTHING they see in a single image. Instead of ending up with a beautifully coordinated room, they end up with Page 7. The key to designing with catalogs is simple—just don’t buy everything from the same one. You know how your Mom told you to share your toys with friends? Well, share your money and your square footage with different mail-order retailers, darnit!

Nowadays, I’m a huge fan of designing with catalogs. In fact, some are so well prop-styled and art-directed, that I enjoy flipping through them just as much as my favorite shelter magazines. Here’s the rundown on eight great catalogs every designer or design lover truly should be subscribing to. They’re free, they show up in your mailbox and you don’t have to leave to house to purchase stuff. What’s not to like?
Check Out My Go-To Shopping Guides

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Mark Your Calendars:

Fall ushers in more than cooler temperatures and falling leaves. It also kicks off a busy time in the design community. You’ll likely want to include (at least) one of these events on your to-attend list:

Design by William Sofield

National Design Week runs October 9th through 17th in New York City, including the big awards bash on the 14th. But don’t fret if you don’t live in NYC. A wide-range of events are produced across the country, in association with National Design Week. Visit their website to see what’s going on in Boise, Idaho. Missoula, Montana. Even Little Rock, Arkansas.


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I’m obsessed with Target’s designer collaborations, from handbags to home goods. I spent an entire paycheck on their Liberty of London collection (yes, my watering can does match my blouse).


The retailer has upped the ante by announcing their new home goods collaboration with New York designer, John Derian.


You can purchase Derian’s vintage-style accessories and quirky art at Target stores and online starting September 5. If you can’t wait until then, check out the preview sale from Gilt Groupe this Friday at 9am.

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The holidays truly are the most wonderful time of the year. Once you get past all the stress and rushing about, then you can enjoy family, friends, decorating, and celebrating. If your shopping isn’t finished, consider giving some Christmas decorations as gifts. This button pillow is the perfect holiday accent. These star ornaments can adorn your tree, but then accent a wreath or other home item long after the holiday season. This glass Nativity from NOVICA is affordable Christmas art for your home. Finish your shopping with ideas from our gift lists here.

cheerpillowstars nativity

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menorahHanukkah begins at sunset on December 11th. There is still time to pick up some nice new items for your celebration. Check out the beautiful vinyl wall cling, a variety of Menorahs, Dreidels, and some kid-friendly Hanukkah-themed toys for the kids, along with  many other gift items. This Menorah, for example, is a contemporary, yet elegant addition to your collection. Since it is crafted from polished aluminum, it will not tarnish, but should stand the test of time for future generations.

Visit our Hanukkah Celebration wishlist here.

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Christmas is finally here. It is close enough to December to get out the tree and start enjoying all of your holiday decor. One thing I want this year is new appetizer plates. We are going to have some gatherings at our house, and this will allow for a whole new look without breaking the bank. These Red Velvet Appetizer plates are perfect for the holidays, but will also work all year long. The precious Santa plates are great if you have any parties that include kids, or kids at heart. The Reindeer plates have a fun, modern theme but are still appropriate for any Christmas gathering. With so many great options, it is too bad I can’t get them all!


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The clock is ticking down: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are days away. Feeling those Christmas-shopping butterflies? No fears – this year, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for your loved ones in dozens of cool categories (HGTV fans, trendsetters, pet lovers, craft fanatics and more). Before you hit the mall or surf the Web in search of deals, check out HGTV’s Holiday Gift Guide. We might just have what you’re looking for.

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