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Circium rivulare ‘Atropurpureum’, the floral star of the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show

I spent a glorious five days immersed in London’s garden culture and came away with some definite garden trends during my visit to the Chelsea Flower Show and beyond. Garden expert Lucy Summers took me on a whirlwind tour of Chelsea — in the rain, no less — and pointed out some of the flowers, plants and trends that made special cameos this year at Chelsea:


One of the gold-winning gardens at Chelsea was Dan Pearson’s gorgeous, rambling Laurent-Perrier Chatsworth Garden that looked, with its woodsy plantings of ferns, rhododendron and grasses, like a slice of wilderness plopped down onto the Chelsea showgrounds. Crowds loved it, and the garden took home one gold medal and Best Show Garden awards.


Summers pointed out the profusion in many of the Chelsea show gardens of Queen Anne’s lace, ferns, alliums (always on trend at Chelsea), angelica, Circium rivulare ‘Atropurpureum’ and classic British lupines. Like Versace or Tom Ford dresses at the Academy Awards, these show garden favorites popped up again and again. Be ahead of the curve and plant them in your space!


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As you read this, I’m enjoying my first week-long vacation from work since this time last year. I love my job, but this holiday is way overdue. While I’m gone I’ll be spending some time at a bed and breakfast in North Carolina with my husband and some friends. I always get a lot of design inspiration from the B&Bs, rental homes and hotels I stay in while traveling, because I find that I’m exposed to styles outside my normal comfort zone, which is a great way to get new ideas.

Today’s eye candy is a home designed by Angelica Henry for a jet-setting family who wanted the resort-style amenities that they enjoy during their travels in their own ranch home. Check it out:

Grand Sitting Room Boasts Rustic Wooden Ceiling

Design by Angelica Henry Designs

The communal living spaces evoke the feel of a Western-style guest lodge with tall ceilings clad in hardwood, rustic architectural beams, soaring fireplaces and comfortable, conversational seating.

Master Bedroom Boasts Hotel Luxury

Design by Angelica Henry Designs

The luxury continues in the bedrooms with rich, light-blocking draperies, a statement chandelier and a show-stopping fireplace. Also, cool detail alert: The bed is on a bottom-lit platform that makes the platform look as if it’s floating above the floor.

Master Suite Boasts Resort-Style Shower

Design by Angelica Henry Designs

No luxury getaway is complete without a spa-like bathroom. How about a huge, walk-in shower with a fish tank? That’s not something you see very often!

Rustic Boys' Room With Twin Bunk Beds

Design by Angelica Henry Designs

The best vacation homes can pack in a lot of guests without sacrificing comfort, and this bunk room is a perfect example of how to do that well. Each bed has its own private space with storage below. Above the beds is a private fort — what kid wouldn’t love hanging out there?

Interested in learning more about this home? Read more about it and see the rest of the photos.

Did you know that all of these images are shoppable? Click on your favorite image above to head to the HGTV Photo Library and look for the “Shop This Look” button on photos for more details.

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015

In the coming weeks, I’ll be visiting and reporting from the 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London on behalf of HGTV and HGTVGardens and soaking up all that is floral, botanical, design and style-centric in this incredible city.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 Brewin Dolphin Garden

The Brewin Dolphin Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012, designed by Cleve West and awarded Best in Show.

HGTV Heads to London

  • Tell Your Friends has collected images of some of the most ghostly abandoned places from around the world — every single one of which has its own special charm. On one hand, it’s as if the people in these places just suddenly disappeared. On the other, it’s also intriguing to see how some things that used to belong to people are slowly being reclaimed by nature.

31 Photographs That Will Give You Goose Bumps >>

Haunting Images

Photo Courtesy: Chris Gray

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As of today, the U.S. has received five medals (two gold and three bronze) at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. We rocked it at alpine skiing, figure skating, freestyle skiing and snowboarding. We have 13 more days to keep bringing those medals home!

Mood Board Monday: 2014 Winter OlympicsGold: Model | Bars | Trim — Silver: Balloons | Jaime King | Architecture — Bronze: Flowers | Car | Model

Come back every Monday for an inspirational mood board. Miss a day? See all the posts here.

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Design Exchange (DX), Canada’s Design Museum, opens its playful exhibition “This is Not A Toy,” guest curated by musician and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, today until May 19, 2014. (If you’ve seen his Miami penthouse on HGTV’s, then you know he loves his designer toys.)

This Is Not a Toy

The exhibition takes its name from the disclaimer found on packaging for objects that may be called toys, but aren’t meant for play. Ranging in price from just a few dollars to thousands more, these figures are part merchandise, part art. While the creators of these art toys may utilize technical methods of mass production, they do so in a way that produces variation, unique expression and limited edition objects. Instigator and co-curator John Wee Tom and DX associate curator Sara Nickelson, along with Williams, present a tightly-edited presentation of work from over a dozen of the most prolific toy designers and contemporary fine artists in the collectibles category. “This is Not A Toy” transforms DX’s Exhibition Hall into a candy-colored space evoking genuine happiness through exuberant, imaginative works. The exhibition will even feature prized items from Williams’ personal art collection.

This Is Not a Toy

This Is Not a Toy

Rainbow Vortex by FriendsWithYou at This is Not a Toy

With its origins in 80s and 90s graffiti culture, the small release toy is an underground art form that at once represents rebellion and playfulness. At the same time a product of consumer culture and a defensible piece of art, these works both reject and appropriate familiar consumer imagery, and manipulate household names, cartoons and cultural icons. The result is a powerful one, shifting control from brand to artist and finally, to consumer. Some artists manipulate and leverage familiar visual communication as tribute or provocation, while others create their own original forms, characters and worlds to convey their ideas of a more affected existence.

This Is Not a Toy

Master Control & Carne by DOMA, alongside FriendsWithYou’s Cloudy, an animated short film, & Misaki Kawai’s Pink Arty

This Is Not a Toy

Experience design at the Design Exchange. Check out the exhibit starting today.

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I don’t know about you, but the scorching temperatures of August have me daydreaming about cool waters and global getaways. Since my vacation is still weeks away, gazing at these gorgeous pools from around the world will have to do. I’m hoping my next vacation will be a pool-hopping voyage across the globe.

poolsTurkey | Mauritius | Thailand | Maldives | Chile | Mexico | Thailand | Greece

Love these pools? Be sure to check out our great pool landscaping ideas!

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Turning your ordinary writing utensils into your favorite pens, the Seven Year Pen greens up your office supplies, writing up to 6.5 feet a day for 7 years (uh, can you say “hand cramp?”). Available in colorful designs and clever graphics, the best part about these pens is that they’re eco-friendly — reducing waste by increasing the barrel size inside each pen up to six times the amount in your everyday BIC.

EXTRA: Eco-Friendly Home Improvement and Building Products >>

Happy Earth Day!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that a new pope, Pope Francis, was elected on March 13. The biggest news, though, is that he’s the first non-European pope in history. (Jorge Mario Bergoglio is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.) With Italy being all over the news, I figured I’d take this opportunity to give you a virtual vacay to Roma this Monday morning. Sit back and enjoy, friends.

Mood Board Monday: When In RomeAll the Days Ordained / Design in Progress / Why Go: Italy / 100 Layer Cake / Flickr / Glamgerous / Bloun Artinfo

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Recently, we have noticed that readers (you) are searching for “Spanish-style” decor ideas. Is it because this is Hispanic Heritage Month, perhaps? Whatever the reason, what better time than now to highlight these stunning handmade plates from Spain?!

Made from enamels and 24k gold, these plates come in a variety of sizes from just over three inches to over 13 inches in diameter. Que bonita!
Spanish Plate
Spanish Plate

More Spanish-Style Talk:

Spanish-Inspired Outdoor Spaces
Spanish-Inspired Rooms
Spanish-Inspired Design Ideas

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You may recall, I hate camping. And yet, here I am — delighted once again by something that involves sleeping outdoors. Perhaps I do like the idea of camping and just detest the actual activity? Whatever — I’ll self-diagnose some other time.

Look at this! You (not me), but YOU can now camp suspended from a tree on top of a Bavarian mountain in Germany. It’s sort of crazy, but it’s sort of awesome (again, for you — not me).

Tree Camping in Germany

What do you think? Are you brave enough to hang out  in nature? I’ll be happy to cheer you on from my hotel window.

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Any postcard collectors out there like me? All of my friends know that when they travel, they are required to bring me back a postcard (they get extra friend points if they actually mail it — the postmark makes it even more special).

This world traveler cork board from Blue Ribbon General Store is ideal for displaying these little paper mementos.

World Map Cork Board

Now, in the comments below, tell me the postcard-worthy places you and your family have visited this summer.

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Since the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics, I’ve been glued to the TV watching everything from fencing to table tennis. (Talk about some serious hand-eye coordination.) For some reason I’ve been drawn more to these games than ever before. Maybe it’s because I can integrate Olympics-themed desserts and cocktails into my nightly watching? Or maybe it’s the charming host city of London that has me so attached? Either way, I’m a fan, and I’ve found a few Olympics-inspired accessories that will leave the games on your mind and in your home long after they end.

London Olympics 2012 PrintMammoth & Company > Olympics Tapes Print

London Olympics 2012 PrintmyMzone > Olympics Print

Pillows Inspired by the 2012 Olympic > Boxer Pillow :: > Vintage Tennis Player Pillow

Kids' Print Inspired by the 2012 Olympic > Olympics Belle Print

Gold Medal Tea Towel Inspired by the 2012 Olympic GamesNot on the High Street > “You’re the Best” Tea Towel

Do you have Olympics fever, too? How are you celebrating the games this summer? Tell us in the comments below.

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Today various cities and countries all over the world are celebrating Bastille Day (or La Fête Nationale, as it’s formally called). In France the sky is often lit up with fireworks, and the streets are filled with parades, festivities and celebrations from dusk ’til dawn. What I would give to be in Paris during the Bastille Day Military Parade. But no matter where you are, from Baltimore to San Francisco, you can most certainly find a way to celebrate this occasion even if it means throwing a Bastille Day party of your own. All you need is a little blue, white and red … and food, of course.

bastille day macaronsCannelle et Vanille: Raspberry + Pink Peppercorn Macarons

bastille day french cookiesSweetopia: French-Inspired Cookies

See More French-Inspired Entertaining Ideas

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During the last quarter, HGTV’s Home Studio interns, Diana Stercula and Monica Blair from the University of Cincinnati, have been working on various design projects in and outside the building, including HGTV Headquarters’ newest interactive vignette: East Meets West. The Home Studio university co-op program allows up-and-coming designers, like Monica and Diana, to work closely with design experts to offer unique and educational takes on interior design elements. For this globally-inspired vignette, Monica and Diana worked with Vern Yip and other HGTV professionals to create a one-of-a-kind concept, living right here at our offices. I recently talked to the designers about their piece. See what they had to say:

hgtv home studio interns displayEast Meets West: Spiritually-inspired designs of the East merge harmoniously with styles of the West.


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One of the best things about being a blogger is hearing from those who read the AphroChic blog and my posts here on Design Happens. Every now and then a wonderful reader will send me a link to a site they think I’ll like. That happened earlier this week, when a reader sent me a link to KMP furniture in Miami (a city I still need to make a trip to).  He must have known how much I love suzani prints, and how much I would love this site filled with suzani-upholstered seating. Oh, it’s just fantastic!

Evita Chair

From deep and cozy side chairs to egg chairs, these pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, featuring 18th-century fabric designs on modern furniture silhouettes.

Ecko Chair

The variety of pattern and color makes these chairs remarkable statement pieces.

Apollo Chair

In classic styles like this wingback chair, these furnishings can also fit into the most traditional of spaces. I could see a set of these in a sitting room. Wouldn’t they look incredible?

Malia Chair

And for something a little unconventional, how about this embroidered swan-style chair? It’s the perfect mix of modern and traditional. It’s fantastic to see old-school design made new again.

For more suzani inspiration, check out my Oh Suzani post featuring some gorgeous textiles.

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Through the process of researching our September Color of the Month and compiling inspiring interiors and decor in this shade, I came across some pretty interesting online debates that verged on hostile. Apparently, defining this color can stir up some heat. Surprising for such a peaceful color. (You’d think we’d picked fire engine red.) Is it possible that a greater internal struggle surfaces not when asking “To be or not to be” but rather…


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Are you looking for towels that are modern, featuring bright colors or bold stripes…and that feel incredible? That’s exactly what I found on a trip to the Eastern Market in Washington, D.C. My sister and I came across the Bath Style booth, and they specialize in Turkish bath towels, or peshtemals. I could not get over their beauty. I knew I absolutely had to learn more about these hand-woven pieces and what other incredible designs are coming of Turkey. After a bit of digging, I came across some beautiful Turkish designs that range from bath towels to rugs, pillows and even ceramics. My four picks offer perfect ways to infuse culture, color and one-of-a-kind design in your home.

While Turkish bath towels can’t be found everywhere just yet, the Etsy shop Bath Style has an incredible array in stock. Peshtemals are known for their absorbency and unique styles, which are representative of different regions in the country. I think these towels are so appealing, why limit their use just to a bathroom? They would make gorgeous table cloths or throws for a casual living room.

Yastik, based in Istanbul, presents a new collection of Turkish pillows every season. “Yastik” is the Turkish word for cushions, and these cushions are absolute works of art. The colors and attention to detail in each one is breathtaking. I’d love to have an entire collection at home.


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When developing a new collection, part of my job as a designer is doing research. If that sounds boring to you, trust me, it’s not. To create a new print, I examine both the latest trends and the history of a certain pattern or detail. My husband, the scholar in our family (he is currently working on his Ph.D. in African Diaspora Studies), recently gave me a book — African Fractals: Modern Computing and Indigenous Design by Ron Eglash. (For you Ph.D. types, Eglash traveled to Africa for his research on the intersection of fractal mathematics and African architecture, art and culture.)

At its core, the book is about the creation of African patterns, something I love and have incorporated into my own designs. I look to the past and then impose a modern twist. The Beat pillow from AphroChic does just that, using an African kuba print in a large, oversized scale, and in mod colors like cerulean and coral. Here’s no-math-required look at my finds for incorporating African print and pattern in your home decor from stores that have included them in their collections.


One of the things I love about African prints is that they incorporate a variety of colors into each pattern. This Dutch Wax Ottoman has a beautiful color palette of green, blue and yellow. It’s the perfect starting point for a colorful room.


The Etsy shop Amani At Home offers some beautiful African batik pillows. Each design features bright and bold hues. One or two would make the perfect accent piece on a neutral sofa.

And how about these adorable seats from Artifort? They are called African Swamps and come in a variety of lush colors like hot pink, lemon yellow and teal. I definitely would like one of these as a pouf for my living room. So cute!


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When the heat is as overwhelming as it’s been for the past few weeks, I can’t help but pine for France. I was lucky enough to spend an entire summer there when the breeze was constant and cool. Now, all I can do is stare at old photos and think of the gorgeous places I visited. (All the glowing buzz I’ve been hearing about Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris isn’t helping either.) While a Louis chair might be what pops into your head, here’s what comes to mind for me when I hear the words “French” and “design” — toile, bistros and Provence. Take a tour with me, and I’ll explain.

Toile Rooms

TOILE: When I was a child, my mom—she’s absolutely obsessed with anything French—introduced me to toile. Drapes, pillows, comforters, you name it, our home had it…in toile. Later when I toured Versailles, I experienced toile on a whole new level. One of the best things about decorating with toile is that it can go ornate or country French, Marie Antoinette or urban chic. Using it throughout a room can give any space a hotel feel like the guest room from HGTV’s guide to Global Design. The bedding and wallpaper match perfectly with the rich, warm tones in the wooden headboard and nightstand breaking up the busyness of the pattern. You can also use toile as an accent piece like in this transitional kitchen in a modern home in Sweden. (I’m seriously considering clearing out my kitchen and starting from scratch simply so I can include a toile accent wall.)

Parisian Cafe Table

BISTROS: One thing I learned while living in Paris is that, just like in the movies, from one street to the next, there’s always a cafe in sight. Recreate this Parisian cafe-style nook by designer/stylist Cheri Messerli on a small balcony or terrace patio, and you’ll be set from morn’ until eve’ (especially if you come across vintage fabric like that). In the morning, enjoy some coffee and croissants while talking with your beloved, in person or on Skype. Later in the day, wipe away any remaining crumbs and use the table for some craft projects or a reading break. Then at night, pull out the h’ors doeurves and candles, pour a glass of wine and relax with friends and family for a perfectly Parisian evening.

Provincal Kitchen

PROVENCE: Touring the French countryside with my mom, I fell in love with the authenticity of the locals’ homes that we visited, some of which were hundreds of years old. If you like rustic, then think Provence. This dining area I found on the blog Decor de Provence is a beautiful take on provincial style. I love the weathered and worn finishes on the furniture and pantry doors. To top it off, the purple flowers in tall glass vases add the perfect touch of country French. (I picture a jovial family get-together here. Maybe something like Russell Crowe’s friends and family at the end of A Good Year.)

To explore more French-inspired design, check out HGTV’s guide to global style influences. But first, what do you like best about France or French design?

Tell us in the comment area below.

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