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When we’re not out trendspotting or dreaming up spooky Halloween decor, the team here at likes to put the ideas we’ve been tacking on our pinboards (real and virtual) to the test.


Pumpkin photos by Jeff Romaniuk.

Since there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than with a bedazzled pumpkin, we stockpiled some craft supplies and procured as many pumpkins as we could carry (both real and faux) and got to work. Halloween candy, of course, was the fuel for our creativity.

HGTV Staffers

The team at work during Pumpkin-palooza.

After hot-gluing, painting and pinning all afternoon, here’s some of our best work. There’s still time to try ‘em before October 31!

Spiderweb Pumpkins

Spider Webs:  Halloween and spider webs go together like milk and cookies — that’s why so many of us ended up with webbed pumpkins. Make a spider web pattern along the grooves of your pumpkin with glass beads, sequins or stick-on jewels, or make a bold statement on the front of your pumpkin with a nail head (or thumb tack) pattern.


When Anna heard that September marks the start of deer hunting season in many parts of the country, she thought it would be fun if I did a post on taxidermy-inspired decor. Why fun? Because I’m a proud vegetarian. As you would expect, I don’t display any hunting trophies in my home. (No tofu trophies either.) But after looking around my favorite blogs and sites, I’ve changed my mind. (Briana almost converted me two months ago.) I do want animal taxidermy on my walls. A rhinoceros head. Deer antlers. Maybe even a dinosaur head or two. Faux taxidermy, that is. I present to you two galleries of my favorite faux taxidermy finds — one for children and one for us adults — that are colorful, whimsical and creative. Even the most advanced hunters can’t say they have a unicorn, dinosaur or mustached moose head on their wall. And the best part of it all? You can make one yourself without leaving the comfort of your home.

For Kids:

Hunting-Season-2011-September-Faux-Taxidermy-Design-Blog-HGTV1. Plush Deer Head :: Etsy / PlanetFur 2. Taxidermy Pinata :: Skunkboy Creatures 3. Curly-Horned Antelamb :: Etsy / horribleadorables 4. Mr. Deer Moose-Stachio Trophy :: Etsy / aircreatures 5. Lady Elegant Teddy Bear :: Etsy / amyjoterry 6. Ester the Elephant :: Etsy / squackdoodle 7. Faux Rhino Head :: Etsy / PlanetFur 8. Snow White Buck :: Etsy / MisfitMenagerie

For Adults:

Hunting-Season-2011-September-Faux-Taxidermy-Design-Blog-HGTV1. Faux Taxidermy Crow :: Anna-Wili Highfield 2. Savannah Rhino Bust :: Anthropologie 3. Violet Flowers Deer Head :: Etsy / hclaire 4. Rhinestone Deer Head :: Etsy / BeJanked 5. Floral Taxidermy :: Pinterest 6. Cardboard Fish :: Cardboard Safari 7. Inflatable Dino Head :: Urban Outfitters 8. Domestic Trophy :: Rachel Denny 9. Embroidered Taxidermy :: Yellowtrace Blog

What faux creature would you add to your home decor? Would it be exotic? Extinct? Or an everyday, backyard friend? (Check out this cool deer head DIY on the Chronicle Books blog.)

Tell us in the comments below.

What cool dad didn’t have a moustache or beard back in the day? (Unless your dad was of the G-Men or Buddy Holly glasses era.) Some of the best (and most hilarious) pictures of my father involve bell-bottoms, retro, floral button-downs and a killer moustache to top it off. He said sayonara to his groovy ‘stache once I arrived into the world, and a scratchy, “Pat the Bunny“-type beard became his face’s newest addition. Once a thing of the past, moustaches and beards have made a triumphant and glorious return. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we have some moustache-proud handmade/craft gift ideas Dad will love. Whether he sports a Tom Selleck stache or something a little more like Salvador Dali, let him know he and his facial hair (past or current) are appreciated.

Father' Keep Calm Print; Antique Plaque; Cross-Stitch Cufflinks


(3 of 7 holiday home decor gift guides my fellow decorating editor, Chelsey, and I have put together according to design style)

The modern gift guide surely needs no introduction. It’s modern design, it’s for the modern home and it’s for the modernist in all of us. We promise not to tell if you “gift” some of these things to yourself.

Table Slice Trivet
Table Slice Trivet
Felt is so hot right now, and it’s a good thing it can take the heat. Gift these modern felt trivets and the modern cook will never be so eager to make you a meal.
Buy: MoMA Store, $45 each

Gold Small Plate Set
Gold Small Plate Set
Because even clean-lined modernists need some glitz in their home.
Buy: notNeutral, $50

Coaster Notz “Birds N’ Trees”
Save your recipient from ruining his or her modern table with these silicone coasters. You can also write on them with a ballpoint pen — perfect for drawing little mustaches on those birdies.
Buy: wishing fish, $20

Wine Knot

Wine Knot
A wine rack that’s not iron and isn’t an eyesore — worth every penny in modern kitchens! Holds seven bottles of wine (not included).
Buy: Vivi, $99

porcelain salt & pepper shakers
porcelain salt & pepper shakers
I remember learning NaCl in high school, but I’m not so sure about Pe + (Pe)r. Now I wish I’d paid more attention during chemistry!
Buy: calliope, $15

CAKE Candle Votives
CAKE Candle Votives
Ah, the ubiquitous candle gift. If you insist upon gifting a candle of some sort, go for these modern, bright votives instead of that nauseating gingerbread candle you bought for your mother-in-law last year.
Buy: Design Public,$25-27 for set of two

inline vases
These vases like each other so much that they’re connected at the hip. And they’d do well in your modern friend’s home; especially the modern friend who has trouble keeping her Christmas cactus alive.
Buy: cb2, $4.95-9.95

Velvet & Crystalline Decorative Pillows
Velvet & Crystalline Decorative Pillows
OK, not totally modern, I admit, but this gift didn’t fit into any of our gift guides and I just had to mention it. The shiny chandelier will help warm up any modern home, in a velvet chocolate brown that’s so very ’70s.
Buy: Grandin Road, $24

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