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You know the frustration of not being able to find a pen or paper anywhere in the house and instead having to scribble something important down on the back of a piece of mail with a carrot or lipstick, right? That’s how I felt a few months ago while trying to source pinstripe fabric to upholster a client’s master bedroom walls. No matter where I looked, I couldn’t find a decent pinstripe to save my life. What the hell is wrong with the world when a guy can’t find a decent pinstripe ANYTHING? Did Joan Crawford buy every damn yard of pinstripe in her heyday for her famous power suits? But I digress. As pinstriped products started to surface after some serious sourcing, I promised myself I’d try and make life easier for any other design lovers looking for menswear-centric materials. From discount fabric to ready-made window cornices, here’s a half dozen doozies sporting pinstriped perfection. Now that all is fine and dandy with my menswear quest, I’m currently sourcing pear, white and tangerine geometric wallpaper fit for a nursery. Guess how that’s going? Let’s just say there will be another post in a few months just like this one.

Stretch Pinstripe

The Stretch Pinstripe Short Dining Room Chair Cover in black from Sure Fit is a cost-effective way (only $14.99) to add a menswear touch to existing dining chairs. Although available in several colors, the black color way looks the most chic.

Pinstripe Suiting

As far as what I ended up using for the aforementioned master bedroom walls, I came across this insanely affordable 1/4 Pinstripe Suiting Fabric in Navy/Black from for $6.98 per yard. When using fabric on walls, you can go two different routes: have an upholsterer add batting to the walls, then fully upholster them, or drop the fabric bolt off to be backed with acrylic. To budget appropriately, keep in mind that decent backing runs about $10 per yard.

The Shades Store

Hands down, the best pinstripe fabric out there is British fashion designer Paul Smith‘s “Bespoke” line for Maharam. The Shade Store carries customizable cornices sure to give any window a tailored, menswear-inspired look. I will tell you what will not give a window a tailored look: plastic mini-blinds. Blech, I feel like those monsters sit perched in windows, peering at me just waiting to steal my soul.

Thomas O'Brien Menswear

American designer Thomas O’Brien is known for his classic, masculine style. Luckily for us, that style is available to all quite affordably through Target. The Menswear Duvet – Espresso looks like custom bedding; however, it’s mass-produced and less than a hundred smackeroos. Considering the fact that dudes can’t even get a decent pair of jeans for less than $100, I’d say this deal is superb.


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Confession: I’m kind of a Hunger Games fangirl. If you’re not already familiar with the gripping trilogy of young-adult sci-fi novels, you will be soon, because it’s about to get Harry Potter huge. I saw another woman my age reading the second book in the series alone at a bar the other day. She’d taken the dust jacket off, but wasn’t fooling me. And who’d want to hide their fandom anyway when you can sport it with cool goods, like this crochet pop art mockingjay blanket?

hunger games blanket

Superfan Shylah Addante puts her passion for the books into yarn, and the results are always amazing. You can check out the other Panem-inspired blankets she’s created at DeviantART and purchase some from her Etsy store. (Provided that other fans like yours truly don’t snap them up first.) Seriously, if this post makes no sense to you, get a move on and read those books before the first film adaptation comes out in March 2012! And if it does make sense, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

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Fall is fast approaching, but I’m trying to look on the bright side. And it doesn’t get much brighter than this Crate and Barrel Exclusive Marimekko Kumina Orange Tablecloth, does it?
marimekko tableclothThe moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! The famous Finnish fashion and textile company has teamed up with Crate and Barrel again for The Marimekko Shop, dedicated to their brightly-colored and dazzlingly-patterned products. You can shop online through Crate and Barrel’s website, or you can visit one of the five select Crate and Barrel locations now open with a Marimekko Shop inside. I’m really feeling this tablecloth’s autumnal palette and harvest print, and think it could class up a Halloween party or make a punchy Thanksgiving tablescape. Maybe I’m falling for fall after all…

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Are you looking for towels that are modern, featuring bright colors or bold stripes…and that feel incredible? That’s exactly what I found on a trip to the Eastern Market in Washington, D.C. My sister and I came across the Bath Style booth, and they specialize in Turkish bath towels, or peshtemals. I could not get over their beauty. I knew I absolutely had to learn more about these hand-woven pieces and what other incredible designs are coming of Turkey. After a bit of digging, I came across some beautiful Turkish designs that range from bath towels to rugs, pillows and even ceramics. My four picks offer perfect ways to infuse culture, color and one-of-a-kind design in your home.

While Turkish bath towels can’t be found everywhere just yet, the Etsy shop Bath Style has an incredible array in stock. Peshtemals are known for their absorbency and unique styles, which are representative of different regions in the country. I think these towels are so appealing, why limit their use just to a bathroom? They would make gorgeous table cloths or throws for a casual living room.

Yastik, based in Istanbul, presents a new collection of Turkish pillows every season. “Yastik” is the Turkish word for cushions, and these cushions are absolute works of art. The colors and attention to detail in each one is breathtaking. I’d love to have an entire collection at home.


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A few months ago when I was strolling through design centers in New York and in Atlanta, I was blown away by the selection of high-end looking indoor/outdoor fabrics and rugs which sacrifice neither style nor substance. While many had price tags that rival the cost of my own home’s kitchen renovation, some were quite reasonable. Fast forward four months, and I now own many of them and actually sneak outside (albeit only for a short 13 minutes) to use them. You see, summertime makes me wanna punch the sun in the face. Being from Florida, all this sweaty season makes me think of is intense humidity, puffy hair and daily 3:00pm splash-’n-dash thunderstorms. Fortunately, I’ve found that some summertastic indoor/outdoor decor that has the power to de-Scrooge me and make me more like a temporary outdoorsy Tiny Tim. So before you run outside and see your follicles start mushroom-clouding, take a look at some of these awesome indoor/outdoor, mildew-resistant products which will make the intense summer a little more bearable. Well, aesthetically-speaking, that is. Come to think of it, maybe the sun needs a makeover. Can large masses of solar-system sustaining energy be on HGTV or does that propose a conflict? Ha!

Sunbrella Velveteen

Velvet you can use outside. Um, like, thank you Sunbrella! Velveteen comes in an assortment of colors and feels amazing to lounge on. Also an excellent idea to use it indoors if you want a glamorous look but have not-so-glamorous, tantrum-throwing little ones who often spill sippy cups on your upholstery.

Outdoor Cabana Trim

Donghia has taken indoor/outdoor upholstery detail to the next level. Their cabana line includes tassles and trim to add that extra layer of designer touch to your outdoor draperies or furniture.

Trina Turk Outdoor Fabric

Sure, all us designers have known about Trina Turk’s line of indoor/outdoor fabric for Schumacher for a few years now, but the new color ways including vivid pinks and greens introduce a fresh palette with that classic Palm Springs touch she brings to everything she designs.
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While lime is HGTV’s Color of the Month for July, its deeper, darker cousin — emerald green — is the rising “it” color. Where fashion goes, home decor soon follows, and last year emerald green kept popping up on runways. Now, it’s trending in interior design portfolios. This jewel-tone provides a rich backdrop and a touch of elegant sophistication when used for accessorizing. I hope you like some of my favorite luxe emerald green rooms that are sure to inspire.

Emerald Green Living Room via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Emerald green furnishings, combined with the screens, chandelier and moldings, take this living room “pinned” on Pinterest from stuffy to lively. My favorite element is the patchwork rug that has been dyed to bring the varying shades of green together in this space.

Coastal Living :: Photographer Lisa Romerein

Coastal Living :: Photographer Lisa Romerein

For a fresh coastal mix bring emerald green pieces together with turquoise accessories.  This room featured in Coastal Living is light, airy and perfect for the summer season in a refreshing color palette.


Lonny :: Interior Designer Miles Redd

For a rich look, go with your favorite shade of emerald and place it on the walls. Designer Miles Redd shows that this hue is a beautiful backdrop for a room with a mix of colors and pattern.

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So, today is moving day for me! Well, lease-signing day. And that means I have brand new bare windows and walls…a blank slate to go design crazy. No matter what design I choose for my new abode, draperies/shades are something I absolutely cannot live without and must go up — fast. (There’s nothing worse than waking up to a blinding ray of sunlight in your face or introducing yourself to neighbors in a way you never intended.) What I love about roller shades is that you can pair them with floor-to-ceiling draperies for a dramatic and sophisticated look or let them shine on their own. So if you’re looking for some budget-friendly, easy-to-make window treatments, check out this roller shade embellishment project. (You won’t believe how easy it is! No sewing involved.)


This teenage girls’ bedroom gets an instant boost of color and detail with the addition of green rick-rack to the bottom of crisp, white roller shades. If rick-rack isn’t your style, you can use any kind of upholstery trim: grosgrain ribbon, bullion fringe, gimp and jute burlap trim, to name a few. Various trim styles allow you to be as elegant or playful as you like. So grab some plain roller shades in your ideal hue, find a gorgeous trim and get crafty! has a detailed materials list and step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) to help you out along the way.

Come back after you’ve finished the project, and let us know how your shades turned out! If you’ve already embarked on a shade embellishment project, share your tips and suggestions with everyone in the comments below.

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I believe there can never be enough prints in a room. The mixing, matching and layering of prints is an art form in itself, giving an interior a warm, cozy and collected look. From white, modern spaces that layer on prints with basic furnishings and accessories, to rooms with a mix of patterns that travel from the walls to the floors, here are some of my favorite gorgeous printed rooms that are sure to inspire.

Diane Bergeron

Designer Diane Bergeron

Australian designer Diane Bergeron has a knack for finding amazing textiles and curating a room with them. Here, two chairs in purple ikat upholstery and another in leafy blooms sit across from each other on a black and white rug. The stark white walls and dark wood floors allow the mix of prints and colors to stand together without competing with one another.

Emily Henderson

Designer Emily Henderson

HGTV Design Star Emily Henderson has an incredible eye for mixing prints and patterns. This reading nook featuring a tartan covered wall and striped wingback chair shows how a mix of bold patterns can generate beautiful masculine appeal.

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Try this. In a second, I want you to close your eyes and think about a color that is at the same time both searing hot and exhilaratingly cool. Sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but try it. Close your eyes…

…so what color did you see? Let us know at the end of this post if what you pictured in your mind’s eye matches our pick for HGTV’s June Color of the Month…a hue that both sizzles and chills.
Here It Is…

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I am absolutely smitten with the Mexican embroidery trend in fashion right now. From dresses to tops, the traditional designs on whites, bright blues, yellows, oranges and pinks are so refreshing.

mexican otami textile

Inspired by the fashion industry’s lead, I wanted to find some home products featuring similar designs. Enter Otami textiles. These brightly colored coverlets, known as tenangos, are handcrafted by Otami Indians in Hidalgo, Mexico. With a pattern as bold as this, you could make over your bedroom in the time it takes to spread it over your bed.

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Don’t you just love the beauty of fresh flowers at home? Every week, I head to the local farmer’s market and purchase bunches of flowers to place in my living room (peonies are my favorite). They are the most amazing pick-me-up. While I love my regular trip to the market, it would be so nice to be surrounded by flowers every day, no matter the season. These rooms highlight the sheer beauty of floral prints, and how you can make them a part of your interior throughout the year.

Green Master Bedroom with floral de Gournay silk walk panels, Nate Berkus, Elle Decor

Ellen Decor

Nate Berkus used silk wall panels by de Gournay to create a secret garden in this bedroom. The hand-painted flowers are light, whimsical and absolutely charming.

Fresh Flowers Vs. Floral Prints

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In the fashion world, we’ve seen the ombre trend in everything from clothing to nail polish. Little by little, textiles in the ombre style are finding their way into home decor. From the French, meaning “shaded,” ombre refers to a centuries old technique for dyeing or weaving fabrics. The process is used to create a gentle progression of color from light to dark. Depending on the depth of tones and the range of the gradation, the effect can be dramatic or ethereal. Ombre textiles can add a light and airy feel to any space. They can also lend a nature-inspired touch to your home, as ombre shades can echo the deepening red and orange tones that are found in a summer sunset, the blues and greens of tropical ocean waters or the edging of blush to dark pink on rose petals.

Anthropologie, Wavering Ombre Curtains, HGTV Design Happens

Wavering Ombre Curtain, Anthropologie

Anthropologie’s Wavering Ombre Curtain is definitely a favorite on my list and comes in pretty dip-dyed shades of turquoise, coral and plum.


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As a decorator, I admit to being a major fabric snob, and when I say snob, I mean addict. For years, I’ve enabled my high-end fabric addiction by shopping solely at to-the-trade-only showrooms which non-professional decorators or designers can’t get into. Since this is all part of how I make my living, there’s no need for a 12 Step Program even though my reasoning is somewhat out of whack. I’d rather spend $12 on a chair, then use a $50 per yard fabric to recover its seat cushion than the other way around.

My to-the-trade-only situation recently changed—thanks to my amazing project manager, Dayka. She brought me to a magical place where everyone is welcome to purchase designer fabrics without enormous designer price tags, Calico Corners. Of all their offerings, I fell in love mostly with those from Thom Filicia and Iman. While I go pick up custom pillows and tableskirts made from them, you go scroll down and take a look-sie.

Iman Punkab Peacock Fabric

Iman’s “Punjab Peacock” is $39.19 per yard shown in Radicchio.

Check Out More Budget-Chic Fabrics

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After 6 months designing the perfect Danish modern-ish, L-shaped sectional for my mid-century ranch, I’d decided on the right fabric—a black-brown velvet from Kravet. Oh, my friends, you can betcha it was sure to be the most tantalizing textile in all of my 1,560 square feet. My upholsterer’s team walked it through the back door, I took a dive onto the 11-foot long masterpiece and basked in its brilliance—until I brought a shed-happy white rescue Terrier home days later.

My point, and I do have one, is that velvet is a very complex fabric to deal with. Take it from me, I’ve had to work like crazy to keep my beloved sofa from entering the gates of furniture heaven. From durability and stitching to colors and placement, there’s so much to take into consideration. And, believe it or not, much like that ridiculous “no white after Labor Day rule,” there’s some times of the year to put the velvet away. Let’s discuss—after I cover my own velvet sofa with bedsheets, of course.

Brian Patrick Flynn Velvet SofaVelvet Sofa as Seen on Wallpaper Collective

First up, what is velvet and why does it feel so darn luxurious? Well, it’s usually made from silk, which means a very high cost per yard, or cotton, which is closer to a medium price point. Those two evoke the true, sensuous feeling we often associate with such a romantic textile. Synthetic velvets (silk mixed with viscose, polyester or nylon) are often the most affordable and the most durable. The latter is the best route to go if you’re a dog-allowed-on-furniture type like I am. Its range in color pretty much spans the entire rainbow; Knoll has some of the punchiest hues. Azure (blue-grey) and Lipstick (fire engine red) are unlike anything else out there.

Not a Velvet Elvis in Site

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Shopping on Larchmont Boulevard the other day, one of my favorite streets in L.A. for one-of-a-kind items and great cafes, I stopped by my friend’s salon, Marcie Bronkar’s Home Couture, to check out her great holiday window display.

Marcie is a very talented textile designer, and a seasoned veteran of both the fashion and home-furnishings industries, and happily, somewhat of a mentor to me. Her new salon is not only exquisitely put together, but offers her Home Couture line of fabrics for the first time outside of Quadrille (a to-the-trade showroom), as well as her new ultra-luxe, Cloth & Paper fabric and wallpaper collection.

You know it’s good when I was coveting the drapery in this fabulous room from Elle Decor (Nov. 2010), only to find out the curtains are made from Marcie’s Home Couture “Gypsy Dance” fabric! What are the odds? Her luxurious-yet-modern take on paisley, so perfectly designed for draperies, places the pattern at the top and bottom of the windows. And notice how the same print gracefully winds up on the bottom of the over-sized arm chair. It’s brilliant. And of course, it’s hers.

More of Marcie’s Colorful Designs

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Ikat, a centuries-old dying and weaving technique, is experiencing a renaissance. It’s a great way to bring in global style and hot colors.

Elle Decor, Ellen Pompeo's Den


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Suzani prints are the perfect way to bring color home. These 18th-century textiles were traditionally made by brides in Central Asia to present to the groom on their wedding day. Now, three centuries later, they’re adding an exotic touch to modern interiors.

Elle Decor

I love these gorgeous embroidered textiles. The traditional moon disk and floral patterns make them versatile enough to be the perfect accent piece in any room.
Get Exotic

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Who can forget that gorgeous Paul Smith pillow resting on Big and Carrie’s sofa in Sex And The City 2?

Elle Decor

That simple yet elegant cushion is a prime example of a watercolor print, one of my favorite new trends. Watercolor prints look like they’ve been painted on the fabric (some may actually have been) and add a sense of artistry to a space that I love.
Become an Impressionista

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Anisha Ghosh is the founder of California-based, Saffron Marigold. Anisha and her small crew of dedicated employees create lush, block-printed linens inspired by (and made in) her native India. Anisha gave us the 411 on what drove her to found her own textiles business and showed us her new Maharaja collection.

1. What got you into designing home décor?

The idea to build a small business first came to me when I was a young bride, having just arrived in the U.S. I longed to decorate my home with beautiful Indian textiles. I wanted their vibrancy to help lift the feelings of homesickness that frequently washed over me.
I also wanted to create a small business that is fully committed to the arts and crafts revival and fair trade practices. After months of taking classes, traveling, researching and conceptualizing, Saffron was launched in January 2005.

2. What inspires your designs?
More From Anisha

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