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design-happens_bob-photo267x155We recently featured a tour of designer Bob Richter’s NY kitchen — a space that was more museum than kitchen. Bob is back to talk about his biggest design influences and why you can’t have enough stuff in your space. 

1.What inspires your designs?

I’m an old movie buff. My other dream job is to be a host on Turner Classic Movies. What I love most are the sets. Old movies are full of inspiration — breakfast room with a lovely mural, a formal wood-paneled dining room, a sophisticated living room with a grand piano and an art deco fireplace with lots of built-ins. Watch The Philadelphia Story sometime. That house is fantastic — my dream home!

2. Who are some of your favorite designers?
See Bob’s Answer

Thanks to Jennifer for her lovely work covering the International Home Furnishings Market, this week and last. We knew Hollywood Regency was coming, but never anticipated the explosion of comments we had on her first post. We’re going to have to retire the topic for a while, lest you think we come to work dressed in a silk gown with a feather boa — that attire’s reserved for the weekends!

To give you some inspiration going into the weekend — and erase the mental picture I just gave you — it’s time for a linkfest! Here are some things that caught my eye this past week:

Penguin & Fish
from Penguin & Fish

1. Alyssa of Penguin & Fish posts the cutest softies and sketches on her blog. How happy I was to see she also has a shop and an Etsy store!

Wendy Gold art de toilette
from art de toilette

2. If Wendy Gold and I met on the street, I can tell we’d be instant buds. You can commission a made-to-order toilet seat or browse her nine, quirky bathroom scale designs. The chocolate scale is my favorite.

Jill Dryer's artwork
from Jill Dryer

3. Jill Dryer’s artwork is cheeky, bold and features mid-century modern style. Talk about a girl after my own heart! Check out her Etsy shop.

Saffron Marigold sheer curtains
from Saffron Marigold

4. Saffron Marigold’s sheer curtain panels are back in stock and they’re lovely. I can’t believe these are only $22.99 each! Bonus: All the ethnic patterns are block hand printed. I’ve been thinking about purchasing the Red Poppy (middle) for my living room.

Wall Print decals

5. Graphic adhesive wall decals and murals that — surprise! — aren’t from Blik. Julien Salut’s Wall Print vinyl patterns are as affordable as $20. I’d put either of these patterns on my wall and hang a frame around it.

Up until now, the ‘70s have been the no-fly zone of modern design inspiration. While you can find plenty of bathroom fixtures, tiles and furniture that recall eras ranging from 19th century Victorian to 1920s art deco to mid-century mod, the 1970s have been largely avoided. And there’s a good reason for that: ‘70s interior design could be dreadful, especially in the bathroom. Shag carpeting? Wall-to-wall mirrors with etched murals? Foil wallpaper? Oh, boy.

But where others fear to tread, Walker-Zanger bravely steps forward with its new Vibe Mosaics Collection. For use as either flooring or walls, these porcelain and ceramic tiles take the geometric designs and colors of the ‘70s and give them a fresh feel. Make no doubt, these are bold designs intended for bold homeowners, but I’ll bet they’ll stay in fashion much longer than their predecessors.

VibeOdysseyVelvet2.jpg VibeOvalOrbitBlue.jpg

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