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Today’s officially the first day of spring and I’m completely and utterly…speechless. Why? Because here in Knoxville, Tenn., where HGTV headquarters are located, we skipped winter. No snow days, no brutal freezes, just some typical cold weather. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining, just a little shocked that my favorite season is actually here! If you’re ready to welcome spring with open arms, then we have a project that will get you in the mood for all the gardening you’ll be doing in just a few weeks.

With this seed tape project you can create the perfect arrangement and plant seeds exactly where you want them. This is a great way to get the little ones involved in the garden, too. Find out how:

seed tape spring gardening

Measure out a length of toilet paper, determine the spacing of your planting row and cut lengthwise accordingly. Consult the seed packet to determine how far apart the seeds should be planted, and then use a marker to mark the seed spacing on the paper. Add a dab of all-purpose glue on each mark. Pour the seeds on a plate and separate. Use tweezers to pick up an individual seed and place on each drop of glue.

seed tape spring gardening

Once all the seeds have been placed and the glue has dried, roll the seed tape onto a toilet paper roll. Store the rolled seed tapes in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to plant.

seed tape spring gardening

If your containers are ready, you can plant your seed tape immediately. To plant the seed tape, simply lay it on the soil surface and cover with garden soil according to the depth recommended by the seed packet. Firm the soil, and then water with a fine nozzle, like that on a watering can. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions Here >>

Need some more ideas for fun projects you can do with the whole family? Head over to the HGTV Family Gardening Club. Plus, score some free expert gardening tips and top-notch plant advice at HGTV’s brand new gardening site HGTV Gardens.

Is anyone else ready to welcome spring? What garden projects are you planning this season? Tell us below!

Green is my all-time favorite color, so I’m swimming in delight when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. But I never really thought of it as an all-out decorating holiday until Kim Stoegbauer created some festive projects I couldn’t pass up. I personally love this easy-to-create burlap wreath, because once St. Patrick’s Day is (sadly) over, you can simply remove the shamrock and green-and-white ribbon and embellish it for the next upcoming holiday or just decorate it for spring. It’s that easy.

burlap wreath st. patricks dayThe finished St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

Imagine this little beauty on your front door. I’m pretty sure you’ll be the only one on the block with a St. Patty’s Day wreath that looks this good!

burlap wreath st. patricks day1. Gathering the materials. 2. Tying the fabric around the foam wreath.

All you need for this project is a 14-inch foam wreath, 1-1/2 yards of burlap fabric, scissors, a sparkly shamrock embellishment and a ribbon for hanging.

After cutting the burlap into strips, start tying the fabric into a knot around the foam wreath. Continue tying the strips, making sure to overlap the the previous strip with the next strip.

burlap wreath st. patricks day1. Adding the shamrock embellishment. 2. Wreath with embellishment and hanging ribbon.

After covering the wreath with fabric, add the embellishments. This shiny shamrock is the perfect addition for St. Patrick’s Day, as well as the green-and-white, polka-dot hanging ribbon. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions Here >>

How do you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day? Do you have any projects to share? Tell us in the comments below!

I’m not phased by today’s cold snap: Winter is old news. I’m ready for spring! But even if it’s going to be cold in your next of the woods for the next few weeks, you can still embrace the idea of warm weather with this cheerful wind chime made of terra-cotta pots and bright foam flowers.

Create a Colorful Wind Chime

The finished wind chime.

All you need to make this delightful spring decoration is a few pots, some twine, paint, wooden “stems” and wooden discs for the flower petals. Best of all: there’s no drilling involved, so the kids can help with every single step. They’ll love painting the “flowers” and ringing the “bells.”

Painting Wooden Flowers

Painting the finished flowers.

Once balmy spring nights are here, you can move the faux flowers and replace them with genuine seeds — or admire your painted handiwork all season long!  Get the Full How-To Here >>

I love embarking on an amazing DIY project and spending as little as possible. But then again, who doesn’t? We figured everyone felt the exact same way, so we asked Secrets From a Stylist host Emily Henderson to head to her local 99-cent store in search of bargain-bin pieces that she could transform into stunning designer accessories. It didn’t take her long to stumble upon some simple white pillar candles and metallic leaf. The result? A modern, dressed-up glass candle perfect for any room of the house. (I’m already imagining a centerpiece setup with these somehow incorporated. Oh! Or I could take them to my outdoor space…) You’ll be amazed at how easy and inexpensive this project is. Let’s get started, shall we?

dollar store candle dress up diy

All you need is metallic leaf in copper, gold or silver to add some pizazz to these classic candles. Then, choose your pattern of choice. Emily suggests stripes, polka-dots or a trendy chevron pattern to add a touch of creativity.

dollar store candle dress up diy

You can pick up everything for this project at the 99-cent store. You need a white pillar candle, a small paintbrush, leaf adhesive and metallic leaf.

dollar store candle dress up diy

Use masking tape in various sizes (if necessary) to create a pattern on the pillar candle. Any areas you tape will remain white, while the spaces between will become covered in adhesive and metallic leaf. After applying the leaf, remove the tape strips. That’s all there is to it! Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions Here >>

What budget-friendly DIY project have you taken on recently? Share your creative and inspirational ideas with us in the comments below.

I’m really bad about jotting down lists on gum wrappers, junk mail and just about any other scrap of paper that crosses my path when I need it. I tried my phone’s notepad app, but there’s just such an incredible satisfaction from scratching things off a long (or not-so-long) list. Marking off that last item on a to-do list is pure accomplishment – don’t you agree? When I came across this hanging notepad project, my heart skipped a beat, I swear it did. If you’re constantly writing things down, then you’ll adore this handy and adorable little notepad that’s all DIY. And now, I can say goodbye to all those pathetic scraps of paper!

etsy recycled hanging notepad how to

Recycle a wooden floor sample by turning it into the base of the notepad. Use reclaimed paper, like gift wrap, old road maps or past calendars, to cover the board as much or as little as you like. Attach ribbon through the middle of your receipt paper roll and tie the ends together in a bow. Be sure to leave some extra space so you can clip the loop onto the top of your board. Pull the end of the paper roll down to the end of the board and secure it in place with a rubber band. That’s all there is to it! Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions Here >>

etsy recycled hanging notepad how to

Feel free to experiment with different materials, or use the idea for an entirely different function. Here, you can see a miniature message board with a wooden spool. (Think creative save the dates.)

What other fun and creative uses can you come up with for these notepads? Tell us in the comments below.

So, you have your heart-adorned decor, the perfect cocktails and enough lovey-dovey goodness to keep you all warm and fuzzy for a while. What more do you need this Valentine’s Day? Well, I don’t know about you, but my neck of the woods is cold, rainy and just downright blah. This fun and spring-inspired project is the perfect pick-me-up to help get rid of those winter blues. Our favorite spring elements – fresh flowers and bright hues – have come to the rescue! And the best part of all? You create the flowers’ pastel hues with a little handmade touch. It’s like magic (thanks to a little food coloring).

hand-dyed rainbow bouquet roses

For the most dramatic change, use carnations or roses. The flowers will soak up the water and food coloring, which will cause the blooms to change color. And sometimes, all it takes is a few hours!

Add a few cups of water to a tall glass, and then add 20 to 30 drops of food coloring to the water (the darker the better). Use a clean jar for each new color. Drop your freshly-pruned stems into the colored water, and let them remain in their color baths for at least 24 hours. Color changes may take up to 48 hours. When you’re happy with your colored flowers, remove them from the food coloring, add water to a fresh vase and arrange your new rainbow bouquet. Lovely! Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions >>

hand-dyed rainbow bouquet roses

What colors would you make your blooms? Would you stick solely to primaries or throw in some orange, purple and pink? Tell us below!

For more fun family projects each month, check out the HGTV Family Gardening Club.

If you can believe it, Valentine’s Day is exactly one week away. Since the start of February we’ve shared some of our favorite holiday-related finds from across the blogosphere, which has turned me into a bit of a sap this year. (Did you see Kim Stoegbauer’s brand-new red, grey and white heart decor? So adorable.) If you’re looking to add some l-o-v-e to your home, then we have the perfect projects for you. This pretty letter display and coordinating paper garland are both easy to make and will add a sweet touch to your home for Valentine’s Day.

valentine's day decorating ideas

valentine's day decorating ideas

Use chipboard letters to spell out L-O-V-E or any other special word, and then cover in patterned paper. Stamp an ink pad around the edges of the finished letters to give them an antiqued look. When finished, you can use ribbons to hang the letters as a banner, or display them on the mantel. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions Here >>

valentine's day decorating ideas paper garland

valentine's day decorating ideas paper garland

Complement your “love letters” with a strand of colorful paper garland. Use pieces of scrapbook paper and a three-inch scallop circle paper punch to create six flat circles per rosette. Attach folded circles and thin ribbon to create a garland of your desired length. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions Here >>

For more sweet Valentine’s Day ideas, check out these fun and simple paper crafts.

Today marks the last day of Get Organized Month – how did everyone fare? I managed to clean out the pantry and guest bedroom/catch-all closet, and you’ll be happy to know that both areas still look surprisingly top-notch. If you’re looking to conquer another room today, then you’re in luck because we’re heading to the bathroom. So, to finish off GO Month and help you get organized in one of the smallest rooms in the house, we have a simple project that will transform your bathroom walls in no time.

Get Organized: Fast and Easy Crate Shelving

wall crate shelves bathroom storage

For most of us, our bathrooms are fairly small and offer little storage. And, of course, we have more perfumes, lotions and soaps than we could ever possibly need. Here’s where vertical wall storage comes into play. Put your favorite and most-used bathroom items on display in a convenient way. Here’s how:

Take wooden crates that are less than 6 inches deep and paint with spray paint. Decide where you want to put them on the wall. (We suggest staggering them a bit so you can use the tops of the crates for storage space, too.) Apply large picture-hanging strips to the backs of each crate (each strip can hold up to 4 pounds), and hang them on the wall in desired placement. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions Here >>

Check out all of our how-to projects from January that focused on decluttering some of the most cluttered rooms in the house:

Did you attain some level of organization this month? Conquer the catch-all drawer in the kitchen? Clean out your closet’s unworn clothes? Recycle all the magazines you’ve been stashing for five years? Tell us in the comments, and share your tips, too!

Yesterday was National Pie Day, so as you can imagine I had baking on the brain like crazy. I had to involve the kitchen somehow in today’s how-to, so I decided to keep the focus on beginning-of-the-year organization and pull in these functional and super-handy magnetic shelves and boards. It’s safe to say we’re all about convenience these days, and there’s nothing more suitable than the grab-and-go convenience of these magnetic accessories right within reach. They’re the perfect solution to a disheveled kitchen and empty, white wall space. I’d definitely use my magnetic boards just like designer Ana White by posting recipes, hanging often-used kitchen utensils and displaying/storing my favorite tea. What about you?

HGTV How-To: Declutter Your Post-Holiday Kitchen

modern magnetic kitchen shelves

These functional boards are easy to make; simply cut particle board to the desired length and add an extra two inches to this length for the flashing. Cut the corners of the flashing and bend it around the particle board. On the back side, hammer flashing down and bend to make flush with the board. Attach a picture-hanging kit to the back of each board in the center. Once complete, the possibilities are endless — you can hang your boards vertically (like in the picture above) or create a two-by-two box, for example.

Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions Here >>

After making the magnetic boards, you can create ledges, shelves and backsplashes with ease. Ana dresses up hers with steel canisters, clear clothespins and metal hooks. She says the easiest way to make a non-magnetic accessory magnetic is to simply glue magnetic tape to the back. So, go crazy and get organized in the process. Put your favorite kitchen food and accessories on display.

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out some kitchen design ideas you’ll love to look at.

Which type of kitchen accessories would you keep stored on your shelves? Corkscrew? Spices? Potholder? Tell us in the comments below.

You’ve never seen a happier girl than the day I brought home my white, vintage desk with red pulls. After a few fresh coats of paint, it became one of my favorite pieces of furniture. (It doesn’t hurt that I found it for $20 on Craigslist, either.) I love it so, but it never gets used. Not once have I sat down at my beautiful desk to work or read. I head straight to the sofa and never look back. I thought I would just have to continue in my productivity struggles on the sofa until I saw this space-saving floating workspace. It’s still a desk, but it doesn’t feel so desk-like. Plus, you can tuck it in ANYWHERE (under the stairs, in a closet, by the kitchen, etc.). And when you’re not using it, it disguises as a floating shelf. Genius!

how to make a floating desk brian patrick flynn

Design Happens featured blogger Brian Patrick Flynn created this flexible workstation as the perfect solution to small-space dilemmas. Floating-style furniture can be found in many rooms of the house to create the illusion of more space or keep everyday items nearby. “By applying this same principle to a workspace, the same light, airy, space-saving illusion can be achieved to support multiple functions, including working from home,” Brian says. We like that idea. Because who has extra space to spare these days?

how to make a floating desk brian patrick flynn

We love that this built-in has a flip-down door front to store laptops, books and other desk accessories. But when it’s not in work-mode, the door can be closed to turn it right back into a functional wall shelf. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions >>

For more small-space solutions, from hiding clutter to finding the perfect furniture, check out our Small Space Design Guide.

I have a dirty little secret: My closet is a disaster. I recently moved into a new house, so my closet is a mix of half-empty tubs, laundry baskets and out-of-order hangers. Enough is enough! This weekend I’m getting organized. Luckily, we have lots of tips to help conquer that mountain of clothes and shoes  — here are some of my favorites.

Clean and Organized Closet

Determine Your Sticking Point
Figuring out the biggest clutter offender will help you maintain a clean closet.  Are your shoes overtaking the space? (My answer: yes!) Try a hanging-shoe rack or over-the-door organizer. Do your clothes overcrowd? Thinner hangers create space so you can find things easier. Feeling rushed each morning? Dividing shirts, dresses, jeans, etc. bring a sense of order and saves time.

Do It in Spurts
Can’t face a weekend devoted to decluttering the closet?  Schedule blocks of time, like 30 or 60 minutes, to devote solely to clutter-busting. Crank up your favorite tunes and set a timer.  Do it once a week and watch your closet transform.

Start With a Clean Slate
Take everything (yes, everything) out of your closet when you get started — that way that sweater from 5 years ago won’t slip through the cracks unnoticed.  Plus, a giant pile of clothes helps you face facts: Some of it has to go.

Face the 80/20 Rule
It happens to us all: the majority of your clothes are constantly waiting in the wings.  The average American wears 10 to 20 percent of their clothes. Give everything a hard look, and remove items that…

  • Don’t fit today (No more keeping it in the wings for those last 10 pounds.)
  • You haven’t worn for over a year.
  • Aren’t your color.
  • Are worn, stained or in need of major repairs.

Get Inspired
Here are few perfectly-organized closets to get you motivated:

Lori Dennis modern closet

Modern closet by designer Lori Dennis

Asian-inspired walk-in closet

Huge walk-in closet with custom cherry cabinetry. Design by Dandenberg Design

Sarah Richardson's Shoe Closet

Sarah Richardson's hall closet. Image courtesy HGTV Magazine

Get even more closet-tackling tips here and check out amazing walk-in closets here. Happy organizing!

For the past four months my kitchen has been an unorganized, amateur bakery. From creating tailgating treats and Halloween snacks to savory Thanksgiving sides and Christmas cookies, I turned my kitchen upside-down with each and every recipe. You don’t even want to see my spice cabinet, utensil drawers or pantry. They’re just pure madness! (I know you must know how I feel.) Now that the holidays are over and the heavy baking has come to a halt, I desperately need to get my kitchen under control. So, if you’re dying to start out 2012 organized and clutter-free, then you’ll love this week’s how-to.

how to declutter the kitchen

Your kitchen can easily be the most cluttered room in the house. The best way to start is to clear off the cabinets and hit one shelf, cabinet or drawer at a time. Just like any other room, items should be sorted according to whether you want to keep, donate, sell, store or toss them. It may seem painful at first, but I promise the end result will produce smiles. Get Tips and Rules for Decluttering the Kitchen >>

Is “cleaning out the garage” or “tidying up the outdoors” on your home’s New Year’s resolutions list? Don’t fret. We have plenty of expert tips to get your home sparkling clean, inside and out, with help from

Can you believe we’re almost at the start of another year? It feels like only yesterday I was wearing giant New Year’s glasses emblazoned with “2-0-0-0.” Several years have passed, but I still turn to classic party poppers when I need a fun and chic favor idea. What I love most about them is that they’re easy to make and are just as festive on the outside as they are on the inside. (Bonus: We also have an amazing cocktail recipe perfect for that classic midnight toast.)

handmade new years party poppersNew Year’s Eve Party Poppers

Use recycled gift-wrap tubing and fill with cellophane-wrapped chocolates, homemade treats or small gifts. Decorate with ribbon and colored paper. You can also turn the poppers into a game by numbering each one and then have guests trade the packages Yankee Swap-style.

new years eve cocktail recipeLiam’s Midnight Toast Cocktail

This colorful and flavorful cocktail is the perfect drink for toasting at New Year’s Eve. Get the Recipe for Liam’s Midnight Toast >>

It’s a little early, but Happy New Year!

The holidays are a time when you come home with lots of stuff — albeit, stuff you want to eat, play with or otherwise enjoy — but still, it adds up. Before the influx of fun, new gifts, why not clear the decks while you, ahem, deck the halls? These three stocking how-tos will help you turn things you likely have sitting around the house into vessels for bite-sized goodies and miniature gifts.

Stocking Pails
Painted Pail Stockings.:
I know, it’s not technically a stocking. But a) they’ll look just as pretty on your mantel and b) your family will love their Christmas morning chocolate stash just as much.  Repurpose any size pail and paint it your favorite bright hue — I’m thinking our color of the month would be a beautiful choice. Get the full how-to >>

15 Ways to Dress Up Your Mantel

Handmade Sweater Stockings

No-Knit Sweater Stockings: Turn old sweaters into adorably fuzzy stockings — and hang them from handmade chalkboard hangers. (Bonus points if you revamp a tacky Christmas sweater.)  Get the full how-to here >>

Leather Stockings
Leather Stockings: Give your mantel a high-fashion makeover by turning that 90s leather jacket into a chic stocking. Get the full how-to >>

More Handmade Holiday Projects

What does your stocking look like? Tell us in the comments below.

As a child, one of my favorite ways to count down the 25 days leading up to Christmas was to make a construction paper chain-link advent “calendar.” Each day I’d (impatiently) tear off a chain until 24 green-and-red strips of paper lay in the floor, letting me know it was time for Santa’s arrival. If you want to keep it ultra-simple this year with construction paper and glue, then more power to you (I always loved ripping off those paper links). But we have two chic and creative advent calendar ideas — one modern and one traditional — that are sure to make this holiday season memorable for the entire family.


handmade holiday christmas advent calendar hgtv design blog

We often picture an advent calendar strung up the banister or across the mantel. But, what about as a centerpiece? Jessica Wilcox of Modern Moments Designs covered sweetly wrapped gifts, ribbons and ornaments with a vintage chicken-wire cloche dome and attached printable Christmas tags to represent the 25-day countdown. Each day, let the kids remove a tag from the dome and open a gift. With each tag removed, simply replace with the next consecutive number. The interactive display will make dinnertime even more exciting during the holidays.

Download and Print Christmas Countdown Tags in Blue, Green, Pink and Teal >>


marian parsons christmas advent calendar handmade christmas decor hgtv design blog

For those who love traditional charm and vintage style, we have the perfect advent calendar that looks especially lovely wrapped around the Christmas tree or up the banister. To create this holiday countdown keepsake, print 24 different, antique-inspired images onto fused linen and freezer paper and paint a number onto the bottom corner of each to represent the days of Christmas. Sew pockets into each image to hold treats and surprises for each day, and then tie each pocket together to create a long banner. Get the full how-to here >>

Want to see more? Head over to for more easy advent calendar ideas you can make at home before December 1.

Thanksgiving is just two days away. That’s a mere 48 hours until it’s time for turkey, pie and that show-stopping centerpiece.Oh, you don’t have a centerpiece planned? You’re in luck: We’ve got one that’s colorful, unexpected and best of all, you can pick up most of the ingredients while you’re at the market retrieving those forgotten cranberries.

Edible Centerpiece
I’m not talking skewers of pineapple and a watermelon carved in the shape of a turkey. Think vibrant red cabbage leaves, plum-hued onions, beets and shiny aubergines alongside cheery lettuces and apples. Fashion these farm-fresh veggies into a bouquet, then set it between two of your most combative relatives. They’ll be so busy admiring the baby green blooms and cornhusk flowers that they won’t have time to discuss the failings of the government…or your gravy. Well, you can dream, right? Get the full how-to here >>

Make a Sophisticated Fruit and Veggie Centerpiece

While you’re shopping the produce section, grab some bright red pears.  Arrange them in a bowl near  your entryway for more edible flair, or use a few to dress up this rustic rectangular wreath. Happy crafting — and eating!

Fall Wreath

As much as I can’t stop thinking about that gorgeous Thanksgiving spread in nine days, it’s true that no table is complete without stunning place settings. So make your table extra memorable this year with personalized, hand-painted plates and an antique-inspired framed message board ideal for greeting holiday guests as soon as they walk in the door. (A mouth-watering feast of turkey, stuffing and other traditional favorites will still help though.)

marian parsons handmade thanksgiving table settings hgtv design happens design blog

Add a custom look to your holiday table this Thanksgiving by stenciling a special holiday phrase or design on simple, white dinner plates. Marian Parsons of Mustard Seed Interiors used gold ceramic paint to give an elegant look to her seasonal tablescape. I love how well the gold pairs with her antique cutlery and off-white place mats. You can also monogram plates for personalized hostess gifts, too. Get full instructions here >>

marian parsons handmade thanksgiving ornate chalkboard frame thanksgiving entertaining holiday hgtv design happens design blog

Turn an unused wooden frame into an ornate DIY chalkboard ideal for a seasonal entryway. Place it on the dining room buffet and greet holiday guests with a special saying, the upcoming (and long-awaited) dinner menu or have each person list one thing they’re thankful for this season. Guests will be dying to know where you got your gorgeous, antique frame. Your secret? Gold leaf and dark walnut wood stain. But you don’t have to say a word. Get full instructions here >>

Don’t let Thanksgiving sneak up on you. We have plenty of easy-to-create table settings, centerpieces and decoration ideas to make your holiday memorable this year.

And head over to for delectable Thanksgiving recipes ideas for experienced cooks and first-timers alike.

I love discovering a project that looks difficult but can be completed in a few hours with just a few supplies. Enter the easy-to-make, custom drum pendant project. Not only is this project easy to make, it will also add an instant touch of personalization and high-end appeal to your kitchen just in time for all that upcoming holiday entertaining. We all know that as years go by hardware and light fixtures can quickly lose their zest and appeal (namely dome light fixtures and brass galore). These contemporary pieces will look gorgeous over a kitchen island, and with so many fabric options to choose from, the pendant pattern can match your surrounding decor to a T.


Get the Full Custom Drum Pendant How-To Here >>

I’m happy to report that I have finally welcomed brushed nickel pendants to my kitchen and said sayonara to all-brass dome fixtures. (I smile daily just because of that.)

Are you a victim of outdated light fixtures? If so, is this the first project you’ve undertaken to fix them, or have you tried everything under the sun to push them into the correct decade?

Tell us in the comments below.

When we’re not out trendspotting or dreaming up spooky Halloween decor, the team here at likes to put the ideas we’ve been tacking on our pinboards (real and virtual) to the test.


Pumpkin photos by Jeff Romaniuk.

Since there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than with a bedazzled pumpkin, we stockpiled some craft supplies and procured as many pumpkins as we could carry (both real and faux) and got to work. Halloween candy, of course, was the fuel for our creativity.

HGTV Staffers

The team at work during Pumpkin-palooza.

After hot-gluing, painting and pinning all afternoon, here’s some of our best work. There’s still time to try ‘em before October 31!

Spiderweb Pumpkins

Spider Webs:  Halloween and spider webs go together like milk and cookies — that’s why so many of us ended up with webbed pumpkins. Make a spider web pattern along the grooves of your pumpkin with glass beads, sequins or stick-on jewels, or make a bold statement on the front of your pumpkin with a nail head (or thumb tack) pattern.


The witching hour is said to be the time of night when supernatural  beings — witches, ghosts and the like — are most active. I’m planning to celebrate the year’s most powerful witching hour — Halloween night — by setting the table with these diminutive brooms.

Witch's Broom Place Cards

The best part? I can, ahem, conjure up these mini flying machines from things I already have on hand: raffia, twigs and brown paper bags.  To make, just cut and affix raffia to the twigs, cut the paper name tags and write in your best spooky script (preferably in blood-red ink.) Get full instructions here >>

Raffia and Twigs

Use them with a  fall-themed table setting, or play up the creepy factor with a witch-themed tablescape, complete with potion-ready apothecary jars and “poison” apples.

Send the brooms home with guests as a favor, or reuse the leftovers for a Hogwarts-themed bash.

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