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Have you noticed that wall hangings are just EVERYWHERE right now? I swear every single one of my favorite design blogs have mentioned them recently, and bigger retailers have jumped onto the trend as well. I’ve been mighty tempted to buy one (I mean, hello gorgeous), but being who I am, I knew I needed to try to DIY. I took the simple Josephine knot from this macrame hanging vase and turned that into this simple, chic decor piece that I’m really in love with. Watch the video to see how my friend Meg and I made the latest additions to our gallery walls.

Easy Simple Macrame Woven Wall Hanging

YouTube Preview Image

I love the natural rope and neon color scheme I went with, but Meg’s black and white and neutral number has my heart, too. I’m already scheming my next textile project.

So, what do you think? Are these wall hangings better left in the 70s, or are you already sporting one on your walls? Let me know in the comments below.

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At its best, a master bathroom is a spa-like getaway: A retreat from the outside world and the stress of the day. It’s amazing how a luxurious bath and even just fifteen minutes of deep relaxation can cure a host of ills — and at the very least, it always seems to improve my outlook! For me, the keys to a truly relaxing bathroom are a serene design and a few special touches that make it feel truly personal. Here are a few ways I achieve a stress-free vibe in my space.

Blogger Camille Styles Modern Master Bathroom

Photo by Belathée Photography

Add open storage around the tub. There’s nothing I love more than sinking into a hot bath at the end of a long workday, and nothing makes it feel more like a spa retreat than having lots of luxurious bath and body products at the ready. Rather than cluttering the edge of the tub with all my products, I added recessed shelves to the inside of the bath to keep my essentials organized. Multiple shelves help divide between his and her items, and I mix in a few decorative elements like candles and a large piece of coral to add to the relaxing aesthetic of the space.

Blogger Camille Styles Master Bathroom Vanity - HGTV Design Blog

Photo by Chad Wadsworth

Use trays to corral smaller items into organized groups. I like to keep items that I use everyday within easy reach. This includes my favorite pieces of jewelry, perfume and morning skincare essentials. And while some of my makeup gets stashed in the drawer of my vanity, makeup brushes require air to breathe and minimize bacteria build-up. Rather than allowing the countertop to become overrun with these items, I use pretty trays to corral them into pretty groups. The organized supplies double as decorative vignettes that add a major dose of style to the room.

Blogger Camille Styles Vanity Tray With Jewelry - HGTV Design Happens Blog

Photo by Paige Newton

Let jewelry double as decor by putting it on display. Instead of hiding your prettiest baubles in a jewelry box, why not let favorite pieces play a starring role in your bathroom decor? Sparkly rings and bracelets that aren’t in my daily rotation find new life in small bowls and or on wall hooks. A bonus: Keeping them in plain view just might inspire how you accessorize your outfit of the day!

Blogger Camille Styles Bathroom Vanity - HGTV Design Blog

Photo by Paige Newton

Designate an area of the bathroom for getting ready. Rushed and disorganized mornings are often the formula for an entire day that feels disorderly. My secret for kickstarting the day on a smooth note is to keep everything that I need for getting ready organized in a single zone around my vanity. From my stool, I can reach for everything from my dental floss to my makeup to my hairdryer stashed in a drawer (with an electrical outlet hidden inside!) Requirements for this multitasking spot are plenty of drawer space fitted with smaller organizers for makeup, hair and skincare products; good lighting; a stretch of counter space; and a large mirror.

Travertine Tile in Blogger Camille Styles' Bathroom - HGTV Design Blog

Photo by Casey Dunn

Create a spa-like retreat by repeating colors and materials throughout the space. When designing my bathroom, I fell in love with this neutral-colored travertine tile that’s beautiful, durable, and doesn’t show every speck of makeup or toothpaste that spills onto it! I used the material on floors, backsplashes, and the tub surround for a cohesive vibe that feels so serene. I also stuck with all chrome fixtures for a classic look that I knew would never feel dated.

CHARMIN®ULTRA SOFT has comfort cushions that are softer and more absorbent. In fact, it’s 75% more absorbent, so you can use up to 4x less!*  Details matter when it comes to making your bathroom more inviting to your guests. To learn more, visit Costco.com/DetailsMatter.
*vs. the leading bargain brand

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Must-Have Travel Tech Stuff

Don’t mind the sundresses and flip flops flying through the air… that’s just me, organizing (?) my clothes and getting them packed for a summer trip. Every year, my kids and I spend the summer in Canada, so I’ve become a bit of a pro at packing us all up for a two-month pilgrimage north. While I’m at it, I usually take the time to have the kids sift through their entire closet and figure out what doesn’t fit anymore, and I like to do the same: The winter sweaters get stored, the too-small t-shirts get donated, and closets get sparse. Then I throw what’s left into a a duffel or two and we head out! It’s a nice tradition, but it makes for a hectic week (hence the flip flops in flight).One thing that never changes, whether I’m going away for a night or two months, is how I pack my technology. Travel can be hard on laptops and smartphones: I’ve had a laptop stolen from a security checkpoint, my first-ever iPad dropped and smash into a million pieces in a terminal, and a smartphone that was accidentally thrown out with airport pizza (long story). So I know how important it is to stay organized, keep track of things, and protect your valuables while you’re headed from A to B.

One thing that never changes, whether I’m going away for a night or two months, is how I pack my technology. Travel can be hard on laptops and smartphones: I’ve had a laptop stolen from a security checkpoint, my first-ever iPad dropped and smash into a million pieces in a terminal, and a smartphone that was accidentally thrown out with airport pizza (long story). So I know how important it is to stay organized, keep track of things, and protect your valuables while you’re headed from A to B.

Here are my must-haves when it comes to traveling with technology, starting with a killer bag.

Jack Spade bag
photo: Jack Spade

Isn’t it gorgeous? It meets all my requirements: Open, unstructured, reinforced bottom, and made of something super-durable. I can’t stand bags with lots of organizers and pockets inside, I’d rather do all that myself, using…

Mesh Bag
photo: Eagle Creek

Mesh organizer pouches. I have been using mesh bags like these for years to keep things tidy inside my carry-on. I usually have one for personal items, like lip balm, hand cream, and my eye mask, and one that has all my cords and cables in it. It makes finding things soooo much easier when you have to root around in a bag between your feet while your flight is in progress. Requirement: You must be able to see through them, or it’s tough to find what you need in the air, especially in low light. And while mesh bags have never failed me, I just bought two of these clear bags with beautiful leather and gold detailing. I am smitten.

4 More Travel Tech Essentials

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Have you seen our Designer of the Week feature? Each Monday on HGTV’s Instagram account, we highlight a designer we’re loving right now and showcase some of their most stunning work.

This week’s featured designer is Richard Anuszkiewicz, whose kitchen designs range from traditional to modern, but always feature a bit of the unexpected.  In this rustic kitchen, wine glasses double as a stylish and functional chandelier. So smart!

Gray Transitional Kitchen Appliances

We asked Richard to spill his design dos and don’ts and his favorite tools of the trade. Read on to check out his DH questionnaire:

Richard Anuskiewicz Designer Interview

Richard, we love you, too! See more of his work on his HGTV Professionals Network profile page.

Who should we interview next? Tell us in the comments below.

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The living room is the command center of our house: It does triple duty as an entertaining space, a TV-watching lounge, and a kids’ playroom. And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, I need it to perform all these duties and still look uncluttered and beautifully-designed when guests walk in the front door! Here are my strategies for keeping it modern and uncluttered yet welcoming for friends and family.

Blogger Camille Styles Living Room - Mediterranean Chandelier - HGTV Design Blog

Photo by Chad Wadsworth

Make a bold statement with a modern chandelier. A statement-making light fixture is a great way to add a serious dose of style to a larger space, and it won’t get lost in an open floor plan with high ceilings like mine. For this “halo” chandelier, I found a designer version that I loved online, then asked a local steelworker to create something similar. H was able to do it much more affordably and size it to the perfect dimensions for my space.


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Let’s talk about Snapchat. Yes, there is more to it than stories about your friend’s trek from bar to bar or super-detailed paint drawings — though we’re huge fans of those! Get more advice on Snapchat basics and the best ways to use it.

Through Snapchat Discover, you can get snippets of news and noteworthy video from brands you love, like Food Network and CNN. But it’s also a place where you can see another (PG) side of DIY stars, designers and HGTV stars: Think off-the-cuff, behind-the-scenes snippets, beautiful homes and amazing projects that you’ll want to stare at for way more than 10 seconds.

We’ve gathered 6 of our favorite design and DIY Snappers. Read on to see how to add them and why we love them.

– Liz & Kayla, Your Design Happens Editors-In-Chief

Designers & DIY Stars to Add on Snapchat

P.S. I Made This (Snapchat: psimadethis) 

If you follow P.S. I Made This on Instagram, you know that the DIY site features beautiful, inspiring photos on the daily. (How amazing is this DIY fringe garland?)  Add the site on Snapchat to see what they’re working on before everyone else — today it was an airbrushed cake. Oh yeah. Tomorrow? Who knows.

Jillian Harris (Snapchat: jillian-harris)

This former Bachelorette contender and star of HGTV’s Love It or List It, Too also finds time to post amazing things on all her social accounts — think pool days, trips to wine country, photos of her home and must-have outfits. See what she’s up to right now. Believe us, you’ll be totally inspired.

The Coveteur (Snapchat: thecoveteur) 

This uber-inspiring blog and Instagram account features everything from brand-new beauty products to cocktails to interviews with other creatives. See daily habits and happenings from their editors. And if you really want to go behind the scenes with some of today’s top tastemakers, get lost in their enviable Closet section.

Somewhere I Would Like to Live (Snapchat: somewhereiwouldliketolive) 

Do you ever just want to escape your desk and go somewhere insanely beautiful? Add Somewhere I Would Like to Live on Instagram and Snapchat for daily doses of design eye candy  – from stunning painted floors to pink sand beaches to modern interiors — curated by Barcelona-based Reben Ortiz and Katty Schiebeck.

Homepolish (Snapchat: homepolish) 

Designed to provide interior design on a budget, Homepolish also provides stunningly photographed imagery of their latest designs — including this color-filled San Francisco loft and Hills star Lo Bosworth’s NYC pad. Add them to see snaps of their designers in action (celebrity sightings possible!).

Domino (Snapchat: dominomag)

Okay, design people, we don’t need to explain Domino Magazine. Though it’s no longer printed monthly, it’s alive and well on its website, on Instagram,  and yes, on Snapchat. Go behind the scenes of stylish apartments, beautiful summer table settings and more.

What design or DIY stars do you follow on Snapchat? Tell us who you love in the comments below. 

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Two days until the official first day of summer, and all I can think about is the lack of beach time in my life. What to do when you can’t head to the beach? Bring the beach to you with coastal-inspired designs!

Coastal, beachy design is all about breezy colors, comfortable furniture, clean design and the occasional beachy accessory. Check out these homes that have it down to a T.

Blue and White Coastal Sun Room

Design by Anita Clark

Crisp white trim is a hallmark of beach cottages like this one designed by Anita Clark. What I like about this sun room is the addition of deep blue to the color palette. This room gets enough sunlight to balance the saturated tone, and the color is still reminiscent of the ocean.

Transitional Blue Open Plan Kitchen With Barstools

Design by Tobi Fairley

The backsplash in this kitchen designed by Tobi Fairley has a glossy finish that gives it the look of shimmery, shallow water, while the cabinets remind me of a perfectly clear day at the beach. The kitchen island is a perfect spot for the addition of beadboard, a popular feature in beach cottages.

Contemporary Beach Cottage Living Room

Design by Ann Lowengart

I love the addition of yellows to the blues and neutrals common in coastal design because it’s like a splash of sunshine. Ann Lowengart has just the right dose of yellow in this surfing cottage, and the sleek surfboards in the corner add to the fun!

Coastal-Inspired Bedroom With Sea-Green Walls

Design by Regan Baker

One of the best things about being at the beach is curling up at the end of the day for a deep sleep after being exhausted by the sun and salty surf. This bedroom designed by Regan Baker would foster some sweet dreams thanks to the blush bedding and sweet, soft colors.

Did you know that all of these images are shoppable? Click on your favorite image above or head to the HGTV Photo Library and look for the “Shop This Look” button on photos for more details.

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You may or may not have gotten your dad a gift for Father’s Day yet. I hate to break it to you, but Father’s Day is this Sunday. If you can’t think of anything to top last year’s surprise camping trip or that amazing tech gadget, then surprise him with homemade food for every single meal of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert — keeping Dad’s belly full with delicious food is the best gift of all. You can prep our easy recipe suggestions below ahead of time, so you can still spend time with the dad(s) in your life on his special day.

Father's Day Breakfast Recipe

This Tex-Mex cowboy skillet recipe is a fiery way to start Dad’s day off right. Serve it alongside fruit, coffee and bread, and get the kids to surprise him with breakfast in bed. Get the full recipe >>

Father's Day Lunch Recipe

Since you have so many other meals planned for the rest of the day, giving Dad a lighter lunch option is the way to go. Even though this Greek chicken pita is healthy, it’s packed with lots of flavor and nutrition. Get the full recipe >>

Father's Day Snack Recipe

If you choose only one of these recipes to make for Dad, it should be the pub pretzel and beer cheese dip (smoked gouda and cheddar to be exact). Trust me on this one. Get the full recipe >>

Father's Day Dinner Recipe

The Creole-inspired sauce in this chicken and sausage pasta dish adds hard-to-resist spicy flavor and will have Dad coming back for seconds. Get the full recipe >>

Father's Day Dessert Recipe

This dessert looks like bacon and tastes like it, too! The shortbread recipe gets its bacon flavor from applewood smoked salt. You can chill the dough overnight, and bake it fresh on Father’s Day. Get the full recipe >>

Try our other delicious recipes and cocktails that Dad is sure to love.

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Sometimes the smallest design details make all the difference when it comes to making a space really work. This spring, entertaining expert and HGTV contributor Camille Styles will share the surprising details that make her home both stylish and functional. First up, peek inside her (super-chic) kitchen.

The kitchen really is the heart of my home: it’s where I prepare all of our family’s meals during the week, and where friends gather with a glass of wine on the weekends. This is an area of the house where efficiency is the name of the game, so the layout of the workhorse pieces (refrigerator, stove, sink) should be configured in a way that allows for easy flow from one to the next while cooking. It’s also a spot that I like to feel streamlined and minimal, so everything on display must be aesthetically pleasing and play a functional role.

Blogger Camille Styles' Home Kitchen on HGTV

Photo by Casey Dunn

Design the kitchen with beauty AND function in mind. I love the look of marble in the kitchen, but knew that small children and lots of guests gathered around the island would mean stains and scratches, so I opted for this much more durable engineered quartz. It provides the same sleek look as marble, but I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined if someone spills a glass of red wine. I also planned for a mix of open shelving, which keeps my favorite everyday dishes within easy reach, and modern cabinetry, allowing me to stash mismatched glassware and less aesthetically-pleasing pieces behind closed doors.

Camille Styles Pantry Tour

Glass Jars Make the Pantry Pretty + Practical; Photo by Paige Newton

Decant bulk items into glass jars so you can easily take stock of what you have on hand. Right when I get home from the grocery store, I pour all of my bulk items like chia seeds, nuts, and dried fruit into jars that go into the pantry. Not only do I feel way more organized than I did when prepackaged bags cluttered my shelves, I’ve found that when healthy snacks are visible, the whole family is more likely to reach for them. For the most streamlined look, purchase one style of clear jars in various sizes to fit an array of food items. Then when it’s time to restock, I can see what I’m running low on with one quick glance.


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With so many options, it’s difficult to choose where to splurge when choosing features for your dream swimming pool. Do you opt for an infinity pool with an attached spa, or do you choose a fun feature like a waterslide? We want to know — would you break the bank for an infinity-edge pool that overlooks the ocean, or would you build a slide that takes summer swimming to the next level?

Vote in our poll below, and tell us which design you chose and why in the comments section below.

HGTV Poll: Pick Your Favorite Swimming Pool

Check back next week to see the final tally.

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Struggling to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for that special guy? Check out these creative and inexpensive ideas for the techy dad, DIY dad and more!

For the Grill Master

BBQ Dragon

Photo courtesy of DIYNetwork.com

Dads love gadgets, but they especially love grilling gadgets. Instead of buying him another knife set this year, give Dad the super-powered BBQ Dragon charcoal starter. A top product from DIY Network series I Want Thatthis device is hands-free, portable and gets any charcoal grill ready to cook in 10 minutes or less. Take a look >>

Check out more gifts for the griller >>

For the Tech Dad

Automatic Adapter

Photo courtesy of Automatic.com

Combine Dad’s love of cars and technology with the automatic car adapter. This tiny device plugs into a vehicle’s standard diagnostics port then reports data from the car’s computer back to an app on your smartphone. From there, it can diagnose engine problems, remember where you parked, call for help in a crash and much more. Take a look >>

For the Athlete

DIY cornhole boards from DIY Network

Photo courtesy of DIYNetwork.com

Step up your homemade gift game this Father’s Day by making Dad this DIY cornhole set. Admit it: It’s so much more fun than that tie he got last year. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

12 More Unique Gift Ideas

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In case you missed it: A couple of weeks ago, the Design Happens team held a craft challenge here at HGTV Headquarters. We handed nine of your favorite D-Happ bloggers a basic, unfinished, square-shaped wood tray and let everyone’s clever and totally unique ideas take over. The only parameter? With the exception of a few general in-house supplies, each blogger had a $20 budget for materials.

We shared nine easy and totally different tray transformations. From a retro wall clock to a moss centerpiece, everyone had a completely different vision for their unfinished tray. BUT we asked you, our faithful readers, to vote on your favorite tray makeover. The votes are in, and you’ve chosen the oh-so-seasonal hanging door planter as your winning tray transformation. Not far behind is the super smart (and super colorful!) hanging jewelry organizer.

DIY Tray Transformation

Your Favorites

Hanging Door Planter

You all loved the seasonality and unexpected use of Chelsea‘s hanging planter. Instagrammer @grannystorey said, “Love them all but 1 is my favorite.” Instagrammer @lesleyg478 agreed: “#1 door decoration!”

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Fans of Shannon‘s jewelry organizer started picturing their earrings within reach. Instagrammer @claire12469 is ready to get out her glue gun: “Earring holder for sure !!! Please share how to DIY !!” Instagrammer @kimmielewis7 was torn: “Personally, I like the earring holder and the plant idea!”

It looks like we may have missed an idea, though.

Drew Scott on Facebook

Maybe we should pull Drew into our next challenge?!

Stay tuned in the coming days for tutorials on these two trays so you can make them at home!

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International Homes From HGTV's Ultimate House Hunt

What if you could peek inside some of the most incredible homes in the world, from the poshest penthouses to the grandest mansions? With HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt, we’re offering you the chance to do just that. We’ve rounded up dozens of amazing pads across the globe, and now we need your help finding the best of the best.

Here’s how it works: Start in one of our 10 categories, whether you have a penchant for urban homes, international escapes or historic estates. Next, click any home to start browsing photos; when you’ve found your favorite, click “I’m Ready to Vote.” After casting your vote, you can explore the next category or enter for your chance to win $10,000.

Ready to start house hunting? Here’s a look at just a few of the contenders – be sure to check out the all the amazing homes in each category. You can come back every day through July 7 to show your support for your favorite houses and enter the $10K giveaway.


Rustic lake house or oceanfront escape? Tour all of the nominees, vote for your favorite + enter for your chance to win $10K >>

Waterfront Homes From HGTV's Ultimate House Hunt

See More Jaw-Dropping Houses

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Can you feel that ocean breeze? Well, that’s because the votes are in, and you’ve chosen Caribbean Blue as your June 2015 Color of the Month.

HGTV's June 2015 Color of the MonthIt was a close battle, with Caribbean Blue edging out Mykonos Blue by just over 10 percent of the vote. Many of you were torn. “Tough call. Love them both. Really different hues, but both my favorite blues,” says Facebook fan Vicki W.  And Facebook fan Susan U. asks: “Can you do Mykonos for June and Caribbean for July?”

In the end, more of you loved the blue-green color inspired by Caribbean waters. DH blog reader DB Coop said it best:”While the gentle waters of the Mediterranean are an intensely true blue, I love the ever-changing blend of blues and sea-greens of the Caribbean that delight the senses and refresh the spirit, and so goes my vote.” You can almost feel the waves looking at this kitchen, amiright?

Caribbean Blue Kitchen by Barry Dixon

Caribbean Blue Kitchen Design by Barry Dixon

See 18 more ways to use this color in our Caribbean blue gallery below.

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With the first day of summer less than a week away, I’m already daydreaming about my next tropical beach trip – even though it’s not until August. If you’re landlocked like me and craving a bit of the coast, try infusing your home with one of the season’s hottest trends: Palm Beach Prep. Characterized by saturated hues, bold prints and tropical accents, this style will make your place feel like a vacation getaway, any time of year. Inspired by this bright, refreshing bedroom featured in HGTV Magazine, we’ve rounded up some easy ways to add Palm Beach appeal to your space.

Copy the Look of This Palm Beach-Inspired Bedroom

Bedroom photo courtesy of HGTV Magazine, photo by: Max Kim-Bee

1. Pottery Barn / 2. Wayfair / 3. Wayfair
4. AllModern / 5. Wayfair / 6. Urban Outfitters

6 Tips for a Palm Beach-Inspired Bedroom

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Bright colors and outdoor ideas galore fill the pages of HGTV Magazine‘s latest issue, solidifying that summer is here and we couldn’t be happier! Check out what’s in store this time around before it hits stores tomorrow, June 16.

July August 2015

Pick up your copy tomorrow!

Our DIY material of the moment: rope. Did you know how many different kinds were available? We break down the options and give you 5 fun DIY projects to try. These neon rope bowls are one of our favorites!

rope bowls diy

We love a little touch of neon.

This time of year, everyone will use any excuse to host (or attend!) an outdoor party. From barbecues to dinner parties, we’ve got 65 amazing outdoor decorating ideas for your next celebration. Plus, we’re sharing extras you can only find online, like templates to make personalized party favors and these super easy DIY paper napkin pinwheels.

paper napkin pinwheels

You won’t believe how easy these are to make.

For all the latest from HGTV Magazine, more exclusive content and our best stories from past issues, follow us on Twitter @HGTVMag.

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This one was tricky, we’ll admit it. These two side tables look awfully similar, and it’s tough to tell which is pricier just by looking at them. But without further ado, the correct answer to June’s High/Low Challenge is Left: High, Right: Low. If you were right, not only do you win our admiration, but you’re also eligible to take home the HGTV Magazine prize package. The lucky winner will be notifed by email.

july august high low answer

We love anything in gold.

With an intricate base and a faux horn top, the table on the left is très chic. On the right, a nearly identical gold base with a cost-cutting black pressboard top is still a stylish option. Find shopping information for these tables and dozens more great buys on the latest High/Low List inside the July/August issue of HGTV Magazine (on sale Tuesday!).

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It’s hot, and all I want to do right now is sit by or in a swimming pool, but I don’t quite have enough room in my yard for one. So, while I resign myself to a kiddie pool on the patio, I’ll daydream about the ultimate in luxury swimming pools: infinity pools. There is something so dreamy about a pool that seems to extend into the sunset or the sea.

Modern Home Features Stunning Infinity Pool and Quiet Backyard Pergola

Design by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects

This stunning infinity pool designed by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects curves down to views of Santa Barbara, Calif., below. The thoughtful layout of the home, patio and pool means any view includes a glimpse of the seemingly endless water feature.

Infinity Edge Pool Blends Into Puget Sound

Design by Eric Gedney

The infinity pool at this Seattle home designed by Eric Gedney appears to flow directly into the Puget Sound, making it appear as if the entire sound is part of the property.

Infinity Edge Pool Deck With Ocean View

Photo by Smiths Gore Limited

This one is just a little ridiculous, right? This is a vacation home on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. While there may not be much room for actual swimming, I’d be lounging in this pool every single evening with a fruity cocktail in hand to catch the stunning sunset.

Spectacular Pool and Patio Design for Lakefront Property

Photo by Jason Brownlee

Infinity-edge swimming pools can be equally beautiful when their edges are visible. This pool designed by Jason Brownlee looks like an oversized fountain when viewed from above. The onyx tilework adds to the rippling effects of the water, and the entire design is crowned by a firepit for good measure.

Which infinity-edge swimming pool is your favorite?

Like these photos? Head to the HGTV Photo Library for more swimming pool inspiration.

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One terrible part of my job here at HGTV is looking at photos of the guys behind some of our hottest renovation shows. But beyond being easy on the eyes, these guys have some serious renovation and construction know-how.

That’s why HGTV Magazine put together their very first MANual to help you get to know the guys behind the muscle on your favorite HGTV and DIY Network shows. Check out a couple of highlights below, then flip through the full gallery for revealing answers from 8 of our top stars — relationship status included.

HGTV's Anthony Carrino on Construction site

Anthony Carrino on Set; Photo Courtesy HGTV Magazine

Anthony Carrino
Hometown: Franklin Lakes, NJ
Relationship status: Single

First tool you’d save in a fire: I’ve pared down my must-haves to fit into a large Husky tool chest on wheels. I’d grab the whole thing!

HGTV's Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott on the set of Brother Vs. Brother

Jonathan Scott

Age: 37

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Relationship status: Single

First tool you’d save in a fire: After saving my dogs, Gracie and Stewie, I’d grab my Stiletto titanium hammer. It’s tough and heavy, and it’s been with me on many jobs.

Which HGTV and DIY star would you bring home for a renovation? Tell us your favorite in the comments below. 


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Is it just me, or are dads hard to shop for? My dad is one of those people who, if he wants something, he just gets it for himself. So this year, I’m tapping into his sentimental side with a favorite photo of my siblings and I. The twist? I’m transferring it to a slab of wood. Watch the video to see how I made this rustic-meets-retro gift.

DIY wood photo transfer for father's day gift

I think I’ve knocked it out of the park on this one, and I love the results so much I had to make one for myself! See the simple technique here:

 What are you giving dear old dad for father’s day? Tell me in the comments below.

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