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When I first saw this sofa (in person at the ABC Home Conran Shop) I was repelled by it. There was too much going on. But oh my, how it’s grown on me.

conran patchwork sofa

I find myself thinking about the Oswald Squint the way you would a scraggly mutt that you met at the pound but just can’t keep out of your mind.  At first the visual overload of the bright patchwork seemed so gaudy and ill-advised. But now I find myself imagining it in bright white rooms creating splash of color that no other couch is brave enough make. Who knows why this particular sofa has invaded my thoughts so much, but do tell me if it has the same effect on you.

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In March and April, we put the final vote on our Color of the Month to you, our readers. But for May, the debate narrowed down so quickly to a tie that I decided to ask Leanne Potts, our VP of Editorial, to cast the deciding vote. Here’s how she described her pick: This color makes me think of desert skies, Caribbean water and delphinium blossoms. The shade suggests serenity in an age of tumult.

In the week that followed Leanne’s tie-breaking vote, tumultuous events rapidly unfolded, including the outbreak of tornadoes in the South. I think you’ll agree – we all could use an infusion of serenity.

Here’s a small dose in the form of our May Color of the Month:


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