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For the eighth year in a row, Architectural Digest has selected the talented designer who will be creating the green room at the Academy Awards. This year, Roger Thomas has the distinct honor of designing the backstage haven, where all the Oscars nominees and presenters will be hanging out, rehearsing their lines and parading around their new golden men. This rendering is a sneak peek of what the green room will look like tomorrow night.



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SoyDeliciousWelcome to the first Freebie Friday of March.  Post a comment with a valid email address before 12/11c, Monday, March 8, to be entered for a chance to win.

This week’s Freebie comes from Soy Delicious, makers of 100% pure soy candles.  Maggie and Georgette are committed to making an eco-friendly product in every way – from their dye-free wax to the lead-free wicks.  Even the glass jars are reusable for your favorite beverage once you’re done with candle. Their fragrances are spa worthy – from Dulce de Leche to Tahitian Orchid.

The winner this week will receive their choice of one full-sized candle along with one of their sugar scrubs. This was the same gift they gave out at The Grammys back in January!  Take a look at some of the celebs that visited them.

This Week’s Question

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Alice200The buzz around the office over Disney’s Alice in Wonderland has reached critical levels. Some of us are hoping this returns Tim Burton to the glory of his earlier works like Beetlejuice and Nightmare Before Christmas. Others just can’t wait for a return to the fantasy world of Wonderland, filled with its anthropomorphic animals and logical loopholes. And we won’t lie, there are a few around here that just can’t wait to see Johnny Depp on the big screen. No matter what the reason, we’re all excited for Alice and we bet you are too. Take a look at some creations inspired by what’s beyond the looking glass.


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My older sister September (yes, that’s her name despite the fact that she was born in January, long story but the gist of it is that my parents are nuts) has five amazing, albeit a bit rambunctious kids and a house that is holding on by a thread. Her husband is a principal at a local middle school, and because she has chosen to stay at home to raise the kids they’ve had to budget here and there where they can in terms of home improvement. Meaning, the cabinet doors in the kitchen are falling off, but at least the water heater is working!

Several weeks ago I stopped by her house to see how their basement renovation was coming along, and I’ll be honest. My first thought was, oh dear. This is going to take you guys ten years to finish. Because her husband was doing every single thing himself: from painting, to patching, to laying down every piece of tile:


And when I saw the arrangement of the tile my right eyebrow started to twitch and I began itching my neck uncontrollably. I mean, look at it. LOOK AT IT. That right there is a violation of every law of thermodynamics, am I right? No? I should up my meds? Point taken.


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Tuesday, March 2, is the 106th birth anniversary of Dr. Seuss, creator of the classic children’s books “The Cat in the Hat” and “Green Eggs and Ham. ” Of course his real name wasn’t Dr. Seuss; it was Theodor Geisel and he died 19 years ago. In his honor, we were going to inflict a Seussian-inspired entry on you like:


This chest of drawers from Cartoon-Furniture.com is totally Dr. Seuss Deco.

Would you decorate in a house
Would you decorate with a mouse?
Would you decorate in the rain?
Would you decorate on a plane?

Instead we’ll spare you the trisyllablic meter and just  bring you a round-up of Seuss-esque goodies from across the web:

Bold enough to cover all four walls of a room with Seussian red-and-white striped wallpaper? Here’s just such a room at HousetoHome.co.UK.

Get end tables, bookshelves and beds that look like they were made from Truffula trees at Cartoon-Furniture.com

Here’s a green-eggs-and-ham themed bedroom from NancyHadley.com.

This red-and-white striped photo frame from Rosenberry Rooms is tastefully Suessian. It’s on backorder, so lots of people must be doing Seuss Deco.

Look at this Dr.Seuss-themed room for kids at the Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando. (Go to slide six.) Cool.

Check out the Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes from Kitchen DoughDough. Blue cotton candy!

Who’s your favorite Dr. Seuss character? Would you decorate an entire room based on him or her?

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We’re winding up our look at top designers for Black History Month with design-happens-will-smith300x208Season 2 HGTV Design Star contestant, Will Smith. Smith, an Associate Member of the Interior Design Society, has seen his business boom since appearing on Design Star. His Charlotte, NC, design firm, Interior Motives, is a full-service firm that strives to help clients find their personal style. Read on to see what Will has to say about his favorite projects and personal style.

Which African-American designers influenced you?
Preston Bailey – I love the over-the-top look that he creates for special events.

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